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Dr. Botanicals Vegan & Cruelty Free

Recently the wonderful brand, Dr. Botanicals, reached out to NB to do a wee review of a couple of their products. They're a fantastic brand with very gentle and natural skincare products so of course I bit their hand off at the opportunity. I tested a couple of their skincare items that are all about hydration and healing the skin - something which I often overlook in my skincare routine. As I've mentioned a thousand times before, I'm an oily, acne prone skinned girl so a lot of my skincare products tend to target those specific areas but as you can imagine, these products can become quite stripping for my skin over prolonged periods of use so anything that can inject a bit of love back into my skin and heal where my blemishes have ran a muck is a-okay with me.

I will just quickly mention that although I have been sent these items to review, I will be 100% honest of my experience with these products and the outcome of them because at the end of the day, if I didn't like them, I wouldn't feature them on NB (unless I was writing a "disappointing products" style post which thankfully, for you guys, this post is a positive one!). So let's talk a little bit more about the brand before I discuss the products themselves. Dr. Botanicals are a London, England based skin care brand who believe in using what is available from nature to help improve and care for the skin. Therefore their products are made from 100% natural ingredients - which are usually plant-based - and are paraben and preservative free making them incredibly kind and gentle for the skin as there are no nasties hidden away in the small print of the ingredients label. Not only are their products vegan for those of you who search high and low for those kind of brands, they also are cruelty free as they never test any of their products on animals. They sound like a pretty damn dreamy brand, right? So let's talk about their great products now.

Dr Botanicals SkincareVegan and Cruelty Free Skin Care

This brand covers all of your skin care needs from bath & body needs to your cleansers and serums needs - even your lip care! My main skin care concern is my actual skin i.e. I need good care for my face especially due to my problematic skin so conditioning and protecting my skin is my main aim every day and night. My evening routine is my most important routine because my skin gets a break from pollution, from me picking at it, from makeup etc. during the night so making sure I cleanse, tone and moisturise well before I go to sleep is a priority. Therefore when I received my Dr. Botanicals items, I was super excited to get moisturising ASAP.

Super Concentrate Radiance Boosting Serum | 3o ml | £106.62 - After I've cleansed and toned the skin, the first product I add to my face is the radiance boosting serum. This serum is incredibly creamy and is more of a moisturiser texture than a serum. It is a white silky soft cream which feels incredibly light and isn't at all sticky or noticeable on the skin. As this is a super concentrate product, it is packed full of essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants which are designed to deeply nourish and soothe the skin whilst boosting the radiance of your skin. This serum can be be used both day and night but as my skin is so oily, I decided to just use it in the evenings as it is a product that is designed for dry skin. Now, although my skin type is not the type this product is aimed at, I was excited to try it because it includes ingredients such as blackcurrant seed oil - which aims to strengthen and nourish the skin - and bisabolol/chamomile which is a fantastic natural ingredient for healing and protecting the skin from irritation and stress-induced skin issues (which I certainly need some help with!).

After the first night of using this product, I honestly could see a difference in my skin. It looked noticeably plumper and healthier the next morning and the texture of my skin (which is usually quite rough and bumpy due to acne outbursts and healing blemishes) was much smoother to the touch. Of course I loved this huge leap in the difference of my skin because it has meant after using this serum for the past 3 weeks, I've noticed my skin getting better and better and it actually looks clearer than it used to. My skin doesn't look as congested as it used to and my pores don't look as dark, my skin texture is better than ever and my makeup looks much more radiant every day.

Dr Botanicals Facial Serum

Advanced 8-Hour Overnight Renewal Cream | 3o ml | £105.79 - Next, I use the overnight renewal cream which aims to fight the skin stress and the daily environmental pollution our skin faces. Pollution can be a huge factor for premature ageing so it would be interesting to see what this product can do in the long term. But for me, it was a good moisture-booster for my skin which often feels stripped from all of the oil-fighting, blemish-busting products I use. This cream is ideal for anyone who has mature skin as it supposed to tighten the skin and combat fine lines and wrinkles which at the age of 25 is actually becoming a concern of mine. The cream includes ingredients such as goji berries which have anti-ageing properties and can be a rich source of nutrition and can energise the skin and shea butter which can protect the skin in a multitude of ways including UV damage as well as pomegranate oil which can be a natural anti-inflammatory. I think because of this, my skin has been quite good with breakouts. Usually on the lead up to my period, my skin will extremely act out and will have a lot more breakouts than usual and not only the blemishes but my skin in general can be very sore to the touch.

This cream has kept my monthly breakout problem to a minimum in the time I have been using it and the spots I do get aren't as severe and don't take half as long to disappear and heal. Although this cream - especially combined with the serum - is incredibly hydrating and moisturising as it is a product for dry skin, I don't think it has made my oily skin any worse and by the morning, my skin has drank up all the product as my face feels dry to the touch. When I say dry, I don't mean that in a bad way, but the cream is rather greasy on application due to all of the oils and shea butter in it. I use the smallest amount (smaller than a pea size) and warm up the buttery gel-like texture cream between my fingers before smoothing over the whole face and neck. A little goes such a long way as the product is very oily and slippery so the product will last a long time. I can't comment on the increased firmness of the skin or if it helps hide those fine lines, but my skin has definitely felt more hydrated and looks in better condition than it did before I used this cream nightly.

Dr Botanicals Night Cream

Overall I think these products are fantastic and make obvious positive changes to your skin. My one drawback with these moisturisers is the price point. As you can see, Dr. Botanicals skin care is what I would call a luxury skin care brand as their prices are venturing up into the £60 - 100 price tag for each product. As I have only just finished my second stint at university, I'm someone who likes to budget quite low for products I will use a lot as I can't afford to replace expensive items on a monthly basis so if you cannot afford this range, I wouldn't worry about it as there are other great cheaper brands out there who are kind and good to the skin. However if you enjoy luxury skin care items or you are looking for products that work and are as natural as possible, this is the perfect brand to try out. Their packaging is simple but aesthetically lovely, their ingredients couldn't be better for the skin if they tried and if after only three weeks I've seen a positive change in my skin, that can only be a good sign! Of course skin care needs time to really work - you ideally need to give products around 3 months to really show their full potential as your skin takes time to get used to items, but I can honestly say I fully expect these products to make my skin even better in the coming weeks. I am really enjoying using these products and once I'm in a more comfortable position for spending my hard-earned cash on my skin care, I will certainly be testing out some of their other offerings!

Have you tried out any of the Dr. Botanicals skin care range?

- A.
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