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Bullet Journal: October Review

Hey folks! Today I thought I'd share with you a review of October's bullet journal entries. If you've been a reader for a while, you will know that at the start of each month, I used to write a review post covering the previous month's activities, favourite new discoveries and what music/tv/video games I had enjoyed etc. Whilst I did enjoying compiling these posts so I could look back on them and remind myself of things I might have otherwise forgotten about, I did grow tired of the style of them and realised that writing them became forced and they were just no longer something I was enjoying putting together.

So at the end of September, I decided to finally give bullet journaling a go. I was100% one of *those* people who didn't see the point in bullet journals as to me, they just seemed like an excuse to put a lot of effort into list making without any pay off. Like, why would you draw lovely detailed and pretty daily to-do lists to then just discard them at the end of each day? I didn't understand but as someone who enjoys drawing/painting/keeping the creative juices flowing but also as someone who was finding it increasingly difficult to explore those joys, I realised bujos might be the answer. So, I started a bujo. I watched some videos to get an idea of what other people were including and then set about making my own. If you're someone who enjoyed my review-style posts then don't you worry, I'm going to drop review bits and pieces in here and there as I take you through my October set up and those of you who are here to see what I documented, what worked, and what I might be changing for November's layout, sit back and enjoy:

I knew starting out my bullet journal that I wanted it to have a very hand-drawn feel. I didn't want it to be too minimal and I certainly didn't want it to look editorial - for me, the idea of keeping such a journal is that it *should* look well used, well loved, and show creativity and thus that's what "aesthetic" I went for in this first month. The main theme I wanted to go with was of course, leaves and nature in general as that's instantly what comes to mind for the month of October. I knew from the get-go that I also wanted to include lots of quotes about autumn and other doodles resembling the month and the fact that the season is growing colder. A nod to Halloween also needed to be in there too! I started out with watercolour painting each and every page but by time I got to my weekly layout pages, I realised how time consuming it was to do the more background images (for lack of a better name for them) as watercolours and switched to pencils instead. I wanted the colours to be quite muted so both watercolours and pencils worked well here with a light hand.

October wasn't a particularly busy month for me, but I did do some nice things. Firstly, it was the month I got my shit together for work. I've become the primary/main tutor at a new centre for my job and whilst it's been daunting and hard work, I feel pretty damn grateful that I've only been in this role for around 9 months and have already been given this amount of responsibility. As a result though, a lot of my time in October was seen rushing to and from meetings and trying to make the new office and teaching room look and feel like my new "work home". I also decided to buy a new ukulele this month and I'm so pleased I did - whilst I haven't been steady with playing it regularly, when I do make sure I sit down to play it, I'm often losing myself in it for a few hours at a time and I'm quite pleased with my progression with it - not to mention I'm loving learning to play all my classic teen-emo songs on it! Speaking of ukulele playing, I also saw Itch from The King Blues play at one of my old haunts, The Railway in Winchester in October too. It was an intimate small gig and very much had a "this is just an open mic night" sort of vibe. He played some fave The King Blues classics acoustically and was also promoting his new poetry haiku book, too. Although there's a lot of controversy around the guy (particularly earlier this year), he's lived such a wild life that I like to listen to what he has to say as a result of such experiences and as someone who has grown up listening to The King Blues, it was nice to see a more calm show by their lead man.

Monthly Calendar Overview
So the first thing I felt needed to follow the month's title page was of course a monthly calendar. I wanted to include one of these because it means it gives you a quick and easy way to overview any special dates or events coming up for the month. I'm one of the few people who doesn't use the calendar on their phone, so this paper copy was greatly appreciated for my busy and forgetful mind. I decided to just add a little symbol for days of my period too which, although I use the Eve app religiously each month, was nice to have as another visual que to go back to if need be to track any irregularities etc.

One thing I was determined to include was this idea of tracking the weather. Now, it may seem a bit pointless or a bit of a nerdy thing to do but I actually really enjoyed it! I had seen Lunestelle do this in her bujo and knew I had to steal the idea. It gives me another little creative doodle minute every evening and it was also nice to look at it alongside my mood/habit trackers to see if there was any correlation between the weather and my mood and productivity.

