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Makeup Brush Cleaning Regime

Every one of us who loves beauty and makeup talk a great deal about our favourite products and review what makeup we've been testing and wearing, but we don't talk about the other side - the cleaning side. I prefer to use brushes/sponges for makeup application and as I wear makeup almost everyday, it has been important for me to develop a quick, easy and effective makeup brush cleaning regime so I thought I'd share my holy grail products that do the job in no time.

This won't be a long post, because there's just two things I swear by: Dr Bronner's Castile Soap and the Soap & Glory Face Massage Mini Mitt. I've already sang the Mini Mitt's praises in a previous post as its a great tool for regular gentle exfoliation, but my true love for it lies in how great it is for cleaning makeup brushes. As someone who uses dense buffing brushes for applying foundation, I've found it can be an absolute nightmare cleaning those brushes until I started to use the mitt. I simply pour a couple of drops of the Soap onto the mini mitt and swirl wet brushes over it and within a matter of seconds they're as clean as the day I bought them. It has made the laborious task of cleaning my makeup utensils so quick and easy, perfect for the days when I really need to clean my brushes but need to be able to use them ASAP again the next day. It's also great for cleaning beauty blenders and sponges - its just all-round a fab product.

Going back to my cleaning product of choice, the Dr Bronner Castile Soap, its a favourite as it cleans brushes in next to no time at all. The Dr Bronnen soap range is great and I don't have a particular favourite scent, but I'm currently using the Green Tea soap and its okay. I only picked up the Green Tea as it was supposed to be helpful for those who suffer from acne so I thought it would be best for my makeup brushes but honestly, unless you're using the soap as an actual soap, it won't make a difference. My favourite scent is the Peppermint and I'd recommend just using whichever scent you think you prefer as it will linger on your brushes. For an almost 500ml bottle, you're looking around an £9 price tag which is great value for money when you will only use a couple of drops per brush.

Using the soap with the mitt is a match-made in heaven and will draw out all dirt and makeup residue, just make sure to thoroughly wash each brush with warmish water to prevent the soap from layering up on your brushes as it contains various oils! And also remember the golden rules:
- wash your brushes with the bristles pointing downwards. Washing them with them pointing up towards the running water will loosen the glue inside the brush handle and cause bristle fall-out!
- Make sure the the water isn't too hot - think of your brush bristles like hair or hair extensions, the hotter the water, the more you're going to dry those bristles out and make them quite rough-to-the-skin. Keep that water luke warm.
- Let them dry naturally. I used to be guilty of unleashing the hairdryer on every brush I owned, but all it will do is shorten the lifespan of your brushes and again, make the bristles dry and no longer soft to use. Leave them to dry on a towel maybe on a radiator or in an airing cupboard, and leave them overnight so they're fully dry to use the next morning.

- A.
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