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Lush: Joy to the World

Another Christmas has past so of course that means I have some more Lush treats to try. Matthew's mum & dad always get me some sort of Lush gift box each year as part of my gifts and this year was a nice small offering because let's be real - last year's gift box still hasn't fully emptied yet as we don't have a bathtub in the flat so that makes life kind of difficult when it comes to Lush products! I really love that I get one of these boxes from Matt's parents as they usually manage to pick something that includes Lush products that I haven't used before. It's always quite nice to see what surprises are included and try some things that I wouldn't necessarily pick up in store myself but this way I have discovered some lovely products that I will and have, purchased again. This year I was gifted the "Joy to the World" box so I'll give you a run down of the two products inside and what I think of the box in general.

So firstly, look at that packaging! It was a gorgeous box to receive for Christmas because it's incredibly festive but it is also quite minimal and elegant so would suit someone of any age. As I mentioned earlier, the box includes two items: a 120g bar of Santa's Postbox soap and a 45g tub of Dream Cream body lotion. I feel like both items compliment each other well and the soap definitely keeps the contents of the gift as festive as it's packaging.

As you can hopefully see, the soap is the show stopper so we'll talk about that first. This soap is super cute and is shaped just like the traditional Royal Mail red postboxes found across the UK. It has quite a citrus-y scent as it includes mandarin oil and satsuma juice but it also has a tiny hint of spice about it that keeps it incredibly Christmas worthy. To me, it smells like it has some cloves in there giving it a more mature and deep scent rather than just a citrus orange burst. Having tried lots of Lush soaps before I have to say that I really like this one. It seems to melt and layer up a lot easier than others I have tried and the little bit of glitter makes it kind of fun to use too! I was pleasantly surprised to see that it doesn't stain your shower and your whole life red as I've had some of their bright soaps in the past and boy oh boy, they can leave tough stains that only a lot of elbow grease can remove, but this one didn't do that so that was a nice added bonus. Obviously this is a product they only release around Christmas time but I'm hoping it will be something that they restock next Christmas as I actually think I'd repurchase it now that I've seen how lovely it is. The highlight of it definitely has to be it's smell as it keeps your bathroom smelling like Christmas when you're just storing it but using it really releases that clove smell and makes your bathroom and your skin smell absolutely divine.

And now for my favourite of the two - the Dream Cream. Dream Cream is an all year-round product from Lush and retails for £6.5O for a 100g tub. It's a really delicate and nice cream to use. I know "nice" always seems to be a bad word to use when describing products or people for some reason but this cream is just that - it's not got an overpowering smell, it really hydrates the skin and soaks into the body quickly and is just generally pleasant to use. I really like this cream for when my skin is particularly dry or when I've shaved my legs because it's a really good cream for sensitive skin as it doesn't irritate my post-shave skin which very rarely happens so this has been an excellent discovery for me. Like I said, it does have a scent to it but it's not very strong which is something that I'm not used to from Lush to be honest! It reminds me a lot of the Soap & Glory body milk that has oat milk and brown sugar in it that I love but the smell isn't as strong. If you find the Soap & Glory body milk too sickly sweet, this cream is a great alternative as it has a similar scent but it's really toned down. It includes oat milk (which is the majority of the scent in my opinion) and lavender oil which are both great for soothing and calming the skin (so perfect for post-shave skin stress!) and also cocoa butter and rose absolute which help restore the skin and keep it soft and conditioned. Like I said, this has been a great find for me and looking at the reviews of it online, people have said it's great for those who suffer from eczema and also good for tattoos?! So I'll definitely be testing it out on mine and I also might use it on my shoulders/chest/back where I often get "T-shirt acne" to see if it helps with the dryness of spots in those areas too.

Overall this was a lovely little gift to receive. The packaging is beautiful so anyone receiving it would be pleased and impressed by it, and the contents inside albeit a smaller option from Lush, are lovely to use and I'm so pleased that I've now tried Dream Cream as I will definitely be repurchasing it in the future.

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