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The Ordinary Skincare

Happy hump day! This week I thought it was about time I shared with you my thoughts on a very popular skincare brand that seems to have taken the beauty world by storm and that is The Ordinary skincare from DECIEM. DECIEM are a fantastic umbrella brand who do not include harmful sulphates and parabens in their products and they're also completely cruelty free which is one of the main reasons I needed to test out The Ordinary range as I'm currently transitioning into being completely cruelty free with my beauty regime. The Ordinary skincare seems to have gained popularity as it has many different serums which you can custom use to fit your particular skincare needs and they're extremely affordable as most products in the range are under £1O. Although the serums seem to be the most popular aspect of the brand, I decided to pick up a few different things to test and trial - not just the serums. I've been using the products for a few weeks now and I feel I can give a good initial impression of each product.

Salicylic Acid 2% Solution | £4.OO - The first product I knew I needed to try was the salicylic acid solution. This product comes in a little frosted glass vial with a dropper and is perfect for battling spots and blemishes. Salicylic acid is great for fighting pimples and the idea of this solution is that it can either be used as a targeted treatment (much like a tea tree or witch hazel stick) or applied to the whole face as a recurring step in your skincare routine. Initially I didn't like this product too much as it gave my a huge breakout of whiteheads on my forehead and chin however those only lasted a couple of days then disappeared and I now feel the product actually helped bring some impurities to the surface quicker and in turn helped clear my skin a little. Despite this solution being a spot-fighting product, it's actually really gentle on the skin as it's only 2% and it has no fragrance and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I like to apply 2 drops to my whole face before adding my moisturiser before bed and I find that works for me. If you have sensitive skin or dry skin and don't want to use acne products which will dry the skin out further, definitely try this.

Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG | £6.OO - Next up is something I have been using as an alternative to eye cream and that is the Caffeine Solution. This stuff glides on like a dream on the under eyes and no word of a joke, it actually works. I have quite discoloured and dark eye circles and despite having oily skin, my undereyes can get incredibly dry and flaky. Due to this, I often choose to wear a very hydrating eye cream that moisturises and (at least claims to) hide dark circles or neutralise them. This solution is quite thick and just like the Salicylic acid, it doesn't have a scent and doesn't irritate my eyes at all. As it's thick in texture, it feels more luxurious than it's price point and it also feels like it's actually *doing* something. It takes a little while to fully sink into the skin, but I really love this stuff and think I will be using it for a long time. As it is a caffeine solution, it truly does make my eyes look more awake and bright and certainly helps keep my skin hydrated.

Azelaic Acid Suspension 1O% | £5.5O - As I'm switching to cruelty free, I've had to find new day and night moisturisers as unfortunately my favourite ones from Vichy are not CF. Therefore I decided to pick up this one which targets blemishes and also aims to brighten the skin. It's a lovely lightweight formula which glides onto the skin and sinks in effortlessly so I really like wearing this daily under my makeup as it doesn't make me even oilier and it also helps sort out my skin texture which has been a bit of a issue lately. It keeps my skin soft and supple but also makes a noticeable difference to my breakouts as it helps minimise them and prevents them from getting too much texture when they're drying out. Again, this moisturiser is great for sensitive skin and works extremely well considering it's very affordable price tag.

Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% | £5.OO - The second moisturiser I picked up is this Vitamin C lovely jubbly product which I've been applying most nights in my skincare routine. Now, the only reason I'm not using it every night is it's actually a bit of a shock of a product (but in a great way). The first time I applied this it warned on the packaging that it could have a tingling sensation when applied to the face but once I started rubbing it onto the skin. I realised that it actually feels like it has tiny grains in the formula. These grains don't necessarily feel as noticeable or as harsh as a facial exfoliator, but the do do a pretty good job at buffing away any texture or flakiness on the surface of the skin. It does tingle for a little while, but its nothing uncomfortable or irritating. I would say however if you have super sensitive skin you might not like this as I have noticed the tingling can be more intense on any open or sore acne I have. I really like this product though as it makes my skin look *so* much healthier the next day and definitely brightens my skin and seems to blur any fine lines I have (particularly on my wrinkly forehead!) which can never be a bad thing!

High Adherence Silicone Primer | £4.OO - The last product I wanted to try was one of The Ordinary's primers as I always feel like this is a bit of an in-between product and never quite know whether or not to call it a skincare product or a makeup product. But I assumed as this brand has been so hyped up for being good that a primer from their range could only also be pretty darn good. So I picked up the silicone one as this is targeted at those who have oily skin types as the silicone formula helps makeup stay in place and also creates a barrier between the greasy face and the makeup. I know not everyone likes silicone primers, but I was so pleasantly surprised by this one. It melts onto the skin so quickly and dries down to a velvety soft and smooth finish, creating the perfect base for makeup. The Ordinary state that this primer doesn't necessarily need to be used as a base for makeup and can actually just be the last step in your skincare regiment because it is supposed to make your skin look even and blur large pores. I don't think it necessarily blurs large pores, but it does give the skin a gorgeous finish so is a great item for no makeup days. I still need to get to grips with it a little more as it is a thicker and more robust formula compared to my beloved Instablur from The Body Shop, but I'm definitely enjoying using it so far.

Overall, I'd really rate The Ordinary brand from this handful of products I've tried as they are so gentle on the skin, have no harsh nasties in there, and the brand is very transparent about which products suit which skin types and which ones you should steer clear of if you have particular skin issues. As most of the products are around 3Oml and somewhere in the £5-£1O range, they're extremely affordable and look and work on a more luxury basis. The packaging is really simple and sleek so it looks great in any beauty collection and the fact that you get really sturdy good quality glass bottles for the serum/solution products is pretty damn good. If you have been sat on the fence about trying out The Ordinary, I honestly would say just take the jump and try a couple of products and I would be willing to bet that you will love them!

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