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My Current Favourite Natural Highlighters

When it comes to highlighters, I am *that lass* who wants to smother herself in them but also wants them to be subtle and not blinding. So yeah, the most awkward highlighter customer. Since going foundation free many moons ago, I've looked more and more towards natural-looking products that help me not look clownish as my red blotchy skin is parading out and about and this has increasingly applied to those genius products that give your skin an artificial glow.

So with that being said, although I have now accumulated some firm favourites I rely on 9O% of the time, I also like to try out others so I have *options* because that's the sort of desperately non-minimalist life I lead. I've recently tested out some new ones, reacquainted my love with some old amazingness, and I thought I'd give you the lowdown on them all (all cruelty free of course!).

W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow | £5.95: W7 are a brand who I love dearly for their eyeshadows but after stumbling across this palette online, I just couldn't help myself. Charlotte Tilbury is a *great* brand but y'all, I hate spending a lot of money on one singular beauty product so they purchases from that brand are few and far between. So when I saw this Hollywood Bronze & Glow contour palette that is so obviously a CT Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette dupe (if you couldn't tell by the hilariously similar name then the indentation of the powders will be yet another dead giveaway!) I wanted to give it a shot. So as you can see, the two powder products look very very similar to the CT offering and guess what? They're just as good. As I've mentioned, I prefer the natural look nowadays and these powders aren't super pigmented so they're perfect for subtle looks but they're long lasting so for me they're the best of both worlds. The highlighter is a golden champagne shade which is a shade I tend to gravitate towards and it has no chunky glitter and only gives a subtle sheen to the skin. Perfect for "no makeup days".

L.A. Girl Spice Beauty Brick Blush Palette | £8.Oo: Next up I need to mention another super natural offering but a one that is even more bargain-licious when you consider just how many products you're getting for a wee 8 quid. I fully reviewed this blush palette from L.A. Girl a few weeks ago now because it has quickly become my favourite thing to pack when I'm travelling due to the great blush shades, the easy to blend contour and surprise surprise, that subtle highlight. This palette is great all round, but the highlight is a fave for me right now because it's probably the most natural one I own in my collection. Despite it being a powder, it doesn't look heavy or chalky etc. on the skin and just gives the high points of your face a very natural shine - not greasy, wet or glittery looking like many other highlights offer, but more of a "this is where sunlight hits" look. If you are on the lookout for a great palette in general but also a highlight that makes you skin look naturally radiant without looking like highlight, this is a game changer.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Gold Highlighter Powder | £16.Oo - £19.99: I know what you're thinking - Amy, this highlight is *poppin'* how can you call it a natural highlighter - well lemme tell you. theBalm's holy grail highlighter has become a cult classic amongst beauty bloggers and vloggers and that's simply because it's a brilliant product. It's finely milled, feels feather light on the skin, and my goodness does it pack a punch. So, it is a blinder of a highlight but only if you intend it to be. I used to pile this puppy on but now I use a delicate hand and only pop my brush into the powder once, tap off, then apply a light dusting to my cheeks and nose. It's my favourite option for an evening out or a special occasion as it's one of my most blinding highlights but again, it can be toned down pretty easily. It's that lovely champagne/gold shade that I seem to gravitate towards too so I think that's really why it has stolen my heart over the last couple of years.

From left to right: Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in 'Lunch Money', theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter Powder, L.A. Girl Spice Beauty Blush Brick Palette Highlighter, W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow Highlighter

Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in 'Lunch Money' | $8.Oo: It is no secret - I ruddy love Colourpop Cosmetics (particularly their lipsticks), but a product I've loved for an age now is their highlighter in the shade Lunch Money. Colourpop's classic Super Shock highlighters are a creme to powder formula that at first I absolutely hated because I prefer powder products, but the effect of this highlight made me persevere and I eventually fell in love. This shade is my favourite out of the few I own in this formula because it's that nice gold champagne shade I love but it's slightly lighter in shade so its more pearly/opal and it looks gorgeous on the skin. I like to use this alone when I'm having good skin days and therefore really do wear minimal base products as it sits really nicely on bare or just primed skin, but I also like to use this as an almost highlighter primer under some of my favourite powder ones to give more of a glow from within. This is a great trick for nights out or when you want to go a little bit more overboard with the glow and glimmer as it helps keep the powder products blinding through the day/night. Lunch Money blends out beautifully as it settles into the skin seamlessly and looks incredibly natural due to it's formulation despite also being pretty damn good at giving the cheeks that nice wet-look appearance in the sunlight.

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