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Pi: Woodfired

So food is something I cover now and again on this little blog, but in all honesty, I don't remotely touch on *just* how much I love food. Being an extremely picky eater in my younger years and having a battle with food for most of my childhood, I'm so pleased now that I find joy in eating almost everything (not sprouts though because they're the devil,) and I'm especially pleased to see that I'm making positive steps to getting over my fear of eating out at restaurants. A lot of people will think it's a silly fear to have and you're absolutely right; it is. But as someone who suffers from anxiety, particularly in social or public situations, my thought process when going out to eat usually goes a little something like this: "I have to order my food. That's awful. I need to speak to someone I don't know? And my accent - they might not understand me? I don't want to pronounce something wrong they will think I'm really odd and an embarrassment for the people I am with. And what about everyone else? They will all be able to see me eating. It will be like a zoo." - Yeah, this is the lead up for every meal out and it gets tiring.

However! I've noticed in the past year or so that those niggling feelings and thoughts don't occur as much and a lot of it is down to my super chill and supportive boyfriend. Matt has the patience of a saint when I get *like this* about going out for dinner, which is great because it's obviously been having a great effect on me! Now that I've gave you some random insight that actually has nothing to do with the post really (sorry, this is what happens when I write late at night,) I thought I'd share with you a place I would highly recommend if you're ever in the Winchester area. And that place is Pi.

First off, look how happy Matt is. You see that sheer joy? Now we can move on. Pi Woodfired is my go-to destination for a bit of pizza pie. When it first opened, Matt & I booked in as soon as we could and have been going back ever since. It's a small restaurant and it can be tight squeeze during their busy times, but its very family friendly as well as being great for couples and lone diners. The most appealing thing about Pi for me (besides the pizza, we'll get to that in a minute) is that it is straight and simple. They have a small but perfect drinks menu, they offer the odd cocktail for if you're feeling fancy. They have a small classic antipasti and side salad menu as well as a seasonal dessert menu, and best off all, the pizza is great. Now, these pizzas. Guys, they're just somethin' else. You can get individual pizzas if you wish but if you do that, you're a fool because why would you choose individual when you can choose 20 inch. Yep, you read that right, you can get a 20 inch pizza, with up to three different toppings for £23. That is such good value. Now, when I say "three" toppings, I technically mean the choice of three "themes" if you like. The restaurant typically has 9 or 10 choices on the menu that range from veggie perfection toppings such as butternut squash with feta cheese and olives, to the ultimate meat feast of pork crackling on a pizza. I know. Amazing. These selections change seasonally, but they do keep some all-year round which are the popular picks.

Matt & I went for just two toppings on this particular trip - the spicy salami and fresh chilli which we always get and Turkish spiced lamb with sumac yoghurt and fresh parsley. We also paid £3 extra for that big ol' ball of cheese in the middle of the pizza (or as it's actually known, a burrata). This stuff is so. good. We always get it because it just melts in the mouth and tastes good with every single topping. The pizzas are all made to order so you may have to wait a little longer for your food to reach the table than you do in other larger restaurants, but it's worth it. You can tell it has been freshly made, with great, different, and sometimes unusual but super tasty ingredients, and who doesn't want to get a fresh wood-fired pizza for under £30??? Dominos can cost more than that and tastes like card in comparison. I was a big fan of the Turkish lamb topping but I've got my fingers and toes crossed that they bring back the pork crackling when the bring back the autumn menu. Pi are also available for takeaway but unfortunately don't deliver yet. But if you've got a car and live locally, I'd say trying to wrestle the 20 inch slab of heaven into your car is worth all your energy.

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- A.
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