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Boots Ingredients Sheet Masks

Happy hump day lovelies and also, happy first of March?! I know, when did that sneak up on us?! I can't believe that we're in the third month of the year already - 2017 seems to be flying by at lightning speed! Today I thought I'd give you a little run through one of the skincare faves that seems to be making the rounds lately for most people: sheet masks. Sheet masks are big news in Korean skincare but seem to have been rejuvenated in the UK due to Korean beauty starting to filter through into our beauty trends and I'm super excited about that. Korean skincare and makeup is always interesting to me because they seem to tackle problem skin in a totally different and fresh way with their choice of ingredients etc. and let's face it, the packaging is usually cute to boot too. So basically sheet masks have come back into the beauty spotlight and I've got to be honest - before now I had never ever tried them. I can remember my mam using them occasionally when I was younger and I thought she looked terrifying, but I hadn't really got my hands on any until recently.

So on a recent Boots order, I decided to grab a few from the Boots own range. The Boots Ingredients sheet masks have 5 different options, each mask promising to tackle a different skin issue. I decided to purchase four of the five choices because I was interested to see if they were that different from each other or not and they were really reasonably priced (and on offer at the moment too!). I've got to be honest, one of the major things that has put me off trying sheet masks is the fact that they're usually one use masks that cost £5+. I personally think cost per use that sort of price starts adding up quickly if you use them frequently but these Boots Ingredients are £2.50 (2 for £3 currently) so they fit the price tag for me personally so much better.

So as I mentioned, I bought myself four different ones: Charcoal & Willowbark, Lotus Flower & Tiger Lily, Rooibos, and Super Hyaluronic. Each mask is designed to target a specific aspect of the skin ranging from detoxifying to moisturising. As I've mentioned a thousand and one times here on NB, my skin is generally extremely oily and I've suffered with acne for the last 13 years so I am usually fighting those losing battles. However lately, since wearing no foundation, my skin is often getting the odd dry patch on my forehead, chin, or around my nose so I figured I could do with some hydration injected into the skin too. So now that I've tried each of these 20ml/0.67 Fl. Oz. puppies out, let's talk about each of them in a bit more detail.

Charcoal & Willowbark for Clearing & Purifying - This is probably my favourite of the masks for a number of reasons. This was the first of the bunch I reached for to try out because it was common ground for me - anything that promises to try and clear up my problem skin a little gets a green light from me. Charcoal is a fantastic ingredient for clearing and detoxifying skin and willowbark is also frequently used in spot targeting just like witch hazel and tea tree. This mask was not only familiar for me but it was the one that gave the best results. I used it after a gentle exfoliation when my skin was particularly spotty and you can feel it working. It really tingles the skin during the first couple of minutes of application to the point where it almost feels uncomfortable (this could have been due to the previous exfoliation leaving my skin extra sensitive though!) but either way, it feels like its doing something which is a thing I love to find in any type of face mask. I was expecting this mask to draw out impurities and bring them to the surface but the next day my skin was actually clearer instantly. Smaller spots that were starting to rear their ugly heads pre-sheet mask had disappeared or at least minimised and the gross sore open spots I had on my chin had been significantly reduced in size and no longer hurt to the touch and didn't feel as hard. The rest of my skin also felt hydrated rather than stripped like charcoal masks can unfortunately usually make the skin feel. I'm a huge fan of this one and I'll definitely be purchasing it again.

Lotus Flower & Tiger Lily for Radiance & Brightening - Since I've been wearing no foundation, I've actually become more and more interested in getting radiant skin because my face is looking more dewy than matte (naturally!), So radiance and brightening products are something I'm dabbling in more and more so I thought I'd give this one a go. If you saw my recent review of the L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow mask and face wash, you will know I'm a big fan of that one and feel like it really does give the skin some glow so this sheet mask had a lot to contend with. It doesn't have an offensive strong smell and it also doesn't irritate the skin at all. I definitely feel like my skin looked more healthy and plump the next morning but immediate results were even better. The great thing about these sheet masks is the fact that the leftover product can be massaged into the skin and this one certainly gives the skin a lovely glow once the residue has been massaged in. Because of this I would highly recommend this mask before a night out or a date because it would give your skin a lovely starting point before you apply makeup or additional skincare as it doesn't make the skin greasy or tacky but it does give you some moisture, softness, and a brightens the skin. It does what it says on the sachet!

