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Sheep up St Catherine's

Recently I took a walk up one of the best spots in Winchester: St Catherine's Hill. You will have seen me mention it before on Northern Blood, but I really enjoy taking a walk up there really early in the morning as the sun is coming up on hot days. Matt & I took a trip up there a few Sundays ago which is slowly becoming a tradition we do at least once or twice each summer. The idea is we do a huge 10+ mile walk then go for a big greasy breakfast at one of our fave food spots in the city centre at their opening time. This time our visit up St Catherine's was a sweaty one - we set off at 6:15am and it had been rainy, was really muggy and humid and the sun was starting to beat down already. But it was also pretty magical. By magical I mean there were tons of sheep snoozing in the copse at the top of the hill. I fully lost my shit. I love animals and I absolutely love having the chance to photograph them. The sheep were all a little worse for wear and half asleep, so I tried not to disturb them as they seemed a bit skittish, but it was such a lovely experience to see them just relaxing in such a popular place but during a quiet hour. I've never seen them up there so I feel like this was a golden opportunity and experience for an animal lover - enjoy!

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