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Self Care Sundays

Once the weekends roll around it is more than a fair statement to make to say that I am feeling goddamn tired. My hair, my skin, my muscles... It all just looks like it could do with some TLC and that's not to mention my mind needing a bit of a timeout too. That's why every Sunday I like to have a "self care" day and do all the things I just don't have the time to do as much during the week. The majority of these things consist of additional steps in my beauty regime that my busy work schedule just doesn't cater for and the odd treat in the form of other miscellaneous things. So although it's not Sunday today, it is Hump Day which can be a pretty shitty day for us all, so what better time to share some simple tricks I do to make myself feel chilled, zen, and ready to take on the next working week with a spring in my step despite that Sunday evening dread.

Get that skin a-glowing. First on my hit-list is always to try and revive and rejuvenate my tired skin. Whilst in the shower, I will use an all-over body scrub to exfoliate my body, a face scrub to brighten up my tired face, and even a hair scrub to give my hair some much needed TLC too. Once I've scrubbed away any dead skin cells, I am 1Oo% *that gal* who shaves everything. There's no better feeling than shaving and then getting into fresh bed sheets (we'll get on to that later). My next step after my usual shower routine resumes is to apply a face mask and to also pamper that post-shave skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and no matter what, shaving is always a bit of an irritation so in attempt to minimise this, there's a few products I always reach for. First up I apply the Kerah Lane Razor Bump & Ingrown Hair Formula to wet skin and basically apply it everywhere. Although this very natural product is targeted at razor rash and ingrown hairs, it's also great for acne so I will not just apply it to where I have shaved, but also to my back, shoulders, chest etc. I always make sure to apply it to my underarms too because I suffer badly with ingrown hairs and you guys, I can't stress enough just how much of a difference this product makes to those issues.

Once I'm suitably stinking of aloe vera goodness, I tend to do a full body moisturise using a soothing or gentle body cream. I'm usually someone who can't stand the feeling of heavy creams on my skin but it always sinks so well into the skin after exfoliating that it just makes sense to do this step. I either like to use the Dr. Bronner's Lavender Coconut Organic Hand & Body Lotion which soothes and nourishes the skin, or I reach for Lush's Charity Pot cream if my skin is feeling particularly dry or dehydrated. As soon as I've smothered myself in cream I return to my face masks to choose which one I'm going to give a whirl that day. I'll be honest and say there's usually two I tend to switch between on Sundays and both are purifying and pore tightening to try and get my skin looking as clear as possible before the stress of the week upsets my acne again.

Ain't no Goldilocks but I do try. Earlier I mentioned a hair scrub and this has been a new step for me recently but my goodness I love it. The Body Shop's Fuji Tea Refreshing &Purifying Hair Scrub is a fab little pamper product for really giving the hair a deep cleanse. I work it into the scalp and it feels calming, soothing, but also clarifying. It gets rid of product build up and any potential dry flakes and just generally leaves my scalp feeling pampered which let's be honest, many of us overlook pampering our scalps right? Once I've used this, I will shampoo my hair like normal and then apply a hair mask instead of my usual conditioner. This mask will either be the latest shop-bought one I'm enjoying or a concoction of coconut oil and rosehip oil. It really all depends on my energy levels as the coconut/rosehip oil takes an age to wash out so I always see how I feel on the morning!

I spend a lot of time on them so I should look after them. People are probably going to say there's no need to share this much information in this post because feet are a bit gross, but I want to tell you how I try my hardest to look after my tootsies. I've never liked feet however I've always thought my feet were okay and not too hideous so I like to try and keep them that way. As I am forever the girl with blisters etc. it's hard to do that, but I am always on a mission to keep them soft and in good condition as I do a lot of walking and it takes its toll on my poor feet. So to do this, I always use The Body Shop's Peppermint Foot Scrub to soften up the feet and give them an all-over gentle exfoliation. I then use a foot file on the heels of my feet as this tends to be where my skin suffers the most from dryness and texture, then I smother them in The Body Shop's Peppermint Intensive Cooling Foot Rescue cream and put a pair of socks straight on to let them feel like they're getting a spa treatment at home. I repeat the cream step before bed too and sleep whilst the cream soaks into the skin to ensure my feet are staying as soft and as supple as possible.

Those cuticles need some care. When I was younger, I used to spend hours on my nails and would do lots of nail art and designs but now? I can't think of anything more tedious. Therefore what I like to do instead now is keep my nails short, apply a colour that I will wear for a week and that's that. So Sunday is always my day of choice for a fresh coat of paint as it means they're looking nice and tidy for the start of my working week. I will take care of my cuticles and nail beds with some coconut oil and just massage it in for at least half an hour whilst I catch up on TV or watch a film. I then will do the typical base coat, colour, then top coat and that's about it. Taking time out to do your nails can be so frustrating as it limits you to what you can do so I actually quite like it for that as it forces me to sit down with a cup of tea and just chill out for a little while.

Conditioned everything else, so now it's time to condition the mind. Even though I love my job, the Sunday evening dread still gets me and I can sometimes feel incredibly anxious at the thought of returning to work the next day. So a couple of ways I try to get around this are just simple "time out" activities but still things I really enjoy. I like to do yoga - particularly if I've fallen off the fitness routine wagon during the week and need to get back on it - or some other workout before bed to try and not only calm my mind but to also tire myself out for a good night's sleep. If I'm not feeling the fitness thang or I did it earlier in the day, I turn to colouring books and listening to music, painting or drawing for a little while, catching up on blog posts that I might have missed, or watching a documentary. I'm trying my best lately to not be on social media just before bed - especially on Sundays - because it keeps my brain too wired and I struggle with sleeping enough as it is. So these activities help me escape for a while but also help keep my brain active in a productive way that is then easier to shut down when it's time to nod off. My final little "pamper" thing for my self-care Sundays is making sure I have fresh sheets on my bed and most recently, making sure my pillow is coated in a fine mist of This Works Pillow Spray. I think pillow sprays are very much a princess product, but if Sunday nights don't call for that, then what does?

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