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Go Outside

Hello friends, I hope you read this and feel inspired, but I just wanted to share with you all how important it is to go outside. Now, before I inevitably tumble into one of my long rambles, I am not suggesting for one minute that going outside is easy. It's a matter of accessibility, physical and mental health, and sometimes just sheer bravery, confidence, and motivation. I think it's fair to say that the majority of us have been there - been in that rut where we've gotten stuck in a constant loop with the cabin fever so it's more like cabin comfort and it's been a struggle to break the routine. It can feel impossible to break the habit of staying in but oh the euphoria some of us can feel once we've stepped outside and into a safe space that makes us feel something I just don't think any words in the English language can quite cover.

Although it's not easy for all and it's not even an option for some, many of us don't have a valid reason for not getting outside and that's what I hope to help change - even if just one of you try to get out a little more. Nature is an absolutely beautiful thing. When I'm saying we should all get out more, we should be taking in what's around us. It's very easy to feel contained and comfortable within the confines of our urban centres but when we branch out that little bit - whether it's just wandering through a lush open park or getting out into the wilderness and mountains - we feel simply euphoric no matter how much you may not like camping or the outdoors! Being around nature, the trees, plants, open water... all of it can be so positive for mental health, for helping you just generally feel happier, and it's certainly good for getting rid of stress. The air is cleaner for our lungs, we can leave feeling inspired, and my goodness - it's just beautiful, right? So here's my quick run-down on why we should get out and about more this year and make 2O18 the year for going outside.

Give your mental health a good boost
As I mentioned, going outside can be really difficult for many individuals, but I've found it a huge help with my mental health when I've needed a pick-me-up. Whilst I'm very much a homebody and an introvert who likes to keep themselves to themselves most of the time, going out can be a godsend and that switch in scenery that I desperately need. When I'm stuck in a rut and find myself struggling with my fatigue or motivation and happiness, I tend to declare myself housebound and won't really leave the house for anything. I've seen myself not step foot out of my home for 4 days at time and even when I haven't had any food in the house, I've just ordered takeaway to avoid leaving the house. As you can imagine that sort of environment only helps breed more anxiousness and negative feelings for me so when I do pluck up the courage to step out the door or the cabin fever just gets too much, the relief of that fresh air hitting my face is so refreshing.

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Feel fit, healthy, and content on the outside too
So going outside may help your mental health, but it's also no surprise that it can help your physical health, too. I'm not the biggest health buff - only choosing to dabble in yoga here and there - but just going out and walking is something I can get behind. Regularly going out and walking in nature, whether it's in the woods, along the beach, or just laps in the local park, it can make you feel so much fitter and healthier and always makes me feel like I've spent my time well. Breathing in fresh clean air can instantly impact your mood and give you a bounce in your step. Being consistent with trekking outdoors can also help you set goals that can be challenging but definitely achievable. Think about how far you might have walked lately on an outing and promise yourself you're going to walk for longer/further/faster next time. Just because you're enjoying something doesn't mean you can't let it be a benefit to other areas of your life so if exercise is something that doesn't appeal to you or you simply don't think you're capable, just try letting your feet guide you and reap the benefits it has on your physical body.

Nothing can rival it's beauty
The biggest argument anyone will ever present to you for convincing you to go outside is the sheer beauty of it all. As I said earlier, urban centres are lovely for a variety of reasons, but nothing beats stepping out into those lesser populated, more scenic places. The views can be amazing, the smells cannot be rivalled, and you have every chance of seeing wildlife in their natural habitats and that should be a reason enough to get out there! If you're an avid photographer of any description or you just simply like to explore and soak up all views and experiences "in the moment", wandering around in nature is bound to tick so many boxes for so many people. If you're someone who likes to have a bit more energy to their adventures, there's great apps that you can download that do things like tell you what mushroom you've discovered growing when you're out and about, what birds you've spotted flying overhead, or simple challenges for you to try and complete whilst you're out like spotting a rainbow! If you're someone like me though and want to just enjoy what's going on around you and maybe snap a photo or 5O, there's absolutely nothing wrong with just letting your feet guide you, getting (sensibly) lost and just observing your surroundings. Mother Nature is such a beautiful gift we have that I can even begin to describe with enough justification, so don't let it pass you by in this ever-changing world of ours.

It can always make a great date
The last little point is just something silly but I feel a lot of people often overlook because of it's simplicity. Having a date out in nature is so good. If you're thinking "I really want to have a nice time that's a little different, something that can be extremely fun and let us pull our hair down, and doesn't need to cost a thing" then nature has totally got your back. Pack yourself a lunch in a backpack, take a thermos flask of a warm drink, a bottle of water to share, and a blanket if you plan to plonk yourselves down at a beach to watch the evening sunset, and you're all ready to go! If you drive, why not drive out to the woods, sit on the bonnet of the car at night and look at the stars? Once you get out of the built up city areas, the skies become much clearer due to less pollution and you can see *so* much so much more clearly too.

I feel odd almost trying to sell the idea of going outside to you all because it's something so simple but for that reason I think we all need to remind ourselves to do it - myself included. I think being out amongst the trees, the sea, and the clear sky can really help us remember how beautiful it is and assist us in becoming more humble. Getting outside in nature reminds me to be more proactive with my life choices such as how much plastic I consume as it just makes me think about how the pollution I and millions and billions of others is effecting this natural beauty and it helps me connect to it - it helps me make positive changes in my life. If that isn't a good enough reason to go outside, then I don't know what is.

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