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The Signs: Decode the Stars, Reframe Your Life with Carolyne Faulkner

Bookworms, astrology lovers, and fellow horoscope readers - listen up. You may have seen this little slice of heavenly reading floating around over the last few months and it seemed to gain popularity & was popping up all over social media, but there's a reason for that and that reason is that it's a great book. I was gifted The Signs: Decode the Stars, Reframe your Life by Carolyne Faulkner back in December as a gift and have been thumbing my way through its pages ever since and thought it was high-time I gave it it's own detailed review.

I'm a big fan of astrology and whilst I don't believe for one minute that the likes of horoscope pages (particularly those you find in magazines or newspapers) are predicting everyone's future, I do feel that there are traits and qualities - both good and bad - which are often linked to the time of year each of us was born and thus, our starsigns. I use a few different horoscope/daily tarot-style apps on my phone to see what the starts have in store with me on a daily basis and again, whilst I don't think they are predicting anything, I like taking comfort in how easy what they say can be applied to what has happened to me throughout the day, week, or month and relating incidents in my life to these "predictions" can sometimes bring about advice and pep-talks with myself which are never bad things. To quote the book itself, "Nobody's future is written in the stars, but we can use the stars to help write our future" and that quote alone best sums up how I view astrology and horoscopes. Due to my interest in this and my strong belief that each starsign definitely does have traits I can see in each person I am close to in my life and my own personality is certainly included here, I knew I just had to take a look at what Carolyne Faulkner was suggesting about the stars and how we can make changes for the better for ourselves.

So, firstly I have to state the obvious and say that aesthetically, it is a gorgeous book. Hardback with a ribbon bookmark attached, the book looks great whether its on your coffee table, your bedside, or amongst the rest of your book collection. Upon entering the book, Faulkner has mae it really simple to use this book however the reader sees fit - if you're an avid astrology aficionado and want to know *everything* then you certainly can read this piece from cover to cover but if you just want to find out the facts that apply to you or another, you can use the easy-to-navigate contents to find what page you're looking for in seconds. As the book is so user-friendly, I feel it is a timeless piece that can be revisited again and again when circumstances change or when new individuals come into our lives because it is categorised in a way that almost acts as an astrological dictionary.

Upon reading the introduction, Faulkner goes more into detail about just how little or how much you can use this book and therefore its a great gift option for anyone with any remote interest in astrology. After reading just a couple of pages, I decided I really liked Faulkner's writing style as she explains everything is such a coherent way that isn't too factual and boring but also doesn't just give you wishy-washy bits of information here and there. It is informative, instructive, but also as easy to follow as a conversation you would have with your best pal in coffee shop on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The writing style is not forced and Faulkner is a great teacher for any beginner to expert who might pick this up and want to apply the knowledge inside to their own life. To give you some general information, Faulkner talks about starsigns/horoscopes/astrology as having more to it than just your sign: she discusses The Planets, The Signs, and The Houses and each "area" is as important as the next if you really want to get the most out of this book.

As soon as you start reading this book, the best advice I would give to you is to use the accompanying website to create your own star/birth chart. By knowing your date of birth and if possible, the time of your birth too, the website will plot all the planets and signs within houses on a chart much like the one above. Faulkner obviously explains this much more clearly than I will right now, but the more information you have about your birth, the more specific your findings will be when you read certain sections of The Signs. The website that provides you with your birth chart gives you the option to print off a copy of the chart or you can also simply copy it down into the book itself as Faulkner leaves a blank chart page available within the book, as a well as blank tables, to record any information you see fit.

Something Faulkner focuses on throughout The Signs is the "gone right" and "gone wrong" parts of our personalities/signs. There is general information about this under each starsign, but you can go more in-depth by using your chart and seeing which Signs fit in which Houses etc. Generally speaking, reading the Aries "gone right" and "gone wrong" points was one of those "ha, that is *so* me" moments for me as I could see a lot of myself, my actions, and my thought process in what Faulkner said. She described my sign as being someone who can be very creative and loving if being "my best self" but also I can grow easily bored, but incredibly stubborn, and undoubtedly selfish when I'm in the "gone wrong" zone and I found myself nodding along with every statement she made. Of course not everyone will think everything Faulkner says about their sign will apply to them, but she does encourage all readers to make a note of the things that do apply and if you've got more "gone wrong" outweighing the "gone right" points or if generally, you're just in the "gone wrong" frame of mind at the moment, she stresses that identifying that is the first key step to then addressing these negative qualities and changing them in to positives.

I found The Stars to be an incredibly motivating read for me and it came into my possession at a time when I really needed to change a lot of my personality around. The bad traits of mine that I already knew about became more crystal clear after reading this book as seeing it written down made it all the more real and made me feel like this isn't just how I'm seeing myself right now - it's how I'm portraying myself to others and how I'm projecting myself onto the world around me and I didn't like that. Even if you're sceptical of horoscopes/starsigns and don't think you'd enjoy this book, I suggest you still take a flick through it because using it as a self-cleanse is so beneficial. As I said, I found it easy to identify my faults and negative qualities by seeing it written down on paper, but it also highlighted to me what I am good at - the things that can make me a nice, loving, caring, and thoughtful person and helps suggest ways to nourish and encourage those qualities to improve yourself. I've never been one to be interested in self-help books or self-therapy reading, but The Signs has really changed my attitude on all that and has made my want to be a better person. If a book on astrology signs and my birth can bring about that level of positive change in myself and how I want to be seen by others, then that can be nothing but a good thing and therefore, a damn good book to read and revise whenever I feel I need a boost of motivation and inspiration.

If you'd like to pick up a copy of The Signs: Decode the Stars, Reframe your Life, it is available for £9.59 here.

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