I knew I would have to have a "very adult" page in there somewhere and yep, it had to be this. This might come across as very snobbish, but money hasn't been a worry or concern for me for a few years now but I completely realise this comfort has brought with it some slapdash spending on things I don't need. The idea of the expenses tracker was to document how much money I need to spend - e.g. on travel for work - and also how much more I seem to spend each month of stuff I definitely don't need - hey there miscellaneous section! This well and truly proved my point this month as a lot of money was spent on takeaways that were ordered when I was too lazy to cook. I want to try and make it more visually impactful in November and I also want to make it more functional for my trends in spending, but it will undoubtedly be a page I replicate in future months.

My Mood and Habits Trackers
These two pages are my absolute favourite pages for sure. These are heavily influenced by Amanda Rach Lee who is the goddess of bujo design if you need some inspiration, but they've not only been aesthetically pleasing for me, they've also been very functional and influential. I really wanted to make sure I tracked my mood in my bullet journal because I usually feel quite down as a person yet give off the vibe that I'm always fun and giggly so I wanted to see how I'm *truly* feeling day to day. Thankfully, this mood tracker has made me realise that actually? I'm not the negative raincloud I always thought I was and I am in fact usually in a pretty damn good mood. The odd occasion when I had a negative colour creeping in, it's nice for me to try and think back to that specific day and work out what it was that made me feel so down. So surprise surprise, I'll be keeping this page for sure in November but just switching up the design (although I can't lie, the circle layout was mega cute to complete).

Ah, and now for the habits tracker. Again, I wanted to track a few things in my day to day life that I often overlook and think is just part of mundane life. For this tracker, I included everything from healthy eating and exercise to practicing ukulele and how many cups of tea I'm drinking. What this month showed me is that I am a wee lazy bitch. I didn't do half as much working out or blogging as I wanted to, but it means I can hope for a more positive layout the next month! I'm hoping the more I do this whole bujo thing, the more and more positive colours will appear on each habits tracker page as I have become a firm believer that the phrase "I don't have time" is the cop out line to wriggle out of doing productive things for me and I want to rectify that.

Instagram Tracker
One page I'm having a love hate relationship with but I'm going to persevere with for the time being is without a doubt the IG tracker. Again, I stole this idea from Lunestelle as I thought it would be interesting to see if there were any patterns in what content was most popular and to see if my IG growth really was as bad as I thought. Turns out my growth is indeed as bad as I thought and it was actually a bit disheartening each day to open to this page and fill in my decline of followers etc. I'm not someone who gets hung up on follower counts or likes, but IG is my favourite platform as it can so visually pleasing, so it was disappointing to see how much the algorithm has ruined the way it functions. One good thing I took away from it though is that I enjoy the mix of media I publicise on there and I like that it made me actively want to post - I've always been quite consistent with posting on that platform, but having a written account of how often I'm posting and seeing whether or not I've posted every day really helped motivate me further.

Brain Dump
Ah, the lesser used brain dump page. I still like the idea of this page but the problem is, I like everything to have a place and be somewhat neat and tidy so a brain dump page was never really going to work for me. I still like the idea, but for me I've realised I need it to have a bit more structure like some categories or titles or maybe just to be a collage page of pretty pictures or tickets etc. collated that month. I need to figure it all out for November's layout.

Weekly Layouts
My weekly layouts were nice. I like that they had a handwritten and hand-drawn feel and weren't too structured. They made me realise how monotonous my day to day life is though so I definitely need to mix it up a little and try to be more spontaneous! But ultimately, it gave me a chance to fill in any gaps with little quick doodles or quotes (which I *loved* peppering throughout October's pages) and also gave me a chance to be a little creative in general. I liked that to begin with, each day was very uniform and laid out exactly the same as the previous and next but with each doodle and framing, it became less and less uniform. I'm still debating whether or not to try this layout again for November or whether or not I should shake it up further.

So there you have it - that was our lovely mild but cloudy and bloody humid (?!) October. How was yours?

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