Self care, skin care,
& nurturing Mother Nature.

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Living life with good intention, loving with soul, and consuming with a conscience

About Me

Well, I'm never too good at these sorts of things but here's the basics. In 2017, I started a journey of more sustainable, low waste, and eco-friendly living, choosing to buy only second hand, ethical and/or sustainable clothing, cruelty free beauty, skincare, and home-care products, and minimising spending on miscellaneous things that just end up gathering dust. Northern Blood is where I can share this transitional journey and express my hopes and dreams for the future, as well as my frustrations with various issues in society.

As a newly first time mother implementing Montessori methods into our home, an aficionado of personal ethical and slow style, a good skincare routine, nature, music, photography, architecture, video games, books, DIY projects, travelling, art, taxidermy, good food, yoga, simple self care, true crime, and trying your best to be an eco-friendly warrior, you can assume to see many posts covering such topics.

Positivity is something that has never come naturally to this little raincloud, but I'm actively weaving it into my life and hopefully you will see it shine through, here.

Grab a hot brew, a biscuit or two, and enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.
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