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Skala, Kefalonia Photo Diary

Happy Friday you wonderful souls - today's post is just a bit of a fun travel photo-dump because let's face it, it's been a damn long time since I done one of those! If you're an OG Northern Blood reader (or even possibly before the overhaul all those years ago) you may remember that I used to like to publish the odd photography post now and again. Photography has always been something I've had an interest in and something that I've dabbled in with varying degrees of success. If you were to ask me the functions on my camera, I wouldn't know where the F to start, but candid photography is something I can get lost in and I love documenting what I see. Nature and architecture have always been some firm favourites for me to photograph, so I thought I'd share some of that today.

It's been a long ol' time since my last photography-focused post and I don't really know why. I guess, I just haven't been out there shooting very much but unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way. A point where life didn't get in the way though was this time last year. I went to Greece for the first time on a lovely little family holiday. I'm getting very nostalgic about the trip not only because it's been a year since it happened, but also because my almost third trimester body is very aware that no holidays will be on the cards for us for a long time now! We stayed in Skala which is very much a sleepy little village on the island of Kefalonia with lots of nature around, good food, and lots of relaxing. I'm not very good at relaxing on holidays and feel like I should always be doing *something* to make my visit relevant and worthwhile. Thankfully that attitude did pay off in many ways as I wandered up mountains to find empty restaurants and ruined towns at the top, remote tiny churches with the most gorgeous artwork hidden inside, and abundance of plant life that I will never be able to name or identify. So here's a long overdue photo-dump of the hidden gem that is Skala, Kefalonia:

Skala LemonsSkala Church EntranceSkala ChurchBlossoming TreePink BlossomStop SignCactusGatesSTOPUgly BeautyYellow BloomsSkala Main StreetLife & DeathChurch of St. George in KefaloniaSt. George Church SunlightFloral GateFlorals in the BreezeOld SkalaOlive Press MachineryFork in the RoadMad Hatters Tea PartyOld Skala Ruins by ChurchPls Close the DoorChurch BellsOld Skala GravesBlue Church DoorsBackdoor ChurchOld Skala ViewsChurch DoorsChurch Ruins & GravesGrasshopperNature

For more of my candid photography of beautiful nature spots and awe-inspiring architecture, hop on over to my Flickr account to see more!

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