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Setting Up My Spring Skincare

Gang, we've done it - we've managed to survive what has felt like the coldest, wettest, and longest winter ever and we can greet spring time "hello" today as of 4:15pm (I'm not clock-watching or anything). Although spring usually means there's lots of "April showers", I don't think I will mind if the weather is getting milder, the mornings are getting lighter, and nature is beginning to blossom properly again - especially considering there's still snow on the ground somehow. The start of all these lovely things means I also have to switch up my skincare as the heavy-duty, very moisturising products I lathered on myself during winter aren't really needed or suitable any longer and thus, I need to think about what my skin needs - and it certainly needs a spring in its step (I'll see myself out).

Although I've been buying and trying a lot less skincare products since trying to minimise my collection, I still have a lot of products I like to alternate and rotate through that give my skin very different things and answer to my different needs. For Spring this year, I'm saying goodbye to intense moisture and excessive hydration and hello to the brightest skin I can manage to create without dipping my face in sequins and glitter and there's some fail-safe products that do that for me:

Cleansing is such an important step I used to severely overlook but revel in nowadays. I love using a micellar water to get rid of my makeup and top layer of daily grime when I come home each day as it's gentle and can leave the skin feeling instantly refreshed without feeling stripped. The Botanics Hydration Burst 3 in 1 Micellar Water* has been my go-to lately as it truly feels hydrating but isn't unbearable for someone with oily skin. I really love Superdrug's Vitamin E Micellar, but as I've been using such moisture-rich creams and serums over the winter period, I was finding using those as well as the Vitamin E water was all just a little too much for my greasy wee face to handle. The Botanics Hydrating Micellar Water is a nice balance between cleansing and hydrating and just feels lovely when you initially take that makeup off - so revitalising. Another product from Botanics that I've been dabbling in and will certainly continue to use heading in to spring is their All Bright Soothing Eye Makeup Remover. I've never seen the fuss over eye makeup removers and will often just opt for my micellar water, but I've really noticed a difference using this product. It's a very oily watery consistency and I'll be honest, it does sting my extremely sensitive eyes if I'm not careful with it, but it is *so* nice to use. It melts stubborn mascara away in seconds and whilst I don't wear heavy eye makeup, I do like to use this every other evening as I feel the oiliness helps to hydrate my under-eye area really well and it leaves my skin feeling soft and looking more awake.

My last mention is no stranger to this blog so I'll keep it short, but if I feel my skin is still looking lack-lustre or needs some extra hydration, exfoliation, and just some general perking up once I've removed my makeup with my micellar water, I will always go in with the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser. Holy smokes this cleanser is always such a luxury to use and costs next to nothing. I've raved about it so many times yet my opinion stays unaltered - it plumps up my skin, it gets rid of any dryness and flaking my skin is facing (particularly around acne that is healing), and always musters up some inner radiance. Cannot recommend this guy enough.

Over the winter period, I seriously got in to using serums and now follow one of those "*insert number*-Step Korean Skincare" routines so serums heavily feature in those. I've dabbled in the past and have found them to be very hit and miss, but there's a few that have been game-changing and the Botanics All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum has certainly been one of them. I initially used this morning and night and fell in love almost instantly. I find it really smoothing for skin texture, it helps my pores appear smaller, somehow helps my makeup last longer, but also hydrates and most importantly, gives my skin some serious glow. I'm not talking about that artificial pearlescent shimmery glow many skincare products like this have oh no, I'm talking straight up looking like you've slept for a month, getting good sex regularly, and drinking all of the water sort of glow-up. This is a radiance product I will be piling on in the spring months as it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all, doesn't cause any excess oils or acne flare-ups, and it just does a fab job at being a great skincare product.

There's not much too see here as yet again, I'm going to rave about some skincare that I've definitely raved about before, but the ultimate moisturiser I will be using on the daily heading into spring is the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Day Cream for normal/combo skin (they also do a normal/dry version too!). I've been in love with this guy for many months now but it's still going to be my go-to until the months get a lot hotter. This does a great job of yep, you guessed it, moisturising the skin, but it also helps build up that glow, sits well on top of different serums, and sits well under makeup. It has SPF included so it's a great lazy option for the days when doing sunscreen is an extra chore and it doesn't make this oily girl any oilier which is a blessing. Something that's been a bit more new to me has been the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream though. I love the Naturally Radiant range if you hadn't of noticed, but I've only recently started to use the eye cream from the range and again - this stuff is fab. I have very sensitive eyes so finding the perfect eye cream can always be a bit of a nightmare, but this one doesn't irritate my eyes, it moisturises really well and creates a good base for my makeup products. Although I can't say for definite if it does brighten the eyes just yet, if you are someone who suffers from dry under-eye areas, this stuff will be a dream come true to use.

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