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#10x10 Wardrobe Challenge: January

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that over January I have completed my first 10x10 challenge on there! The idea of the 10x10 challenge is to pick 10 clothing items that you have to make 10 outfits from, over 10 consecutive days. I spread my 10x10 over the duration of the month however (just to break up my feed a bit!) but I found it so great for giving myself a boost with my wardrobe as it helped me think outside the box and appreciate that I have more than enough clothes - I just need to be more creative with how I wear them.

I will be completing a 10x10 every month this year as I feel I got a lot out of this one and want to hopefully inspire others to shop their wardrobes first before they go buying more items they don't need! This time around, I really tried to challenge myself as much as possible by including shoes and bags in the selection process. Usually, accessories - including bags - are separate items that are like add-ons to the base of the outfit but this time around to kick things off, I wanted to prove to myself and others that you really can get a lot out your items if you know how to style them together and use pieces that are versatile. So here's what my January 10x10 consisted of:

- One long sleeve white cotton top: old
- Two jumpers - one thinner grey knit, one chunky cream knit: local charity shop (grey), eBay (cream)
- One gingham long sleeve shift dress: Vinted
- One pair of black high waisted straight leg jeans: H&M Conscious
- One leopard print slip midi skirt: eBay
- Hiking lace up black boots: Depop
- Heeled black boots: Depop
- Black bumbag: The British Heart Foundation
- Cream bag: Depop

Additional accessories:
- Black 40 denier tights: Swedish Stockings
- Grey and beige ribbed beanie hats: old old old!
- Black fedora and grey/dark blue fedora: super old

By adding in the shoes and bags, it made it much harder to make each outfit look different as it limited choices. However, I feel I did a pretty good job! One thing I would say about this challenge is that it made me appreciate that I have quite a neutral wardrobe as it makes it so much easier to mix and match. If I buy any new items this year, I will be making sure I can wear whatever it is in a multitude of ways and that it goes with plenty items I already own.

For February, I won't be so hard on my choices and will opt to still include shoes but bags will be added accessories so I can have a little more variety!

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