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May in Review

Happy Friday you lovely lot and I hope you’re excited to see what June brings for you all. May was a bit of a busy month for me in different senses but pretty good nevertheless! I’m looking forward to June as it is my mama’s birthday and I love spoiling her, I’ll be seeing my best pal at the end of the month for many many beverages in the sun and packets of crisps in bed for breakfast (I know, we’re a delectable duo). But for now, here’s what I go up to in May and what I’ve loved, loathed, and everything in between.

The Personal
So May was a super busy one for me – especially at work. I finished my probation period in my new job so I guess now I can stop calling it my “new job” and my colleagues can start chanting “one of us one of us”. I keep thinking about how genuinely unhappy I was this time 3 and a half months ago in my old job and just can’t believe the complete 180 my general mood and happiness has underwent since taking the plunge and switching to this role.

May was also the month of Matthew’s birthday so I was super excited about that because I love buying presents. I love giving gifts and count myself as a pretty darn good present buyer, so I love watching people’s reactions to what you think and hope they will like. Matthew seemed to like all of his presents and even managed to squeeze a meal out at one of favourite restaurants in Winchester, Dim T, out of me which was damn tasty! And speaking of tasty food, the wonderful and lovely Food & Baker gave me the opportunity to head to the Foodies Festival at Syon Park, London and it was fab. I gorged myself on so much free food, wine, and beer that I genuinely needed to have a sit down in the sunshine for half an hour. It was a lovely day out and if you love food as much as me, keep your eyes peeled for a full review post of the event coming next week!

This month was definitely the month of TV for me. I feel like so many good shows have been on my wee screen and there’s some you really need to check out for yourselves. The first I will give a quick mention to is Bill Nye Saves the World. If you don’t know who Bill Nye is, you need to educate yourself because this guy is basically like the Steve Irwin or Bob Ross of the science world when it comes to his enthusiasm but he’s really easy to understand and follow as he was primarily on children’s TV. His Saves the World show looks at different topics ranging from Are Robots the Future to Gender to IVF Treatments. It’s a really great show albeit that OTT stereotypical American cheesiness, but it also features some big celebrities and some great humour.

A show even better than that y’all need to be watching is American Gods. It’s currently available on Amazon Prime and is based on Neil Gaiman’s popular novel. The show has a whole host of familiar faces (including some from Hollyoaks of all places!) and is a great watch. I’m a big fan of Gaiman’s work but shamefully haven’t read American Gods yet but I can confirm that the show is still easy to follow for the most part. Matt is a *massive* Gaiman fan and approves of the show too so it must be good. The general story centres around a man called Shadow who, after being released from prison, meets a man who changes his life in the most peculiar way. The show – as you may have guessed already – has elements of old and new gods running throughout it so it has a lot of dimension to it and some scenes/characters are really cleverly portrayed.

I've also watched a lot of the latest series of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia which never fails to be funny (if you haven't watched it, it stars Charlie Day and Danny Devito and it's a group of 5 "friends" who run an Irish pub in Philly. Watch it, it's hilarious). The other show I've finally caught up on is Grimm. Grimm is basically the Brother's Grimm with a twist. It follows the main character, Nick who is a police investigator who discovers he's also a Grimm. A Grimm is someone who can see the true identity of some "humans" who are actually the typical fairytale characters from Brother's Grimm stories. These guys can be nice or not so nice and basically if you like Once Upon a Time but crave something darker and more sinister, you have to watch Grimm. The latest season (season 5) is on Netflix and kind of seems like the directors know that they're going to pull the plug after season 6 (which is apparently their plan) just because the story seems to have no positive ending and is becoming a global issue rather than just a town issue. If you haven't checked out Grimm already, you really need to!

Films this month have been on the backburner yet again but I have watched a couple of things. I really love Horrible Bosses so finally sat down to watch the second and I've got to be honest, it's just not as good! Don't get me wrong, there's some fantastic bits in it but it doesn't have the laugh out loud quality quite like the first one does. I still love Charlie Day though so all is forgiven. This time around, the film follows the same guys but instead of trying to kill their bosses, they're trying to be their own bosses and let's just say, it doesn't go the way they planned. It's funny (particularly towards the end) but the first is certainly the better of the two.

An odd movie I watched in May was Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie. This film autoplayed the trailer after we had watched something else and it looked really funny and had quite a few famous faces in it that I recognised from other films such as American Pie. The film is about a detective who is investigating a murder so it's a very typical plot but the humour in it is just... odd. I think people who like shows like Portlandia might enjoy this, but I just really struggled to get into it. It tried to play on that awkward kind of humour like The Office does so well but unlike The Office that can have me curled up crying with laughter, this just didn't hit the spot.

Okay so we really need to chat about the fact that usually here I would throw in numerous artists and bands that my wee lugholes have been engaged with over the past month but I’ve got to hold my hands up and say – it just hasn’t happened in May. And why I hear you ask? Harry Styles. Harry effin’ Styles. I am the first person to hold my hands up and say despite being a big ol’ dirty goth, there’s plenty of Bieber tunes or Busted songs I like to jig around to but Harry Styles?! I know, I’m as surprised as you are. When his album dropped the world seemed to go into meltdown so I just couldn’t help myself and I had to see what the fuss was all about. This album, you guys, it has taken over my life. Upon day of release and the following day, I had listened to it enough to know all the words to every song - that’s how much I played it. It’s a great mellow, easy listening, sometimes acoustic album and it just generally makes me feel positive.
I’d really struggle to pick a favourite song, but I do love Sweet Creature because there’s just something about it that makes me think of my fave country guy, Townes Van Zandt if he was contemporary and had many fan girls and Woman just makes me feel like a sass-pot.

Video Games
I personally haven’t played a lot of games this month but I have been sitting over Matt’s shoulder as he has ploughed his way through Witcher 3. I’ve started playing it myself and I’ve got to say – it’s so good and I can see why it got hyped up on its release. Previously, I had never played any of the Witcher games so it seems daft to start by playing the third, but it’s a great game with a fantastic standalone story meaning you don’t necessarily need to have played the previous two as the game fills in the blanks such as character relationships and area history really well. It’s a challenging game in terms of combat but I quite like that. It’s got a Skyrim feel to it but mixed with Dragon Age and some great graphics considering its release date so I’m looking forward to playing more of it in June.

I also have to give a quick mention to Mark Plier's playthrough of Outlast 2. His horror playthroughs are some of my absolute favourites because I just can't deal with playing most survival horrors myself, but his Outlast ones are my ultimate faves. This second edition of the game series is much more weird, creepy, perverse etc. than the first one in my opinion, but it's not as good. If you're a fan of horrors though, check this game out or at least watch Mark Plier play it because it's hilarious.

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