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Hey gang, how refreshing is it that the first day of a new month, of a new year, is also the first day of a fresh new week? 2O18 is obviously pulling out the big guns from the start and trying to make sure it's better that 2O17 (it might not be *that* much of a difficult feat considering everyone seems to have had a bad year in 2O17?). Well goodbye, auf wiedersehen, senora 2O17, 2O18 is stomping its way through.

It's always awfully cliché to do a "yearly goals" post at the start of the year but do you know what? I really like them. I think they're refreshing because so many of us see the start of a new year as an opportunity to change or to alter past problems, leave negativity behind, or simply just look at ways to improve ourselves or our lives and I'm all about that optimism. So today I'm sharing with you all what my goals are for the year and they're a huge mix of personal development things, pushing boundaries things, and also a couple of bucket list things too. Enjoy:

- Travel somewhere alone. This is something that was on my list of goals for last year too, but surprise surprise, I never got around to ticking it off. I've realised that a lot of the "big" goals I set for myself have a tendency to be neglected, so I'm focusing on this one this year and making it my main goal. I'm still struggling with settling on where exactly it is that I'm going to visit, but I'm certain that it will be somewhere in Europe and I will make sure I have the best time.

- Spend more money on travelling in general. With that first goal being mentioned, I really want to spend more money on travelling in general and spend more time exploring anywhere and everywhere this year. I want to start spending money more in the areas that I think is most important, so I need to be spending it more on experiences that materials and of course, travelling definitely helps tick that box.

- Carry on minimising consumer ways. Another goal kind of linked to the previous one is minimising my consumer ways. I've been making a good effort with this already so maybe it's cheating to set a goal for the year you're already half-doing, but I've been really pleased with my effort thus far. I've been spending a lot less on fast fashion since switching to a slow fashion lifestyle, I've been buying less skincare/makeup since switching to cruelty free, and just generally want to save up much more to either improve my home or to pay for adventures so this is a goal I can see me achieving no problem!

- Donate more to charity. I quite regularly donate clothing and occasional household items to charity already, but I'd like to step this up a notch and ensure I'm really giving back and giving to anyone less fortune than myself. I will be kicking this off with a big clear out of my clothes and doing some charity shop runs, re-homing any unwanted Christmas gifts, and then also making sure I donate money to good causes. I also want to donate more of my free time to good causes and I hope to do some sort of donation of either time or money (or both!) every month.

- Read at least 1O books. Another recycled goal from last year, in 2O18 I would like to keep up my good reading streak and read at least 1O books. I know that might not seem like a lot to some, but I do always struggle to fit reading into my free time despite it being one of my favourite things to do. When I say 1O books, I'm not including graphic novels or comics in that target either so those will just be Brucey bonuses.

- Be more consistent with exercise. Exercise was very hit and miss for me in 2O17. When I was good I was great, when I was lazy, I was practically horizontal at all times. I really enjoy the feeling I get and the headspace I end up in after exercise so for that fact alone, I know I need to get into a better routine with it. I bloody love yoga but sometimes fall off the wagon with it so heading into 2O18, I'm promising myself to do yoga at least every other day to ensure consistency and I also want to go swimming once a month as although I'm not the best swimmer, I lovebeing in the water.

- Educate myself more. One thing I really miss is being at university. Not for the socialising or the drinking, but the actual studying. I really enjoy learning - particularly about subjects I really love already or completely new things that are alien to me. Therefore 2O18 is the year I'm going to get back into education. That's not me saying I'm going to go back to uni (I'd love to be ha, as if I have the money or the time!), but I am going to set myself the task to study at least free open university course. There's so many great courses out there that don't cost a thing and you can complete them in your own time too so to me, it just makes sense that I start to capitalise on that and use my free-time more wisely! I haven't yet decided what I'm going to choose to study, but I'm already excited!

- Capture moments more. As I want to spend more time on making memories and having a good time with good people and even just by myself, I want to also focus on capturing those moments more too. I can get pretty snap-happy when it comes to photography, but I want to get more candid, unplanned shots of people I love and life "in the moment". To do this, I also want to spend more time using my 35mm film camera so I can get printable, proper photos. The joy of film for me is the fact that they can't really be edited - each snapshot is a surprise and might turn out blurred, too bright, blown out etc. and that actually makes each photo all the more special.

Most of my goals are small changes that just need constant optimism and drive to achieve; a couple of them need a little more than that but I know the outcome of them will make me feel like I've truly achieved something and feel like a better version of myself. I always feel like I can be quite reflective at this point in the year so there's definitely some other mini goals I have for my year that I hope to carry forward and they're things that I hope we all do - things that mean you look after yourself, your physical and mental health, your spirituality and mindfulness, and just promises to make sure you're your own number one and the greatest version of you you can be. So here's those other little things I'm going to be mindful of in 2O18 that will hopefully develop my already happy (but could always be a little better) life:

- I will put myself first in more situations and decisions because there's only one person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with for certain and that's me myself and I
- I will maintain healthy and happy relationships and cutting ties with any that are remotely toxic or failing. This includes those that I believe that it is myself who is playing the toxic part
- I promise to take my makeup off as soon as I get home if I have no other plans because my skin is beautiful and deserves to breathe and be treated with respect
- I will drink enough water everyday as I nourish my plants but should make sure to also nourish myself
- uncomfortable underwear is not on my agenda so bye bye ugly bras and panties
- I pledge to eat less and less meat and dairy because the industries are damaging
- I will say something nice about myself to myself in the mirror every morning so I start off the day on the right foot and I also give myself that much needed confidence boost
- I will focus more on horoscopes, astrology, essential oils, and crystals/minerals because I find it all incredibly interesting and I no longer care if people will make fun of those interests
- I will not feel guilty for enjoying what I enjoy
- I will eat what I want to eat and not feel guilt but also enrich my body and mind with what I put into my body
- I will make time every week to practice ukulele
- I will draw or paint something detailed at least once a month
- I will try to maintain a positive outlook on everything and see the good in every situation so I can grow and learn from each scenario in a constructive way

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