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August 21, 2015

We're Going to the Zoo Zoo

**Warning, this post is picture-heavy and full of adorable beasts**

You may recall a couple of weeks back that I mentioned Matt and I went to the zoo for belated anniversary celebrations and let's just say, I had the best time. We headed to Marwell Zoo as early as physically possible, and spent a good 4/5 hours there making sure to explore the whole park.

The zoo itself was great, and was kind of a breath of fresh air as the majority of the animals were ones I'd not ever seen before in zoos and appeared to be well looked after, in enclosures which were more than spacious. I tried to take a disgusting amount of photos, but as the weather was quite overcast, a lot of them came out rather dark and couldn't be saved. But here's a few of my favourites which came out a treat:

GiraffesZebraMarwell ZooMeerkatMeerkat GrinZooMother and Baby

If you couldn't tell, I really loved the meerkats during this trip. They're not an animal I usually get excited about at the zoo, but they're just so charismatic - they're great for photographing! I also fell in love with the modelling contract-worthy shy lemurs as you will see...

LemurMadagascarKing JulianAntlersExotic BirdsBird NestWallabyBirdMonkeys

The park is great for families, couples or groups of friends as the manor house grounds provide a gorgeous place to sit in relative quietness and have a picnic away from the busy crowds. The gardens are great for those who are interested in gardening and landscaping too as they have everything from cucumbers to strawberries to lavender growing in a deadly quiet fountain area. They also have a fantastic botanical/tropical centre full to the brim with bugs, the biggest fish I've ever seen, and some pretty crazy plants.

Marwelll ManorWater FountainBotanicalCrocodileFoliageTropical PlantsPlants

And if you haven't had enough yet, head over to my Flickr for yep you guessed it, even more photos!

- A.
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August 20, 2015

The Game Changer

We all need to take a minute or two to appreciate this little gadget. I bought this Soap & Glory Mini Mitt on a whim and it has not disappointed. It is a small handheld rubbery "mitt" which has a sticky back sucker so you can attach it to your bathroom tiles if you so wish, but when in use, you basically hold it in your hands and let it work its magic.

I have been using it most evenings after applying my usual cleansing lotion, using it to gently buff the cleanser around my face in upward circular motions. According to the packaging, it should ultimately aid in the blood flow to the surface of your skin. Honestly, I find it a bit gimmicky and can't really say I've noticed a difference in the "blood flow to the surface of my skin", but I have noticed my skin feeling much smoother and softer the mornings after use. As its rubbery, it gives your skin a very gentle exfoliation and as I suffer from acne, I think that's where its doing a grand job in smoothing my lumps and bumps and dry post-spot patches.

If you've been considering taking the plunge and investing in one of the pulsating silicone face brushes but the price has put you off, honestly consider this little nipper first. At £4 its a steal and acts essentially as a do it yourself clarisonic. I can also vouch for them being brilliant for cleaning makeup brushes. I will be posting my makeup "utensils" cleaning regime soon in which another of these mini mitt's feature, but for now, take my advice and buy one of these if you have any dense, stubborn to clean, bristle brushes. You can thank me later.

- A.
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August 14, 2015

Frank about Frank


(That's it, get the laughter/panicked shrieks out of your system before we begin. P.S. sorry for the makeup-less face and zero warning!) Frank's coffee scrub is for when your usual shower gel just ain’t cutting it. Let's start off with brutal honesty, I love this stuff. At first I didn’t buy into the hype around this brand because well, hype usually equals disappointment for me and you know, there’s also the fact that I don’t particularly like coffee. But I cannot get enough of this product now.

Frank do a small range of different coffee-based scrubs, dependent upon what you want from your scrub and the really important stuff - what you want to smell like! I personally like the Chocolate version because although I have an oil slick of a face when it comes to my skin type, my body tends to sway more to the dry and dehydrated end of the spectrum so this gives it a great pick me up. As you can imagine, it also smells heavenly. They also do body butter for a post-shower treatment, but if you caught my last beauty post, you might understand why I can't rate or slate that product as my skin is a nightmare to test on when it comes to moisture and hydration - moving on!


A little goes a long way with this and it will leave you feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I tend to use it once a week or when I feel I need a particularly deep exfoliation therefore one baggy lasts a long time and as each bag costs around £12-15, it is pretty great value. I use it on my face, my upper body and arms, and my legs and although I have quite sensitive skin, this has never irritated it despite it being a quite an abrasive feeling scrub. As suggested on Frank's site, I tend to wash my skin with my usual gentle shower gel and facial cleanser as it leaves me feeling slightly too greasy for my liking, but if you have dry or aging skin, that added moisture left behind by the scrub might be a great thing. Some users have claimed that it has helped a great deal with their acne and whilst I can't comment on the results of continuous use, I can say that in my experience it has helped reduce spot size and their harsh colour overnight so it may be worth a look if you're at your wits end in your fight against acne! I also think this would be a winner with ladies who fake tan maybe?

My one word of caution? Whilst it leaves your bathroom smells amazing, it may also leave your bathroom looking like a baby’s bottom during a nappy change so maybe do as I do and only use this the day you know you’re going to clean the bathroom!

Have you tried the Frank coffee scrubs?

- A.
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August 07, 2015

A Wee Walk

Last weekend, Matt and I celebrated our two year anniversary and so decided to have a couple of days of doing just nice stuff together *que the "awwwhhhs"*

As the weather had been pretty rubbish up until the Friday, we decided as we were both off and the sun was shining to take a leisurely walk to The Plough. The Plough was like a hidden gem for us when we first got together - we stumbled across it on a walk and it has been a regular date spot since. As its quite out of town, we enjoy the long walk there and back through the gorgeous countryside too.

CottagesMatthewCiabatta LunchPub Lunch

The Plough does great food, so if you live in the Winchester area, definitely check it out. We just stuck to the separate lunch menu this time around and ordered some bacon, brie, and red onion marmalade sandwiches. They were brie-lliant (I know, I'm hilarious. I just can't be stopped). We sat outside in the deceivingly blazing hot sunshine and welcomed the curious stares from this little feathery fella below who was oh so photogenic. He looked rather disappointed when our plates of crumbs were taken back inside as we left. But now I know him and his fam are there, I want to steal them all.

RobinRobinWinchester Countryside

Matt & I are heading to the local cheese and chilli festival this weekend to take advantage of the free tasting stalls and then take many disguises so we can go back to each stall again and again like Peter Griffin in Family Guy - I jest, but it is a mighty good idea. I hope you all have something nice planned too!

- A.
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