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Easy Peasy Lemon (Squeasy) Easter Cake

If someone plopped me on a dessert desert island (I know, I'm messing with your minds already) and said I had to live off one type of cake and one type only, y'all need to know that I would say "lemon drizzle cake please!" with no hesitation. Lemon cake is always my first choice as it's sweet but not too sweet, can be both heavy and light, and can have some super zingy and refreshing sugary drizzles and icings - not to mention lemon curd stodge now and again too!

With that being said, I realised recently that I had never actually made my own. Why? I've no idea. Somehow this delicious idea had not crossed my mind, despite it being a really simple and easy cake to make. My great grandma was the master when it came to baking so I thought I'd share her recipe (don't get used to this mind as we all know grandma recipes are highly coveted and top secret) as it's ridiculously easy to make, pretty much fool-proof, and tastes bloody lovely. My grandma had everything measured out in grams/ounces but as I currently have no scales in my kitchen (I'm also stunned that I'm still surviving), I've re-jigged the recipe to cup measurements which makes it even easier to follow and even more fool-proof as anyone can follow how easy it is to make. Although lemon cake of any kind is just generally my favourite all the goddamn time, there's something about it that makes me always think about Easter and the spring time so I thought today was a perfect time to share this recipe - just in time for the Easter weekend!

So here's what you will need:

- Large mixing bowl
- Sieve for dry products (not essential)
- Spoon/spatula for mixing
- Standard loaf cake tin

Ingredients for the Cake
- 3 large eggs
- 1 cup of self-raising flour
- 1 cup of unsalted/baking butter (keep it at room temperature)
- 1 cup of caster sugar
- 2 x lemons zest

Ingredients for the Drizzle
- 2 x lemons juice (just use the ones you zested!)
- 1 cup of icing sugar

So before you begin, preheat your oven to 180C/350F and grease your loaf tin (regular/medium/standard size) with some butter to prevent the cake from sticking.

Next, you need to cream together all of the cake ingredients in a large bowl. There's no right or wrong way of doing this, but I tend to sieve the flour and caster sugar in together, crack the eggs in and begin to combine, then add the butter gradually before pouring in the zest. Sieving the powder ingredients helps keep them fine and clump free, making your cake batter more smooth in the long run. Mix the ingredients until the batter is smooth and pour it evenly into your baking tin.

Pop the baking tin into the oven and leave cooking for 30-35 minutes*. As it's a cake and you want it to rise a little, don't keep opening the oven door and instead just check once it gets to the 30 minute mark. *(I actually ended up leaving my cake for a whole 60 minutes this time around as it just wouldn't rise/the middle wasn't setting. I've recently moved into somewhere that has a non-fan oven and it makes cooking taking *so* much longer - so please bear this in mind!)

Whilst you're waiting for the cake to bake, it's time to make the drizzle. Lemon drizzle is what makes this cake the tastiest thing on the planet but it's super simple to make and add to the cake. Simply add the juice of your two zested lemons to your cup of icing sugar and mix well until the ingredients are fully combined. If you're wondering what consistency this mix should be, it should have a runny consistency and opaque look to it when poured out to ensure it's not too runny but not too thick either. You want to be creating a sugary drizzle that will dry to create a yummy crisp rather than make actual icing for the top of a standard cake!

When it gets to the 30 minute mark*, pierce the centre of the cake with a knife or skewer and if it comes out clean, it's all ready to go! If any cake mix is on the knife, pop the cake back into the oven for a couple of minutes. Once it's looking golden and ready to go, you need to skewer the cake all over the top. Using a knife or skewer to just repeatedly pierce it all over, pushing the knife/skewer in all the way to the bottom, as this will give the lemon drizzle icing little tunnels to seep down into to make the cake extra moist.

Once you've done that, pour the drizzle all over the cake and leave to cool. Putting the drizzle on when the cake is still warm is perfect as it soaks up the glaze really well and also I'm not going to lie - I'm pretty impatient and think it takes amazing warm. But leave it to cool and the drizzle will create a nice sugary crust all over the cake. Once it has cooled, you can pimp it up further if you like by drizzling over melted chocolate (I personally think white chocolate is the nicest pairing), adding any leftover lemon zest shavings, or by crumbling up a little bit of merignue too! But if you're too impatient like me, simply scoop it up out of the tin, place on a tray or cutting board, slice like bread, and dish up!

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