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Green Beauty with Green People

Hello wonderful people, today's post is all about a fantastic organic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and more skin/haircare and makeup brand. Of course I'm talking about Green People who have specialised in organic natural beauty products for over 20 years and are advocates of using sustainably-grown ingredients in their products, waving goodbye to harsh chemicals and colourants, and also promise to never test on animals. The brand are the UK's favourite natural beauty brand and it's easy to see why when you see how much research, love, and passion goes into making their products. Green People are a brand I've always wanted to dabble more into - especially since switching to strictly cruelty-free beauty products this time last year - so when they got in touch and offered to spend some products over for me to review, I was over the moon. As the brand have such a range of products from makeup to toothpaste to haircare and sunscreen, I realised the reason I hadn't tried anything from the brand yet was because I just didn't know where to start. Being sent these products gave me an opportunity to try out a variety of items, gauge how much I honestly liked using them or didn't, and it has meant that I know what I want to buy from the brand in future (spoiler: I really did like the items). So let's get into it:

Before I talk about the products themselves, I have to mention the packaging. The parcel arrived in a recyclable cardboard box which I was relieved to see and on the inside of the lid, the brand have listed all of their promises and ethics and it's a really nice touch - especially for a newbie to the brand like myself. It was great to see that they also pledge 10% of their net profit to charity as this was a fact about the all-round fab brand that I did not previously know! The products inside were all quite uniform in their style and very simple which I personally like as I feel that money is not being spent on branding that is unnecessary which could then up the prices for customers or worse, mean focus has been taken away from the actual products themselves. All of the squeezy-tube products were safely lying in a nest of packing peanuts which I was more than happy to discover dissolved in water. Many brands are using these dissoluble packing peanuts now but when a brand promote zero plastic and eco-friendliness, it's always good to see that ethic stretch to their external parcel packaging too!

Daily Aloe Shampoo | 200ml | £12.50*
Recommended by Kate Moss, the Daily Alow Shampoo promotes itself as a gentle, non-irritating product that can be used by all hair types and is listed as being for "normal hair". This product has the main organic ingredients of aloe vera and lavender which gives the product a mild fresh but sweet fragrance which is really nice to use. The actual product itself feels very much like pure aloe vera gel mixed with oil when in the hands and is quite thick in consistency. Green People claim that this shampoo is longlasting as it can last up to 3 times longer than your average 200ml shampoo from the drugstore or high-end is something I would actually agree with. I've been using this product every single day for the past 4 weeks and I've learned that I can use two pea-sized squeezes and that lathers up in my hair brilliantly. Therefore I'd say this shampoo is well worth the price tag as it will last me longer than my bigger bottles of say Mane & Tail ever do.

The Daily Aloe Shampoo is comfortable for everyday use too and doesn't build up in my hair or make my scalp itchy at all which is a welcomed change compared to my usual favourite shampoos. Washing your hair daily is never recommended but unfortunately my hair is so thin I have no choice as the oil build up can be horrendous. Using this shampoo consistently has really helped with my oil production though and has minimised it so I feel comfortable to wash my hair every other day now and just use a little dry shampoo on my "no wash" days. I definitely need to use conditioner after using this as it makes my hair so naturally clean and purified that I need to add in some moisture and shine afterwards, but I really like this product and will continue to use it.

Daily Aloe Conditioner | 200ml | £12.50*
Speaking of conditioner, I also tried out the Daily Aloe Conditioner from the same "normal hair" gentle and purifying line. This conditioner has the same subtle aloe vera and lavender scent as the shampoo and works wonders on my thin, fine hair. Rich in natural vitamin B and proteins, it conditions the hair to leave it feeling silky and soft but manageable. A huge problem for me and my thin hair is that some conditioners are so good at leaving the hair soft that my hair can become unbearably fly-away and hard to style. The amazing thing about the Daily Aloe Conditioner is that it does condition and soften my hair, but it does it naturally and doesn't create that artificial shine that leads me to over wash my hair due to oil build up. This conditioner naturally cares for the hair instead and helps seal my split ends and leaves my hair feeling cared for but not heavy with product which is such a rarity for me. Yet another winner from Green People!

