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Favourite Photography Posts 2016

Happy Friday guys! I promise all these "2016 review" posts are finishing today, but I couldn't not mention my favourite photography posts from the past year. I love taking photos. It's something I try to make time for on a weekly basis and although I'm in no way a professional or even use professional equipment, I always pack my point and shoot into my bag and try to capture moments as much as I can. So because of that, I thought I'd share what my favourite photo posts of 2016 have been to take and to upload and write about.

Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara coeli Interior
Basilica di Santa Maria in Aracoeli

I thought I'd kick things off with one of my Rome travel posts. This trip to Basilica di Santa Maria in Aracoeli was possibly my most favourite part of my trip to Rome because it was spontaneous, unplanned, yet perfect. I love architecture and religious art and this church was so picturesque and gorgeous to look at it was the best thing to take lots of photographs of. As I mentioned in the post, it was just by chance that we paid it a visit and it was so quiet due to being at the top of the biggest staircase I've ever had the displeasure of climbing so it was just such a breathtaking experience to have (no pun intended).

Brian Griffiths Bill Murray Exhibition

Next up is one of my earliest posts from 2016 and although I wouldn't say it's my best photography, it was a trip to an art gallery so I was super happy to get photos whilst I was there. Brian Griffith's Bill Murray-themed exhibition was a dream come true for this Murray lover and although I didn't fully understand the style of art or what it represented, the gallery was pretty cool all the same. The Baltic art gallery in Newcastle also had a giant Bill Murray plastered on the side of the building for ages and I honestly think it improved the city for a wee bit.

Horse at Rainton Meadows
Rainton Meadows and Joe's Pond Nature Reserves

This posts photos were happy spur of the moment shots to be honest. This was a trip to a couple of nature reserves with one of my best friends and I hadn't planned on taking any photographs whilst we were there because the sky was so grey and overcast I thought we wouldn't be there for very long. However, the sun came out and so did the animals so naturally, I had to try and get some pictures of them in the sunshine.

St Catherine's Hill
St. James Hill Cemetery

By now, you guys might have realised that I really like graveyards/cemeteries. There's just something about them that is so peaceful and picturesque so I love taking photos in them when I get the chance. One of my favourite ones is a one I used to walk through every day to go to and from university and although it's often got a lot of human traffic passing through it, it's still a calm space and has amazing views across Winchester if you stand in the right spots. I have taken countless photos in St. James Hill Cemetery, but these are the first ones I've shared on NB.

Ostrich at Animals Inside Out
Gunther von Hagens' Animals Inside Out Exhibition

One of my most recent posts and definitely one of my most trickiest to photograph has to be my trip to the Animals Inside Out Exhibition at the Life Centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I loved this exhibition because it was so informative and a great chance to take some photos. As someone who doesn't have a DSLR and doesn't spend a lot of time doing "proper" photography, I realised I wish I had more time to learn because having a DSLR in this exhibit would have been amazing, but I think the photos I managed to get are still pretty good if I do say so myself.

Beamish Museum Part One and Part Two

Back in March I paid a visit to Beamish Museum with my mam and little brother for a day. Beamish Museum is an awesome place to have on my doorstep back at home but I don't visit it enough at all. So we decided as we were all free at the same time we'd spend the day there and oh my goodness, it was one of the coldest and most bleak days ever. We ended up leaving early and headed to the pub for some warm food and to sit by the open fire, but before that, I did get some photos I was happy with.

Why I love Winchester - Architecture

I feel like this post is a bit of a cheat post to include because it features photos from lots of different posts on my blog. However, that's exactly the reason why I should include this post here because it includes some of my favourite pictures of my home and possibly some of my best.

Newcastle - My Favourite City

If I'm including a post about Winchester then it's only right I include a post about Newcastle. This was one of my first posts of 2016 and although if I was to do a photography post of Newcastle again I would include more photos and a bit more detail, I did enjoy wandering around the day I took these and the weather and views were wonderful considering it was December!

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