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#10x10 Wardrobe Challenge: February

It's the end of February already - I hate to be ~*that guy*~ but can you believe we're heading into the third month of 2020 already?! I feel like this year is running away from me already but the end of the month marks the end of another 10x10 challenge. If you didn't catch last month's post and/or my Instagram posts over the month of February, the 10x10 challenge is simply 10 clothing items, to creat 10 outfits, over 10 days.

The month of February has been a bit of a cold one and I'm pleased that my choices covered the coldness whilst still letting me feel like I'd made a bit of an effort! If y'all know me, I live in a good tee and jeans combo so this month's challenge further highlighted to me that I have more than just those fail-safe items in my wardrobe and better yet, I actually enjoy wearing them! After chatting with you guys on Instagram, I've decided to start including where my items "originally" came from. This is in no way to encourage you to shop from these fast fashion retailers but, to simply help in case you're searching for these particular items secondhand or to give you an idea of which fast fashion brands I gravitate towards style-wise. So here's what my February 10x10 consisted of:

1. One thin beige jumper: old (Zara)
2. One thick funnel neck dark brown jumper: Depop (H&M)
3. One thick cream ribbed tunic t-shirt: Depop (Uniqlo)
4. One pair of black leggings: Finisterre
5. One pair of light wash blue jeans: Depop (Topshop)
6. One cream needlecord midi dress: Depop (Zara)
7. One brown print midi dress: eBay (unknown brand)
8. One houndstooth relaxed blazer: Vinted (H&M)
9. One pair of black flat masculine shoes: Naomi's House & Jack's Place charity shop (unknown brand)
10.One pair of black hiking boots: Depop (Missguided)

Additional accessories:
- Black bamboo tights: Thought
- Black socks: Organic Basics
- Beige and green ribbed beanies: old (ASOS)
- Grey scarf: old (H&M)
- Olive green hairband: charity shop
- Black crossbody bag: Christmas gift (Charles & Keith)
- Beige crossbody bag: old (unknown brand)
- Cream crossbody bag: Depop (Charles & Keith)
- Snake print bumbag: eBay (Mango)

For next month, I'm trying to think a little more outside the box as I'm well aware that my two comfort zones are midi dresses and a jeans and tee combo. Obviously, these sort of items are common in my wardrobe but, I feel that I could try and do more with what I own and push myself to get the most out of my clothes by wearing some items in new ways I wouldn't normally. Although I'm hoping that Spring will kick in in March, the snow forecasts we've had recently may put a halt to the spring sun making an appearance. Therefore, I need to really think about making my next 10x10 as versatile as possible to suit whatever weather comes my way!

If you want to keep up with my March 10x10, head over to my Instagram otherwise, I'll see you at the end of March for my 10x10 review of the month!

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