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My New Travel Companion

Happy Wednesday gorgeous folk! Today I thought I'd share with you a relatively new makeup palette to my collection because it has been the greatest travel companion this past week. Last week I went home to Newcastle to see friends and fam and whenever I travel back, I pop on a quick 1 hour flight as it is much nicer than the 12+ hour coach trip I used to make! As I fly, I like to pack as light as possible and take clothing, products, and items I only really *know* I'm going to use or need. Therefore when it comes to my makeup choices, I like to pack products that are either multi-functional or have everything in one convenient palette. So in step this blush palette from L.A. Girl Cosmetics.

L.A. Girl Cosmetics are brand I've always been interested in trying but until recently, I thought they weren't cruelty free (turns out they are! Gettup!). So on a recent quick browse on Beauty Bay for some restocking of my fave items, I popped this Beauty Brick Blush Palette in the shade range "Spice" in my basket because it had some good reviews, looked like it had lovely blush shades (especially that dark reddy-pink) that weren't in your face, and at £8 - it was a steal for 4 products. So once it arrived, I quickly ripped off the outer packaging, eager to test the powders out.

The palette itself is a typical budget style of packaging - it's a cheap coated cardboard with one of those pretty pointless skinny mirrors inside. The cardboard isn't flimsy though and the whole palette is streamline which meant I instantly thought it would be a good option for travelling as it wouldn't take up too much space in a case or bag. The palette is a magnetic closure which works just fine and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a protective film over the powders to keep them clean and prevent breaking. The powders themselves are a good size and are embossed with the words "blush", "bronze", and "highlight" obviously depending on the particular product. Each one feels powdery to the touch but that's not a negative - they don't feel chalky - they just feel like you'd expect a powder to feel. Upon being a heathen and sticking my finger in each product to get an initial swatch, each powder was very pigmented but not ridiculously unrealistic in colour which is something I look for when it comes to my cheek products.

Both of the blush shades are just lovely. The lighter pink shade is very natural and gives you a very realistic flush and colour to the cheeks whereas the darker shade gives you a little added oomph. The darker shade makes me think more of autumnal shades of blush I like so I think I'll be saving this one for the colder months to really get my wear out of it. The contour/bronze shade was described as a "muted mocha" colour and I think that perfectly describes it. I was really surprised at the colour pay-off of this bronzer as it could have had the potential to be muddy upon application or be too orange etc. as a lot of budget bronzers are, but this one somehow manages to avoid those worries.

As you can hopefully see from the swatches below, although the bronzer is definitely warm in it's tone - especially against my very pale skin - it isn't too orange or too dark of a brown and actually gives a really complimentary warm flush of colour to the face. It also isn't too dark to use as a contour so when I travel, I use this shade as a bronzer and contour multi-use shade by using a lighter hand to apply it as my contour and building it up where I want more of a bronze. The two blushers and the bronzer apply smoothly and evenly onto the cheek which was so great for me as sometimes powder products can sit funny on top of my cheeks as I don't wear foundation as a base for them to stick to evenly. All three shades give a lovely velvet matte finish to the skin which blends seamlessly into the skin again, making these shades look very natural.

From top to bottom: L.A. Girl Spice Beauty Brick Blush Palette's highlight shade, bronzer shade, light blush shade, dark blush shade

Weirdly, one of the more negative parts of the reviews I had seen was what actually convinced me to buy the palette and that was about the highlight. I love using and wearing highlighters but I like them to give my skin a natural look. The most blinding I tend to get with my highlight is The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer and even then I only apply a little bit with a very light hand. So when I saw someone complain that this highlight in the palette was far from blinding, I wanted to give it a shot. I typically go for light champagne or warm pearly shades and this one looked like a great colour. As you can hopefully see from the images above, it's actually a really great shade choice for my pale skin as you can barely see it on the swatch on my arm. This got my hopes up as I knew this meant it had a better chance blending into my skin. When applied and worn on the cheek or nose, this highlight is really lovely for anyone who likes a subtle highlight or who likes to tone it down day-to-day for work etc. If you're a pale girl, it's a really nice light champagne shade and doesn't look powdery on the skin. It doesn't sit on top of the skin either meaning it looks more realistic and skin-like once all your makeup has set for the day. It has very small glitter pigments in it so it doesn't look chunky or fake on the cheek and this is one of the very few highlighting powders I've tried that doesn't draw attention to any imperfections or pores it covers.

The highlight does give quite a bit of kick-back when you put your brush into it, but I don't mind this too much. The blush shades and bronzer also have a little kick-back but it is no where near as much as the highlight (this may be because they're matte shades - who knows!). As for longevity, I would say that the bronzer and the darker blush shade stay on the skin really well. I have tested all of the powders on long days and the bronzer and dark blush last a good 8-9 hours on the cheeks without fading whereas the lighter blush fades a little bit. The darker blush can be a little bit fiddlier to apply as it can run the risk of going patchy, so some patience and a light hand applying thin layers is needed. The light blush however is super quick and easy to sweep onto the cheeks so it's a great option for when you're running late or need to just get up, get ready, and go. As the highlight is subtle upon application already, it lasts about 4 hours before dulling down. This doesn't bother me at all because my natural oils tend to give me a natural highlight throughout the day, but if you're a dry skin girl then it might be something to bear in mind!

All in all I'm really impressed with this palette and having used it exclusively on my recent trip up north for a full week, I will definitely be taking it on all future trips. It's easy to pack, it gives you options on colours (the dark blush looks great with nude lips, the light blush with brighter or dark lip shades), and most importantly - it works. The powders are a little on the powdery side and they don't last an insane amount of time, but when each product technically cost just £2, can I really complain?

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