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CF Face Masks for Every Face and Feeling

Hey folks, today I'm coming at you all with a classic beauty post because other than the odd brand review here and there, I haven't posted much in this category for a wee while. That's because I've kind of been experimenting with switching up my skincare, but also wanting to test things out for long enough that I can post about an effective updated skincare routine for you all - but enough of that because that's not what this post is about.

I've always been a fan of a good face mask and find them to be really effective when your skin most needs a pick-me-up, but I also just like to use them as a self-care item too. I'm someone who kind of forgets to look after themselves from time to time and even if it's just a 5 minute face mask I remember to do, I feel a bit more pampered and a bit more like I've got my shit together. As I've been using face masks more and more frequently during each week and have reaped the benefits of listening to my skin's needs and injecting a face mask into my evening routine each time in response, I feel like I've tried and tested a great number of masks that help with every skin need. So here's a definitive list of my favourite face masks which are cruelty free, effective, and help out my skin with every condition it ends up in:

Hydration and Softness for Dry Skin
Nip + Fab Kale Fix Clay Mask | 50ml | £5 - £12.95 - Dry skin is something I'm battling with more and more as I get older and this mask works actual wonders when I need it. It's a really gentle mask that I find very refreshing to use and tend to use on a lazy weekend morning if I feel I need it or simply when my skin is feel dry or dehydrated. If you're someone who suffers from dry flaky skin due to eczema or after a bad acne break out, or simply just dry skin in general, this mask helps soften up the skin so it feels baby soft and really soothes raw broken skin and minimises flakes instantly. (It's currently half price on the Nip + Fab website!)

Oh K! Sleep Mask | 20ml | ~£7.50 - Okay so I've talked about this mask before (here and here) because I've bloody loved it for a long while and could sing it's praises for days but I'll keep this short and sweet. This sachet is supposed to last you 5-6 uses but I find this can last me up to 20 and I don't know if that's because I don't apply enough or if I just have tiny face, but either way, it's a great buy. It's a very very gentle and light mask that you apply before bed which is incredibly nourishing and leaves the skin the next morning feeling buttery soft but never greasy or weighed down. I also find this mask to be very soothing to break outs and again, can work wonders on flaky broken skin. It also smells amazing.

Stabilising Excess Oils for Oily Skin
Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask | 75ml | £18.0o - I've always been a fan of Liz Earle products since I was a little girl and used to use them at my grandma's each weekend, but now as an adult, there's some particular products I will always go back to and this is certainly one of them. The Deep Cleansing Mask has ingredients such as green clay, manuka honey, and aloe vera so it is also a very purifying mask if you have problem skin. The green clay and manuka honey work wonders on excess oil and sebum and help mattify the skin without making it tight or dehydrated. I like to use this mask when my skin is oily but also sometimes when I've had a break out as the manuka honey and green clay really help out any pimples with either drying out and healing up, or just soothing them in general.

Mask of Magnaminty | 125g - 60og | £9.95 - £19.95 - When it comes to stablising and mattifying oily skin, it's been years since I've used super harsh and drying face masks because frankly, they do much more harm than good for oily skin and that's why Lush's Mask of Magnaminty is a firm favourite in this department for me. This mask tends to be advertised as something that brightens and gives your skin some glow, but I find it is excellent for excess oil too. Whenever my skin is becoming too oily from anything from shitty diet choices recently or from hot weather, using this mask always helps control it and neutralise my skin but it also cools it with ease due to the peppermint oils in the ingredients. I like to use this mask where I get most oily (T-zone, especially around my nose and also my chin) and always notice a huge difference the following day with how long my face manages to remain looking healthy but shine-free.

Detoxifying and Cleansing for Impurities
The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask | 75ml | £17.0o - This 10o% vegan mask is a firm staple in my face mask collection and one I reach for at least once a week. The Body Shop Matcha Tea mask aims to rid skin of congestion and pollution and purifying it once more. Something I've looked more an more into recently is the effect the world around us can have on our skin and thus, I've become pretty interested in how pollution can effect the skin particularly. This mask has no nasties added but includes nourishing products such as matcha tea, dandelion extract, and aloe vera which are gentle but extremely effective. The mask itself is very cooling so it's nice to use either mid-week or at the end of a busy week to feel rejuvenated. When you rinse your face, the mask also gently exfoliates the skin making it feel softer, look more radiant and most importantly, it looks and feels clean and fresh with no impurities in sight!

Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Masque | 10oml | £11.95 - A mask that recently came into my life and has shook it ever since is the Sukin Detoxifying mask. This mask is from the Sukin Super Greens range which is a range I really enjoy using because it's effective, has great natural ingredients, and you can really notice a difference in your skin with consistent use. This mask is my go-to when a bad break out is brewing and I want to speed things along. Unlike the Matcha Tea mask from The Body Shop which detoxifies what is already happening to the skin, this Sukin mask is perfect for bringing underlying skin issues to the surface. This helps decongest the skin but also helps draw out impurities such as acne so your pores appear cleaner, clearer, and smoother. This is a great one to reach for if you know you have an important date or event in a week's time but your skin is causing issues as it will hurry things along so your skin has longer to heal.

Glowing and Radiance for Tired or Lack-lustre Skin
The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask | 75ml | £17.0o - Although this mask is another great option for purifying the skin and getting rid of the grime of everyday life, I personally love this one for getting my glow on. 10O% vegan with great ingredients such as bamboo charcoal, tea tree oil, and green tea leaves, this mask really helps give the skin a healthy, well-looked-after look but honestly, gang, it's the glow this creates that's the show stopper for me. This mask tingles on the skin and is a quite a traditional clay mask in the fact that it can feel quite tightening on the skin and can be a bit of a nightmare to wash off but it is *so* worth it. If I use this mask even just once a week or every 2 weeks, I can see a considerable difference in how fresh-faced and radiant my skin looks. It exfoliates, it doesn't dry out the skin yet also doesn't over hydrate, and it works some sort of witchcraft on minimising the pores.

Superdrug Vitamin C Orange Peel Jam Mask | 50ml | £4.99 - If you want something that's more gentle on the skin but that can give you some exfoliation and noticeable glow, I highly recommend the Vitamin C Jam mask from Superdrug. I remember picking this mask up on a whim months ago and it's been a repurchase item for me ever since. This super sticky but very effective mask is something I tend to pop on every Saturday morning whilst I have my morning cuppa. It's a very zesty and fruity mask so it's very uplifting for the scent senses but it also really works wonders on the skin. With orange peel, kakadu plum extract, and goji berry extract as some of its main ingredients, this mask gets you looking like you've spent some healthy hours in the sun and gives you a glow from within. As it is a sticky jam-like consistency, it doesn't dry down and I find that to be very nourishing if my skin is feeling slightly dehydrated too. The mask also includes simple sugar for gentle but effective exfoliation and it melts away as soon as you wash your face.

Clear and Happy Skin for Acne and Blemishes
The Body Shop Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask | 75ml | £12.0o - Nowadays I don't worry too much about my acne and trying to control it, but if I'm having a particularly bad break out that just needs to be soothed and reduced, I will always choose this mask. Packed full of tea tree oil and salicylic acid, this mask is a great leave-on option that will reduce redness, soreness, and bumps overnight but if oil is something that is a struggle for you too, this will help control excess sebum too. I obviously pop this on before bed whenever I feel I need it instead of my usual evening skincare and apply a generous amount. The mask is a very cooling gel which feels so good on the skin- especially when you have angry spots! This mask always helps to get the ball rolling when I need to sort out my acne and I will always have it at hand for emergencies.

Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask | 75g | £7.50 - When people think of Lush face masks that will help with acne-prone skin, most folk would suggest Cosmetic Warrior to tackle the problem and whilst I do like that mask, I think Brazened Honey is the true winner for this skin need. This mask has so many great products in it from ginger root, to fennel, to lime juice and cloves, to honey - all products which help to do a number of good things from cleansing, to being anti-septic, to moisturising! I find this mask is great all-round for any sort of skin pick-me-up but I find it particularly effective on any blemishes I have. If I'm having a hormonal break out, I like to smooth this mask over my face and let it gently warm the skin. It dulls inflammation with just one use and spot size always appears reduced in size and pain whenever I use Brazened Honey.

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