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Newcastle: My Favourite City

If somehow you've not had enough hints and absolutely obvious city name drops (are those even a thing?) I'm from the north east of England with family living across County Durham and Tyne & Wear. I loved growing up where I did - both Newcastle and Durham are such vibrant unique cities that offer so much to suit every palette and personality... even the teenage "let's go get underage drunk in the park" types (ahem, me. 110% me. I'm not at all sorry.).

As they're such wonderful places of the world, I get such a rush of nostalgia and contentment the few times a year I manage to head home to visit friends and family. Over the Christmas break I had a lot of university work to do and missed out on doing a lot of things I wanted to. Despite this I made a big effort to have some alone time too and I couldn't think of a better way to spend that time than wandering around Newcastle and visiting the latest art exhibitions at The Baltic (more on that in a future post!).

I didn't head into Newcastle until mid-afternoon but I'm so pleased I held off going earlier in the day - just look at the sky. It was so blue, so sunny and such a lovely sunset that it made my whole day even better. The quayside is an area that most tourists flock to due to the Tyne bridges, the Sage, and The Baltic, but after becoming so familiar with it all over the years, it's nice to sometimes take in the other sights and sounds - the churches, the architecture and just the general view.

Newcastle, you're alright.

- A.
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