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2O18 Birthday Wishlist

Happy Hump Day folks - it's that time of year again: it's almost my birthday! At the end of March (29th to be exact) I will be turning a sour-sounding 27 and I'm clinging to youth with all my might. I'm never a big celebrator of my birthday, but over the last couple of years I've made sure to actually enjoy turning another year older and making sure I do something I enjoy for the day. This year, I'm planning to go to Oxford for the day to have a snoop or the museums or I will be getting my new tattoo - I haven't quite decided yet!

As it's almost that fabulous *another year older another year wiser* time, I thought I'd share with you all what I'm lusting over right now, what's been hanging around in my Amazon wishlist for yonks, and just generally what I might purchase for myself for my birthday (if friends and family members don't take the hint first, ahem).

1. Seasalt Original Seafolly Jacket | £89.95 - I've realised this past winter that I'm turning into a "proper adult" after buying a proper winter coat and I absolutely bloody love it. The only problem is, it's like wearing a quilt out and about and whilst that's been great for winter and when we had snomageddon last week, I've realised I need a good waterproof jacket for those rainy days that spring usually brings along with it. Seasalt are one of my favourite sustainable fashion brands and their clothes are always top quality. So naturally, I've been lusting after one of their classic waterproof/wind proof jackets for a long long time. Everything about the cut of this jacket and it's details (like the toggles and flap pockets) are right up my street - the hardest thing decision to make is which colour to choose but I think I'd pick red (although the bottle green and then the yellow - of course - are pulling my heartstrings).

2. How to Love by Thich Nhat Hanh | £4.28 - I've been wanting to read work by the Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh for a long time now. He specialises in talking about mindfulness, effective meditation practices and more. Over the past few months due to various different reasons, I've been trying my best to practice mindfulness and I'm always looking for inspiration so I want to read Hanh's wise words even more than ever, now. "How to Love" is one of his many works but it's one of the ones I want to read the most as Hanh discusses how in order to love ourselves and our loved ones effectively, we need to become more connected to the world and love *it* before we can love anything else. He breaks down the act of love into 4 "categories": "you can only love another when you feel true love for yourself; love is understanding; understanding brings compassion; and deep listening and loving speech are key ways of showing our love" and if that doesn't make you want to read this lovely humble book I don't know what else.

3. Happy Little Accidents: The Wit & Wisdom of Bob Ross | £9.99 - If you know me at all, you will know that Bob Ross is everything to me. I never get bored of watching The Joy of Painting and will audibly laugh and cry each and every time I watch the whole show. He was such a beautiful soul and such a happy, positive, inspirational man who had some pretty darn good hair and jean/shirt combos not to mention an insane talent for painting. This book is something I just *need* because it captures the very essence of Bob Ross and all his joyfulness. I've always criticised "coffee table books" because I feel they're just there for show and don't really serve a purpose, but this would definitely be a coffee table I would lovingly situate in pride of place and want everyone to see it.

4. Nobrow Comics | £5.2O - £6.5O - I've gotten ridiculously behind on reading my pile of "to-read" comics and graphic novels, but there's still many more I want to add to that never diminishing list and that's where these ones come in. Nobrow is a publisher I haven't read from before but I've been lusting after quite a few from this publishing house over the last few months due to their gorgeous cover art and the great synopsis' I've scanned. Although there really are quite a few from Nobrow I want to read, these three in particular are the ones I'm desperate to get my hands on first:
Obsolete has me hook, line & sinker because it has rave reviews for the artwork by Danish artist, Mikkel Sommer, and the storyline covers a typically "robbery gone wrong" crime genre but apparently with a twist.
New Ghost is another comic from Nobrow that has great reviews relating to the art and the fact that the story centres around an observatory worker and the supernatural/whether or not there is life elsewhere threads of fiction means I *have* to pick this guy up.
Vacancy is the one out of the bunch that I really want to read the most. Centred around a dog named Simon who has been forgotten and abandoned by his owners in his backyard, he befriends a racoon and a deer who take him into the woods which he doesn't feel he's quite ready for as he's never lived in the wild. The story takes a turn when the destroyed and abandoned parts of the local town seem to have weird things happening in them. If that little snippet doesn't make you want to read this asap, I don't know what will.

5. Monstera/Swiss Cheese Potted Plant | £15 - I, like many other people my age, am obsessed with houseplants. I am growing quite a collection but I have postponed buying larger leafier plants until I'm settled into my new home. The first one I will be making sure to get my hands on is without a doubt a bit ol' monstera plant. These plants are gorgeous to look at, grow to monstrous sizes (see what I did there?), and are surprisingly easy to look after. What a beauty.

6. Craftamo Watercolour Brush Pens | £12.95 - As a girl who loves painting but doesn't quite have the time nor the motivation to set up all the prep painting can take, I've be desperate to get a pack of these watercolour-style pens due to their convenience and some of the lush work I've seen some people create with them.

7. Rock n' Rose Truly Miraculous Medal Pendant Necklace | £29.Oo - I've always had a soft-spot for religious artwork and jewellery (maybe I was destined to become a qualified RE teacher) so it's no surprise that I really love this necklace from Rock n' Rose which I think is just stunning. I don't wear a lot of jewellery but when I do, I always gravitate towards gold and if it's a necklace, I like a fuss-free large-ish pendant so this just ticks all the boxes.

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