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Baltic Flour Mill

One thing I absolutely love about Newcastle/Gateshead is The Baltic. It's an old 1950's flour mill which has been used as a contemporary art gallery for the last 14 years and has been a favourite spot of mine since my teens. I'm really into my art and love exploring galleries, often alone, because there's just something nice about a solo date in a place so quiet and calm. Although contemporary art isn't *my thing* (I'm much more of a Christian Renaissance era Art type of gal... I realise I sound incredibly pretentious, but that really is my jam,) I like to keep up with the exhibitions at The Baltic as they're so creative and out of my comfort zone of what I tend to find visually appealing or stimulating.

This time around I was an eager beaver to check out the place - purely for Brian Griffiths Bill Murray installation (see previous post!) but I thought I'd share with you some snaps I got of the various other galleries and of course, the incredible view the viewing balcony provides of my wonderful home:

If you haven't heard of The Baltic before, it is a popular destination for tourists and visitors to the area as well as the locals but if you time it right, you can often end up with the galleries to yourself which is great. The mill also has a lovely minimalist café kitchen downstairs which serves some pretty tasty milkshakes and sharing baskets and a fantastic gift shop. The gift shop is perfect for not only arty gifts, but a great selection of books and presents that are spot on for the more unique people in your life. There's also a rooftop restaurant which gives you panoramic views over the whole quayside - its still somewhere I need to experience but I can't wait until I do. Check out what's going on over on The Baltic website, here.

- A.
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