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Book Club No.3

Hello lovelies, I've not done a whole lot of reading over the last couple of months due to being pretty busy, but I have managed to get some done and I have to say - it's all been positive for once! So if you're wanting some reading material recommendations, stick around and see if any of these books tickle your fancy.

So this first book is one of the most recent graphic novels I've got my hands on. You might know from my previous Book Club posts that I have a major soft spot for graphic novels and comics, so my love for this one should come as no surprise. Matt bought Wytches for me for Christmas and I read this first issue within a matter of days. I had never heard of it but Matt assured me that it had rave reviews and I mean come on, Stephen King rated it so it had to be good and you know, both of them were bang on the money.

As you can guess from its title, Wytches is a horror/thriller comic which is based on yep you guessed it: Witches. Except these witches couldn't be further from the broomstick riding ones you automatically think of when you hear the word. Without ruining the plot, the story revolves around an American family who are busy relocating to another state because of their daughter and something that happened to her. Even within this first segment, there's a lot of twists and turns, the story jumps around time-wise and isn't linear, but its extremely simple to follow and definitely keeps the reader hooked and asking for more. The illustration is really great too - if you're not a fan of gore or you are easily scared, this comic genuinely might scare you (I love horror movies etc. but I scare easily and this made me feel uneasy after the first two chapters!). It's a unique take on a horror story and not your bog-standard plot. I 10/10 would recommend and can't wait to see how the story develops. You can pick up a copy, here.

Now, this has been a book on my reading wishlist for bloody yonks. Room has won several awards and has been recommended by all sorts of reading clubs and shows on TV (including Richard & Judy - ooo!). I had high hopes for this book and it never disappointed once from start to finish. My main reason for finally reading it is it was recently made into a feature-length film which I was desperate to watch after reading some reviews. But of course, I wanted to check the book out first!

Okay, so what about the story. Room is exactly what it says on its cover - it is about a room and its inhabitants. The inhabitants of Room are Ma and a young boy named Jack. You follow their day-to-day life in Room and the developing story and whilst that might not sound that interesting, the way it is written is extraordinary. The whole book is written through the eyes of Jack. Jack is only 5 so you can imagine the way the wording and sentence structure is used. At first I thought it might be difficult to follow this writing style but I can honestly say I have never understood descriptions of characters, places, and objects so vividly as I did reading this book. This is a genuine reason as to why I am worried about watching the movie interpretation because I *think* room looks such a certain way, that I don't want to spend the whole movie thinking "well, they got that wrong. That doesn't look right. Jack said *that* was *this* colour"... You get the idea! But because a book has made me feel that concerned about its film adaptation, you can safely say I must have really enjoyed it. If you somehow have missed out on this gem until now, pick up a copy here because you need to read it.

Milk and Honey
This book is something a little different to what I've featured on here before. Way back during my time at secondary school, my English GCSE sucked the life out of me and left me resenting and hating poetry but as I've gotten older, I've rekindled a love for some of it and try to keep a look-out for new *different* poets who are emerging. The author of Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur, is someone I actually came across on Tumblr. I fell in love with her honest, feminine words and verses and once I learned about Milk and Honey, I knew I needed to get a copy. To cut a long story short, I finally grabbed a copy on eBay and once it arrived on my doorstep, I had read it from cover to cover in around 40 minutes. The poems Rupi has included in the book fall into 4 different chapters - chapters which mark pinnacle moments in her life. It is a rollercoaster to read. Some poems made me feel proud to be a woman, proud to be confident of my body, my sexuality, and of my female role in society, whilst others were harrowing and almost made me cry.

I would recommend this collection of short poems to anyone - especially you ladies because I think every girl and woman can relate to the various poems and imagery to some degree. It is a book I am going to turn to when I need a comfort blanket or a bloody good cry - it will be the perfect accompaniment to every mood and that is why you need to read it. It can be hard to find online and when you do find it, it might be extremely expensive to buy, but check out Amazon and eBay and I hope you manage to snap up a copy!

- A.
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