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Updated CF Morning Skincare Routine

Since my last morning skincare routine update, I've tried a few different products that I've liked, some I've hated, and couple I've added to my daily routine. I'm always on the lookout for some good products that will help improve my skin's condition and thus there are some areas of my morning routine that I'm happy to switch up now and again. So here's my new routine containing some well-loved things but also some newbie products that have changed my skin for the better:

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Complete Cleanser | 150ml | £5.99 - No surprises here that my daily cleanser hasn't changed. In my last updated routine, I raved about this cleanser and nothing has really changed! Although it is a foam cleanser, I don't find it drying out my skin at all or making my skin any more sensitive than it naturally is so it's my perfect everyday cleanser.

Botanics Radiant Youth Microdermabrasion Polish | 120ml | £9.99* - Twice or three times a week (depending on my skin condition that particular week), I like to exfoliate my skin a little to stop it from looking dull, tired, and textured. The exfoliant I tend to reach for is this great microdermabrasion polish from Botanics. I find it quite gentle on my sensitive skin but it does a fab job at buffing away any dead skin and makes me feel awake and refreshed. The polish has a very fine sand-like texture rather than large exfoliant grit so I find it less harsh on my skin and it also isn't packed with scent which I like. Botanics are such a great budget brand from Boots and have some great natural ingredients included in each product and this has become a firm favourite in the bunch.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic | 200ml | £15.50 - This toner has always been a goodie and no matter what toner I use, I always seem to go back to this one at some point. I've talked about this stuff many times on NB, but just to keep it short and sweet: it brightens, it helps provide a deeper clean so my skin is squeaky clean before I apply my base products, and it doesn't irritate my eyes which is always a bonus. The smell of this toner is also just a nice bonus to sniff in the mornings and I always feel like this is quite a luxurious-feeling product to use everyday despite the reasonable price tag.

Eye Cream
The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG | 30ml | £5.80 - Another product I've definitely celebrated many times on this blog is this solution which always knocks every other eye cream out of the park in my opinion. No eye cream compares to this solution because it hydrates my undereyes without upsetting them and I honestly believe it manages to minimise my dark undereye circles too. Whenever I give another eye cream a go, I notice such a difference in how dark and deep my eye bags become in the absence of this product. It's such a great price and a little goes a long way so it's one of my most cost-effective and actually effective products in my skincare collection!

Superdrug Vitamin C Booster | 30ml | £4.99 - When it comes to serums, I never used to see the fuss but oh, how times have changed because of these next two products. This vitamin C serum is something I picked up when The Body Shop seemed to be scaling down their Vitamin C range and I was intrigued to see how Superdrug's same range compared. I use a couple of drops every morning after I've toned and applied eye cream and oh my days it makes a world of difference. It helps keep my skin looking awake and healthy but also noticeably helps my makeup last longer throughout the day by controlling my oils - a nice bonus that the product isn't necessarily designed to do. If you need something to give your skin an instant pick-me-up each day, even when you look dog tired, this is the one.

Botanics All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum | 25ml | £8.99* - My favourite serum (despite my overflowing love for the product above), comes in the form of this All Bright Radiance Concentrate serum from Botanics. I can't put my finger on it, but there's just something about this serum that my skin *loves*. This serum is gentle on my skin with little to no scent and makes my skin look so happy. I notice a huge difference in the radiance of my skin if I skip using this product and it also creates such a great base for my makeup for the day. As I mentioned when I first starting using this product regularly, this serum gives you some serious glow from within and I'm all here for it.

Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream SPF15 | 50ml | £6.99* - When it comes to moisturiser, I'm usually quite picky as my oily acne-prone skin can make finding an effective moisturiser that doesn't make me look like a total grease-ball quite difficult. So in steps this day cream from the Botanics All Bright range. I bloody love this stuff. This moisturiser is quite light and almost watery in texture meaning a little can go a long way, but I find it does a great job at hydrating my skin effectively without making me just a shiny mess. As it's part of the All Bright range, it is designed to make the skin look radiant and it really does that. My skin feels nourished and cared for throughout the day but also remains looking glowing and healthy on the outside too. It's a great base for my primers and makeup and I've found it to be my go-to on the really hot days as it feels water-light on the skin.

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Day Cream for Normal/Combination Skin | 75ml | £5.99 - Another daily moisturiser I've enjoyed using for some time now is this radiance cream from the Superdrug Naturally Radiant line. I feel like this cream and the one mentioned above are very similar in many ways - including the price point, the SPF15 content, and it's performance. The difference with this cream is that this is the one I reach for if my skin is feeling remotely dry or dehydrated. If I'm having a bad break out and have been drying out any open acne, this is also a great one as it's quite thick and leaves my skin instantly feeling softer and moisturised. I switch it up between this one and the Botanics Radiance cream depending on my skin needs, but I love both just the same.

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