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Low Waste Eco-Friendly Transitioning Tips: Beauty & Health

Make better packaging choices
Something that I'm personally still working on is switching out all the products I use that come in plastic for ones that come in cardboard/paper, metal, glass, or even zero packaging at all! It can be tough to change products, especially if you have certain favourites but, if you can make some changes to your everyday products, that can hugely minimise your plastic waste. Even if plastic packaging claims to be recyclable, it can only be recycled a certain amount of times and each time it is, the quality of it decreases.

There's some fab brands out there who not only have recyclable packaging but compostable packaging too so branch out a little and experiment - this is an area I'm making big changes in this year too!

Bars bars bars
An easy swap to make is to opt for shampoo bars, conditioners, and simple bars of soap instead of liquid body washes. Although there are brands out there who sell liquid shampoo etc. in aluminium packaging, if you want to go as zero waste as possible, buying bars is the way to do it. Places like Lush sell them "naked" so they have no packaging at all and many brands in the likes of Superdrug, Boots, and other drugstores sell soap in cardboard packaging which of course, is much easier to recycle!

To hell with buying - make your own!
Want to try and be even more green and low waste with your beauty choices? Simply try making them yourself! From hair masks and face masks to lipstick and mascara - there are DIY recipes for pretty much everything that usually uses things that you'll have in your kitchen cupboards or fridge already. I'll be sharing some of my favourite DIY recipes soon but, have a google and experiment! (check out this post for now if you'd like a little DIY face mask inspo).

Get rid of those single use items
One of the most popular swaps is to get rid of your single-use cotton pads/rounds and replace them with reusable ones. You can get ones made from cotton, bamboo, and more or you could simply make your own! Think about your toothpaste, dental floss, ear cotton buds etc. - all of them have eco-friendly/low waste options which you can switch to.

Bulk buy at refill stores
If you have a local refill store or refill section in a supermarket, make good use of it! A lot of refill stores are happy for you to use your own empty bottles and containers so you are reusing and repurposing them instead of purchasing new ones that ultimately, may not get recycled properly. Some specific brands such as Faith in Nature have refill spots in stores too so definitely use them if they're an option for you!

There's nothing wrong with a good ol' flannel or rag for your face
Remember when I mentioned reusable cotton pads earlier? Yeah well you don't need to invest in those if you don't usually reach for normal cotton pads and/or don't have the money. A simple flannel which you may already have at home will more than do! We seem to overlook regular facecloths nowadays yet they're just as effective for removing makeup, cleansing and exfoliating skin, and can even be used for applying toner. If you want to make your own cotton pads, you could always just cut a facecloth up into squares and job done. Not got a flannel? If you've got old fabric from a t-shirt could absolutely be cut up and used as some facecloths instead.

Take shorter showers and don't have baths
It's as simple as that. If you are showering, see if your shower has an eco setting and use it! Taking a bath should be obvious as to how wasteful it is so if they're not something you're particularly protective over doing regularly, simply don't have them. If you do, try to use more natural products that don't have chemicals included as they are being washed down your plughole and eventually make their way into our oceans. If you do bathe, use the water afterwards to flush your toilet!

Replace your sponges and loofahs
When your current sponges or loofahs - whatever it may be that you use to cleanse your body - are worn out and ready to throw out, replace them with biodegradable alternatives. You can get wooden scrubbers with natural bristles, natural sponges that can be composted, or even a soap pouch that doubles up as a body exfoliator.

Get eco with your teeth!
We're no stranger to bamboo toothbrushes nowadays, but try using low waste packaging options for toothpaste, mouthwash, and dental floss! There's lots of brands out there now who sell tooth tablets and traditional squeezy toothpaste but they come in glass or metal packaging that can be recycled easier, mouthwash brands that use metal bottles, and brands selling biodegradable, natural, and/or compostable dental floss in recyclable packaging too.

If you want to delve even further into a more eco-friendly and low waste dental routine, you can try making your own toothpaste and mouthwash too.

If brands have recycle schemes - use them!
Brands like Lush have recycle schemes from their products pots that will result in you not only recycling but, you get the added perk of getting a free product (5 pots = 1 free face mask). The Body Shop also has a fab recycle scheme that not many people know about - I only recently found out myself! - in which you can recycle any cosmetic brands packaging via them so it actually is properly recycled. These sort of schemes are trying to do good but they need us to actually work and be successful. Supporting schemes like these help show big corporations that we actually want opportunities like this and will help wake up other brands to jump on the bandwagon.

Periods, pees, and sprays
A big movement over the past couple of years has been focused on period waste and how we can reduce it. Not only are sanitary products often not biodegradable, they can also be toxic and not use natural fibres so they're not good for our bodies. I wrote a mammoth post on all things periods whether its cups, pads, panties, or tampons and making the changes to something more eco-friendly is easier than you think.

With that being said, another area you can make a better swap is your toilet roll. Obviously we all know toilet roll tends to come packaged in plastic but often the actual toilet roll itself isn't as green as you might think. Brands like Who Gives a Crap deliver loo roll straight to your door and are completely plastic free but, if they're not an option for you, consider using your local supermarkets "recycled" loo roll range (Sainsburys have a good one). It might still come in plastic wrap but, it's a step in the right direction.

I've also mentioned sprays here and although many things in spray canisters are metal, they're bad for the o-zone layer. Aerosol deodorants, hairspray, dry shampoo sprays... the list goes on. Try and find alternatives that come in greener packaging and don't contribute to your carbon footprint.

Glass vitamins
The last little pointer I have here is to see if you can swap out your supplements and vitamins for those in glass packaging. This one can be tricky and it can depend on what you need to buy and what is readily available to you but, if you can get something such as your B12 or Vitamin D in a glass bottle instead - try and make that swap!

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