Rooibos for Energising & Revitalising - I bet some of you are sat there thinking "Roo what now?" which was my initial reaction until I realised what the main ingredient in this sheet mask was. Rooibos is particularly popular in South Africa and is the more commonly known "red bush tea" in the UK (you know, Tetley jumped on board and made some). When drinking this, it is prepared in exactly the same way as black tea (so with sugar and milk) or with lemon like other herbal teas. Rooibos is popular due to the fact that it has no caffeine in it but is jam-packed with vitamin C in it's pure loose leaf form. So I am going to assume that it is this vitamin C boost that is going to be the skin benefit and skin energiser here rather than caffeine which is a nice change as lots of energising masks tend to include less pure ingredients to achieve what it sets out to do. This mask again, was nice to use, didn't have a strong smell, and was nice and moisturising and softening for the skin. I used this one the very next day after the charcoal & willowbark one because I had whacked so many detoxifying and purifying products on my face, my skin was noticeably looking a little weary, tired and drained. This doesn't brighten your skin up quite like the lotus flower & tiger lily one does, but this one does plump up dull skin nicely and makes you look like you've managed to get more sleep than you perhaps did. Whilst it does plump up the skin, this mask was possibly the most disappointing for me as I didn't see a lot of difference. The plumping and moisturisation I could have gotten from a thousand other masks so whilst this wasn't a rubbish product at all, it just wasn't a wow mask either! It was just meh.

Super Hyaluronic for Moisturising & Nourishing - As I mentioned earlier, I have been struggling with some rare dryness and also stripping my skin a little bit due to fighting a bad acne break out so I thought my last sheet mask purchase should be something moisturising. I don't really do moisturising masks because I like ones that purge the skin, but this one is lovely. This one is the most "sensitive skin appropriate" out of them all because you can't feel it tingling the skin or anything like that but of course it can be lovely and cooling to place onto the face just like the others. This one isn't reserved for those with dry skin though - I really enjoyed putting this on for 15 minutes during my evening skincare routine before I put all of my moisturising-based products as it gave a little extra injection of nourishment. As an oily girl, I preferred this for night time as it gave my skin a chance to drink up all of the residue product I massaged in after removal of the mask and my skin looked so fresh and hydrated the next day. You know when you've been really good with your fluids and making sure you get your litres of water into your body every day and you can see the difference in the texture, colour, and vibrancy of your skin? Well this mask gives you that but as a little extra boost. If you are suffering from dry skin, this really eliminated flaky areas for me and I imagine it would be a great one to do before your makeup routine to give your skin that little bit of a barrier against your makeup products/the outside elements that effects the skin. Who'd have thought my second favourite face mask would be a moisturising one?! I know, I'm shook too guys.

So overall? I think these little sachets are an absolute steal. As they're so affordable, you can try out the various types to see which works best for you and although they're one use, they do a great deal in the 15 minute window you wear them. I personally have left some of them on for a lot longer because they're not tightening or drying for the skin. Due to the masks being a universal size, if you have a small face like me you will have a lot of access mask flapping about the place but if you just lie down and chill out with it on for 15 minutes it's not in the way or too annoying. They are packed full of hydrating liquid so you end up with it dripping a little bit so just be aware of that if you're wearing a nice top etc. There's a lot of product left in the sachets too so if you want, you can always scoop that out and apply it to the neck/collar bone area to give that area a boost too. I will definitely be repurchasing the charcoal & willowbark for sure and the super hyaluronic will be stocked up for when my skin is in a dry patch-tizzy that needs fixing ASAP. Try these guys out if you want an affordable sheet mask option and let me know what you think!

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