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Revisiting Pilgrim 55: CF & Organic Skincare

If you've been a reader of NB for some time, you might remember a post right back in July last year where I introduced my love for the brand, Pilgrim 55. Pilgrim 55 are a great independent small brand based in my home city of Newcastle Upon Tyne. They're big believers in skincare being made from good, clean, natural ingredients and not testing those ingredients or the finished skincare products on animals. Pilgrim 55 approached me last year to try out some of their products and I really really liked them. As their products are so natural, they're incredibly gentle on the skin but still get results. In my last post, I fell in love with their cucumber cleanser and their charcoal and liquorice scrub mask and still regularly use both in my weekly skincare routine so when Pilgrim 55 offered me the chance to try out some more products, I could not pass up the opportunity!

Some products I was really interested in trying out was stuff from their stem cell range (which helps with anti-ageing), the green tea mask (also for anti-ageing - can you see a theme developing), and they were super generous to also through in their caffeine rich moisturiser (also for anti-ageing - I think they're trying to tell me something). I've been trying out each product for a couple of consecutive months now and thought it was high-time to share my thoughts on them.

Green Tea Anti-Ageing Clay Face Mask* | £18.99-£29.99, 6Oml-12Oml
This product is something I was desperate to try from Pilgrim 55. Green Tea skincare products are some of my favourite to use and can be so good for the skin. It can detoxify the skin by drawing out impurities and can improve skin elasticity. This particular mask promises to keep skin glowing and healthy and includes other natural ingredients as apple, watermelon, and cucumber which are all gentle on the skin. This mask is nice and cooling to apply onto the skin and smells lovely - Pilgrim 55's products almost have a signature gentle scent, and this mask is no exception. It applies nice and thickly to the face and doesn't completely dry down like other clay masks. The great thing about this though is that it doesn't feel tight on the skin once it has done this but still leaves my skin feeling soft, supple, and my pores are noticeably smaller. With prolonged use, I've noticed that my skin has indeed got a natural healthy "from within" glow that it was lacking before. I really like to use this mask when my skin needs a detox - especially when I've been somewhere with lots of pollution or I've been putting my skin through the ringer with makeup, not drinking enough water etc. as I can always see an immediate improvement once I was it off.

Caffeine Rich Super Anti-Ageing Moisturiser* | £18.99-£29.99, 6Oml-12Oml
The caffeine rich moisturiser was something that intrigued me because of it's ingredients. If you're someone who wants to start using good anti-ageing products and/or need to tackle your normal to dry skin, definitely give this cream a go. This is the first moisturiser I've used in a long time that feels incredibly luxurious and smooths onto the skin effortlessly and is very silky to the touch. I'm a big fan of the The Ordinary Caffeine 5% Solution for my undereye care day and night, so was looking forward to trying another caffeine-rich product. As you can imagine, caffeine in skincare is great for firming up fine lines and wrinkles and anti-oxidise your skin. It does this by boosting the blood flow around the skin and stimulates cell renewal to help tone up the skin. This moisturiser includes coffee extract as it's main ingredient, but it also includes good stuff like pumpkin seed extract, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Although I really liked using this cream and it has been a lifesaver in the cold weather (it instantly gets rid of any dry patches I have overnight), it is better suited to those on the drier side so I've donated it to my mama and she loves it. She uses it day and night and feels like it's giving her skin a new lease of life and keeping her skin from looking dry.

Stem Cell Active Face Mask* | £2O.o4-£35.O4, 6Oml-12Oml
Next up on the anti-ageing wagon of goodness is the Stem Cell Active Mask. This face mask is great for all skin types and aims to rejuvenate and regenerate skin cells to combat ageing. This mask is jam-packed with hibiscus flower powder which often gets referred to as the "botox plant" in skincare due to it's ability to promote elasticity and eradicating lines and wrinkles. Grapeseed extract is also a main ingredient in this mask which helps boost collagen production, further helping in the anti-age fight. I really like this mask. This one has certainly been a go to for when it's been particularly cold outside and my skin feels like it needs a bit of additional TLC as it's incredibly moisturising and leaves my skin feeling like it's had a big ol' drink. I really like to use this mask in targeted areas too - such as my forehead and laughing lines - as it noticeably improves the appearance of the lines in these areas. It may sound ridiculous to some at the age of 26 to be really paranoid about the fine lines on your forehead, but this mask helps me feel better about them as they look filled in and so smooth. Another great thing about this mask is that you only need to leave it on the skin for as little as 5 minutes to see a difference and that is a huge bonus for if you just want a quick pick-me-up.

Stem Cell Facial Serum | £24.99-£41.99, 6Oml-12Oml
The last product to mention is the Stem Cell Serum which is great for so many different skin needs. Whether your skin is combo, normal, tired or dull, this serum will help you out and make some improvements. This serum includes a whole host of fruit extracts and aloe vera gel making it a smooth and easy serum to use and apply. Just like the face mask counterpart, the Stem Cell Serum also includes the hibiscus flower powder to help promote elasticity and keep your skin looking glowing and healthy and targets wrinkles and cell growth. The gel itself is opaque and has a gentle scent and is best applied just as the site suggests - to a warm damp face. I tend to use the Stem Cell Face Mask first then wash it off gently with a muslin cloth. Once I've wiped away the mask, I then apply this serum to my still cloth-damp face and neck. A little goes a long way and I like to smooth it all over the areas I need it before getting tapping the product into the skin to try and increase blood flow and ensure the product is sinking into the skin as deeply as possible. Using this serum right after the mask continuously at least twice a week has seen a great improvement in my "glow" and also the lines on my forehead. I imagine further use and more rigorous use would greatly benefit anyone in the fight against ageing!

All in all, Pilgrim 55 have certainly impressed me again. The products are wonderful from this company and they're a company who really deserve support, promotion, and your hard-earned pennies. In the contemporary beauty world, it's difficult to find genuinely good-at-heart brands as it's a world filled with consumerism and a lack of positive ethics, but Pilgrim 55 go against the grain in that respect. I really admire the fact that this brand no only promote the use of natural ingredients (no nasties such as parabens, sulfates etc. are used in any of Pilgrim 55's products) and committing to cruelty-free testing, they also are consistently working towards being environmentally and socially responsible by supporting communities and pledging to become carbon neutral, too. I can't rave about these guys enough so if you're looking for some good honest skincare, they've got you.

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