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That's right guys, I'm finally back. What was planned to be a super short and sweet break from blogging in order to move into my new home quickly snowballed into some extended time off from it all and planning behind the scenes. So despite the lack of posting over the last few weeks, there's been a lot going on as I've collated, written, and created content for Northern Blood that is refreshed, full of energy, passion, and love and just generally makes me feel great to have been part of. The problem with blogging sometimes is that the spark and life can fade from it a little and that's what started to happen to me. I was comparing myself to others, feeling down about my own creative abilities, and just felt stuck in a rut with it all. I was desperate to not take a break because I worried once I stopped posting that I'd never come back to it but alas, here I am, confidently coming out of the other side of it feeling more enthused to blog than I ever have before.

If you're an old reader then you will know I'm all about that "don't compare yourself to others as it's damaging" lifestyle however, I've found I flipped the whole comparing myself on its ugly head and saw it in a positive light - I tried to view it as a "friendly competition" thing. Blogging is so saturated but saturated with so many fantastically talented and dedicated writers, creators, and photographers that I realised being part of that community and realm is a sure-fire way to keep myself motivated to feel deserving of that position of place. Seeing people owning and killing it on a weekly and even daily basis gave me the kick up the backside I so desperately needed and I'm hoping it's impact on me will shine through in my new content.

That's not to say that my blog posts now will be drastically different - my content will still very much reflect me, my interests, and what I've always wanted Northern Blood to be. However I've scrapped the schedule and switching everything up a little. I still love personal style, beauty and skincare, and general lifestyle/miscellaneous rambles, but working to a strict weekly schedule for each of those topics was sucking the fun out of the writing for me and began to feel more like a chore than an enjoyable pastime and outlet in my spare time. So from now on, we can all expect to see Northern Blood feeling and reading a little more freely, covering even more mental health and body positivity topics, lots of DIY and interior posts as I've recently moved house (you guys I have been preparing *so* many posts for you!), many more books and comics, and of course I'll still be blogging about cruelty free beauty. The difference now? It won't be forced. It won't be strict. It will be written as life is intended to be lived: with focus, a little bit of unpredictability now and again, honesty, and (hopefully) a great deal of humour and reliability.

So if you're an old familiar face - welcome back, it's nice to see you again. And if you're new to all that NB will hopefully have to offer? Hi, I'm Amyleigh, and hopefully we'll get to know each other a little better as time progresses. If you want to know a little more, pay this wee page a visit.

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