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Cruelty Free SOS Hair Care

As a girl who washes her hair daily, dyes it with permanent box dye at home (and dyes it black no less), and who uses two form of heat on it on a daily basis too (blow drying and straighteners), you can imagine my hair is not always in the best condition. I haven't even mentioned the amount of daily backcombing and hairspraying I do too as my hair is thin, flyaway, and lacking volume, but it always surprises me that my hair isn't way worse than it is when it comes to its condition and I think it's down to a few saviour products. Although I want to work on looking after my hair and making sure it's healthy and soft, there are a few products that I currently stand by that I've been using for the last 5/6 months that I really truly believe have made a world of difference to the texture and look of my hair so I thought I'd share them with you!

My Pre-Shower Treatment
I'm not a stranger to hair masks, but after switching to cruelty-free beauty last year, I realised pretty much all of my hair care - from my shampoo to my hair masks to my hairspray - was non-cruelty free so I needed to do a complete overall. So the brands I previously loved when it came to hair masks or intensive treatments had to go and new discoveries needed to be made. When I was a teen, I never really cared for my hair. My hair is fine and very thin and gets incredibly oily very quickly if it basically moves at all so from around the age of 13, I hairsprayed the life out of it to hold it in place and have stripped it with every sort of oil-stripping shampoo (and glued in hundreds of gross cheap hair extensions... but I digress). Therefore a product I've really gotten into in my 2Os has been hair masks/intensive treatments. One I've been loving is this Superdrug Argan Hair Therapy Pre-Shampoo Hair Treament (2Ooml | £3.99) which I simply can't believe costs only £3.99.

This hair treatment is my current "Saturday saviour" as I pop it on at the start of my shower routine. I simply apply it to wet hair (concentrating it mostly on the ends of my hair) and leave it whilst I do things like my body scrub, shave my legs etc etc. Ideally you need to leave this product on for around 2O minutes and then rinse it out and shampoo/condition your hair as normal. I really enjoy using this despite being scared initially of using argan oil on my super fine hair as it doesn't actually weigh my hair down or make it greasier - instead, it gives my hair a lovely shine, smoother texture, and gives it some elasticity and strength which is exactly what the tub claims to do!

In-Shower Treatment
As you can imagine from daily use, product build-up is always something I worry about and especially as my scalp is oily, I like to try to keep my scalp happy and healthy so in steps this Fuji Green Tea Purifying Cleansing Hair Scrub (24Oml) from The Body Shop. This scrub retails for £15.Oo for a rather large tub of it and you guys it smells amazing. I really like the whole Fuji Green Tea range for both the hair and the body, but this product is one of those TLC products that you don't really need, but you totally should purchase as a treat. I like to use this whenever I think there's any product build-up or after I have used the previously mentioned argan oil treatment as this helps re-balance my scalp so it's not too oily from the argan oil. Not only does the scrub smell amazing but with the chunky gritty salt clusters in the sticky product, it really buffs away at the roots of your hair and gives your scalp that zingy refreshing lift that shampoo doesn't really ever provide. I use this product both before shampooing and conditioning like normal or I just simply use it as my shampooing step if I'm really wanting just a refreshing feeling. The smell really lasts on the hair and it keeps it in great condition from the most important part (the root) so it's worth the investment to me.

Post-Shower Treatment
As my hair can be quite limp - particularly if I've used any sort of masks/treatments in the shower due to my thinness - giving my roots a boost can be really beneficial to my hair style and save my tresses from a whole lot of backcombing and thus, a lot of damage. Over the years I've tried lots of different mousses, sprays, and powders to try and achieve that volume, but since going cruelty free, I've struggled to find something I truly like that a) works and b) doesn't cost the earth. A product I do enjoy using is the Superdrug Style Expertise Root Boost Spray which costs a mere £2.99 for 15Oml of product. The whole Style Expertise range is cruelty free and purse-friendly but this spray is definitely a highlight in the range. A little goes a long way but I typically tip my head upside down and spray around 4-5 times into the roots (paying particular attention to the top of my head) after I've towel dried my hair and it's still a little wet and damp. I find this spray does a great job at creating volume without the hair feeling crispy or greasy and doesn't damage the hair. As it's a spray in treatment that can be used on wet hair, you can really work it in to the roots and see it perform as soon as you're finished blow drying your locks into place.

The final product I have to mention is something I severely overlooked in my younger years. As I mentioned earlier, I use a lot of heat on my hair and also dye it and wash it regularly so it does go through a lot of strain and as a teen, I never really added any nutrients back into it or used any sort of protection on it (I rarely even conditioned it but let's pretend I never said that). As I put so much stress on my tresses and as it's so thin and prone to snapping and breaking, a heat protecting spray has become a necessity in my daily hair care routine. Going cruelty free and switching my hair care products was one thing, but trying to find a replacement heat spray for my once-beloved Tresemmé seemed to be an almost impossible task. So they Superdrug Style Expertise range saved the day once again and their 3Ooml Heat Spray for £2.99 does the job. I typically spray it sparingly over my whole head whilst my hair is still wet then blow dry it. I won't sit here and say this is a holy grail product as it's not - the scent is way too strong and I find using too much of it can make the hair crisp up - but it helps provide a barrier between my hair and the heat I apply to it so it does what it promises on the tin! Although this might not be my most favourite heat spray I've ever used, I will never choose to not use a heat spray at all as an alternative as it such a crucial last step in my hair care routine to ensure I'm really looking after my locks and keeping them as strong and as healthy as possible.

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