Vitamin Shower Gel | 200ml | £13.Oo*
Now let's talk about my most favourite product out of the bunch. Shower gel is something I'm always on the hunt for as my body acne can react badly to shower gel for a multitude of reasons therefore when I saw that Green People had included this vitiamin shower gel in my package, I was super excited to test it. The main ingredients in this shower gel are olive, mandarin, bergamot, avocado, and almond and it is suitable for all skin types as well as being suitable for those who may suffer with eczema or psoriasis. This shower gel is much like the shampoo in the sense that it quite an oily, aloe vera gel sort of feeling product in the hands but wow oh wow, is it nice to use.

My skin instantly feels moisturised after I've used this in the shower, it hasn't got a strong scent so it's not irritating on my skin at all, and it doesn't seem to flared up my acne as the ingredients are very natural. A little goes a long way with this product just like the shampoo, as it lathers really easily and a 200ml bottle would easily last quite a while due to this! Green People's shower gels include a foaming agent that bubbles and lathers up so well that the they can double up as bubble bath creams too which is such an added bonus. I definitely want to try more of the shower gels now having tried this one, but I have a feeling this one will remain a favourite now.

Organic SPF15 with Tan Accelerator | 200ml | £21.Oo*
The last product I tried out from Green People is something I feel is essential in a good skincare routine and that is sunscreen. I wear factor 15 every single day and will use higher whenever the sun is shining brighter and if I go to a hotter climate on holiday. Sun protection is so important to fight wrinkles, premature aging, sun spots, and more serious issues such as skin cancer. This particular sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB damage with its antioxidants and increases collagen production as well as accelerating your tan?! I know, that's what I first thought when I read the packaging. But it's true, this product claims to help you tan 25% faster and also keep your skin moisturised so you retain your for 50% longer. Bold claims right?

I've got to be completely transparent here and say that you should all know how much of a pale princess I am. I'm usually the girl in the makeup aisles of high street, staring blankly at all the makeup counters trying to find the one "porcelain" or "ivory" concealer that's actually light enough for her skin, but as I started using this product after returning from a week in Greece, it did seem to help hold onto the small amount of colour I did catch. I don't keep "tan" well on my skin at all and it tends to fade back to normal after a couple of days but my arms are still looking quite brown for me and I can only assume that's down to this product. It's a really nice sunscreen to use that has a nice natural scent that isn't overpowering like most sunscreen brands and it is very quick absorbing making it perfect for beach or pool holidays and also for applying to the face. I've tried it under makeup too and it doesn't seem to make my face any more oiler than it does to itself naturally which is also a win for me. The sunscreen is also water repellent and is ideal to use in prickly heat. With wonderful organic ingredients such as avocado, green tea, and aloe vera, it's no surprise that it leaves the skin feeling soft, supple, and cared for even on hot sunny days.

Overall I really like the products Green People sent over. Having fallen in love with the haircare and the shower gel in particular, I will certainly be ordering some more amongst some other products once these have ran out. In the haircare stakes, I'm really intrigued in their Quinoa and Artichoke Shampoo and Conditioner duo as the pair promise to thicken hair shafts and create shine which are two things I love for my thin hair, and I'm 100% repurchasing the Vitamin Shower Gel too. Another couple of products I really want to try too are the Eco-Certified Minty Cool Toothpaste, Damask Rose Matte Lipstick, and the Rosemary & Prebiotics Deodorant.

With a wide range of their products suitable for vegans, ranges for men and for children as well as teens, Green People cover almost every need and are a great option not only for those of us who are conscious of the impact beauty products have on the environment and in the long-term on our own skin, but also for those of us who have sensitive skin or skin issues that can lead to sensitivity or skin upset. If you're interested in picking up some products from Green People, you will receive 10% off your first order with them or using the code 'SUMMER15' will get you 15% if you spend £45 at the moment. The brand always promote free delivery too and I can't recommend them highly enough.

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