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Looking After Winter Skin

When it comes to skincare and since switching to cruelty free beauty, I have to be entirely honest and I don't do too much changing and experimenting. As I've struggled with my skin since my teen years and have had to deal with acne, oily skin, and dry patches as well as extremely sensitive skin at times, I feel I've experienced the full plethora of skin conditions to try and tame and comfort. When it comes to the colder months though, I always seem to find myself in the predicament that my usual routine doesn't quite cut it as my skin still produces excess oils, but I have much more noticeable dry patches to contend with too. My skin gets extra sore and sensitive around my nose and chin, and basically the whole skincare routine turns into an absolute shambles.

Therefore each winter I find myself experimenting with different lotions and potions to try and keep both the dry and oily skin at bay whilst also keeping my acne, sensitivity, and dullness under control too. This year is the first year I feel like I'm on top of my A-game and it is all thanks to some new products I've added into my routine that are working some magic for me. So you guys know the score - I needed to inform you all!

The first thing I can't stress enough is exfoliation. Exfoliators aren't my favourite product as I often find its difficult to get one that's a happy medium between ripping your skin off, doing more damage than good and doing absolutely nothing. My go-to for a long while now has been the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Micro Polish. This is a gentle exfoliator but definitely gets the job done. The whole Naturally Radiant range houses some of my absolute favourites so it's no surprise that my second recommendation is the Hot Cloth Cleanser. This cleanser does a similar job to the coveted Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but at a steal of the price. I love both products equally but I'm just falling for the Superdrug offering more at the moment. I like to use this in the evenings as second cleanse as the muslin cloth does a great job at gently exfoliating if I need it and the cleanser itself leaves the skin incredibly soft and feeling conditioned and hydrated - just want you need in the cold.

A mask that I need to mention here is the new Jam Revitalising Mask from Superdrug's new Vitamin C range. This range instantly caught my eye as I'm a lover of the Vitamin C range from The Body Shop so I instantly had high expectations and the products I've tried so far have not disappointed. This brand Superdrug Revitalising Jam Mask (sorry - it's not even on the site yet!) is a gloopy sticky mess to work with but it's well worth the mess. The mask contains sugar and orange peel which when washed off, do a great job at gently exfoliating the skin. Whilst wearing the mask itself, it won't dry down at all but it does calm angry skin and also leaves the skin baby-soft. One thing to note is that the orange scent is very overpowering in this product and the scent hangs around for the duration you have the mask on your face, but as I said, the negatives are far out-weighed by the positives.

The next thing I like to do is make sure my undereyes are hydrated and moisturised as much as possible. Although I've generally got oily skin, my undereyes can get incredibly tired and dry during the colder months so I like to reach for something that packs a punch. For me, that product is The Ordinary Skincare's Caffeine Solution 5% with EGCG. This product is a serum not a cream but has honestly been the most hydrating product I've ever used my undereye area. It helps my eyes look awake and fresh whilst also stamping out any flaky skin which I commonly got before. I use this morning and night and little goes a long way so it's great value for money.

As for facial serums and moisturisers, I have very much been a moisturisers and SPF only type of girl for a long time. I tried using serums in the past and honestly felt that the majority I tried either broke me out or sat on top of the skin so they created even more of an oil slick for me to contend with. Now that I haven't been wearing foundation for a long while, I realised that actually, I should probably be using a serum to ensure that I have that extra layer of protection from the elements - again, particularly during colder months. So in steps my absolute favourite recent find - the Superdrug Vitamin C Revitalising Serum. Again, apologies but this seems to be only available in store at the moment but if you can get to a local store - then you bet your backside you should go to pick this up. Oily girls - sweet jeez, give this stuff a try. I find this product sits so well under all my other products such as my primer, concealer etc. and does a great job of minimising the pores around my nose. The serum can be mixed into other products and has a lovely refreshing zesty orange scent which is a great wake up and pick-me-up on winter mornings. Since introducing it into my routine, I've also noticed that my base products last longer through long working days and it helps keep my shine at bay a little longer too. As for my dry skin patches, it does a great job of minimising those too so it's a good product all round.

The Body Shop Seaweed Oil Control Lotion with SPF 15 is my usual everyday choice for moisturiser, but recently I have found myself reaching more and more for the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Day Cream for Normal/Combination Skin (I told you I liked this range a lot). This moisturiser does exactly what it says on the tin and brightens the skin but also deeply moisturises it and is gentle on my sensitive skin. I find to be slightly more hydrating on dry areas than my The Body Shop option as of course, this product isn't targeted at oily skin, and it also has SPF in it so that element is not lost. SPF is so important in the colder months too as many people often overlook it but the sun can still harm the skin when it's cold out so look after that skin!

My last little saving grace for my skin is always my The Body Shop Vitamin C or Vitamin E Face Mists. I typically use the Vitamin C one all year round as I find it refreshing and it sets my makeup really well to make it look as natural as possible but as I do get extra dryness during winter, I end up reaching for the Vitamin E one more. The Vitamin C range at The Body Shop is just like the new one from Superdrug and both do wonders for keeping skin looking fresh and healthy, but the Vitamin E Face Mist just goes that extra mile for moisture. I typically use either spray just before I go in with my eyebrow products/my mascara. I spray it all over my entire face generously and leave to dry for a few minutes. I like to have matte powder due to my oily skin, but I also don't like looking flat-faced and these sprays prevent that from happening. Vitamin E is a great spray for sensitive skin too as it has no harsh perfumes or scents and just gives you that extra layer of protection when you finish your routine.

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