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Noughty: The Natural, CF, Vegan Haircare

Hey friends! As I've just recently finished all the products I've been trying out on my hair, I thought it was high-time to mention this great brand who I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs some cruelty free brands to try out and/or a brand who are completely vegan. Noughty are a haircare brand that I'll be honest, I had completely overlooked before I made the switch to cruelty free beauty. Once I made that initial switch, I realised that most drugstore affordable brands in the haircare realm are unfortunately not CF so I needed to desperately try some new brands to find something suitable for my hair. If you've been a NB reader for a while you will know that my hair is a nightmare. It's really thin, fine, poker straight, and can get incredibly greasy very quickly due to its thinness and fly-aways. Therefore when I need to try new haircare, it's very easy for me to make snap decisions on whether or not I will like products and Noughty was an instant hit.

Just to give you a little background on Noughty, they're certainly a company after my own heart. They believe in using natural ingredients and keeping nasty chemicals such as parabens, silicones, and sulphates out of their products which is a breath of fresh air as these are usually regular ingredients many of us overlook that are used in many many brands' products. All of their haircare ranges are 97% natural and it reflects in their products in the best way - they don't have unnecessary colourants or fragrances, but instead focus on the product actually doing the job of keeping your hair in top condition.

After umming and awhing about which range to try from Noughty, I finally settled on the "Rise and Shine" range which is designed for normal to dry hair. Although my hair gets oily very quickly, it also can feel dry and damaged as I have to wash it and heat style it every day as well as dye it black every 6 weeks so I put it through quite a lot. So the "Rise and Shine" range seemed like a great option for me as I always pride myself on keeping my dark hair shiny and not dull. Both the shampoo and conditioner contain goody ingredients such as rosemary leaf oil, patchouli oil, jojoba oil for sheen, and blue mallow flower for smoothing and nourishing and the conditioner also contains some extra goodness in the form of olive oil, shea butter, and coconut oil (which I've always been a fan of for many many reasons).

I found the Noughty shampoo to be really refreshing to use as it didn't feel like it stripped the hair as much as previous, non-natural, non-CF shampoos made my hair feel. You won't get that artificial squeaky clean feeling, but that means the ingredients are cleaning the hair in a more pure and natural way. The shampoo has no artificial colour and is a clear gel formula which has a gentle pleasant fragrance that isn't at all overpowering. It lathers really nicely and definitely leaves the hair feeling clean and not heavy at all despite the lovely oil ingredients - which I was so pleasantly surprised by! As for the conditioner, this is also a super lovely product. The conditioner again shares the same nice soft scent and is a typical colourless white creamy formula. I tend to use a lot of conditioner and thankfully, this one never leaves my hair feeling weighed down but it does manage my fly aways and static hair and makes my hair much easier to style. One of the things I love about these products is the fact that they leave my hair feeling clean but also what I imagine "second day hair" feels like when it comes to styling it as I honestly notice a difference in the longevity of my curls when I've used these products in my morning routine. The shampoo and conditioner both retail for £6.99 for 25Oml. The packaging is sleek and cute and I'm a huge fan of the simple squeezy tube style as you feel like you get all of the product out!

Another product I knew I had to try was the leave-in conditioner from the "Intensive Care" range. This range is designed for dry, frizzy, and damaged hair and whilst mine doesn't fall into that character too much, leave-in conditioner is a product I like to indulge in now and again to try and prevent split ends and help heal any heat damage on the ends of my hair. This product contains (surprise surprise) more good stuff ranging from sunflower seed extract, to shea butter, to argan oil. It has a nice subtle scent just like the "Rise and Shine" range and is a really easy product to use. If I'm giving my hair some TLC, I will towel dry my hair slightly then add a small amount of this to the ends of my hair only. I'll be honest and say that a couple of times I've gotten a bit happy with this product and applied too much and too far up the lengths of my hair and it will make your hair greasy and heavy, but that's something any good leave-in conditioner will do if you're a muppet like me and use too much. As I tend to only use this product once a week, the 15Oml tube which costs £6.99 lasts forever and is a joy to use every time. I've noticed a considerable difference over the last couple of months of how healthy the ends of my hair are looking now so I just know this will be a continuous repurchase for sure.

If you're considering trying Noughty hair products, Superdrug quite often have good 3 for 2 style deals on various ranges from the brand but Noughty's own website is also an absolute gem - free delivery on any orders over £1O and they do great discounts for bundles of certain products too. If you want to buy from a range that are not only considerate of animals, but are paving the way to natural, kind, vegan haircare that is gentle on your hair, you must give Noughty a go! Next on my hit-list to try from the brand is their "Detoxv Dynamo" shampoo that detoxifies the hair of product build up and smells of peppermint so you just *know* I'm going to love it and "Care Taker" range for those days when my scalp is sensitive and needs some loving.

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