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3 Budget Cruelty Free Mascaras

After blogging about switching to cruelty free with my beauty and the process I went through to achieve it, I thought it would be great to recommend some of my favourite CF products that have had to replace some firm favourites before I transitioned to cruelty free only beauty. Finding particular makeup products was difficult for me because I either used the same product previously for years and loved it or liked to try new products again and again as I liked to experiment. So when it came to finding a new mascara, I wasn't too worried about finding something new that I loved but the brands I previously turned to were non-CF so it would mean more experimenting than usual. I also had fell in love with a L'Oréal mascara not too long before I switched to CF so I not only needed to find some favourites that I liked, I needed to find some that would be better than my firm favourites such as the L'Oréal Baby Roll mascara and the Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara.

Something I wanted to do when switching to CF was find some mascaras for a variety of looks - I used to have certain mascaras I would use depending on the looks I wanted to achieve and therefore had a range of different ones I would purchase. There would be natural ones, ones for volume, and more. So although I still like to dabble in the world of mascara and test out different ones regularly, here are three firm favourites from great CF brands which I will repurchase again and again.

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara | 12ml | £3.3O: First up I need to talk about a mascara I used to love but somehow forgot about. Essence are one of my absolute favourite cosmetics brands as they're extremely affordable and have a range of fantastic products (obviously a blog post all about these guys will be coming to NB in due course). One of their products I've been a fan of for years is the Lash Princess Volume Mascara because it's ridiculously cheap but ridiculously good. This is only £3.3O and knocks the socks off any high end mascara I've ever tried. As the name suggests, this mascara gives your lashes volume and the curved end to the wand also gives them a great lift and curl. I find that it never clumps up and really separates the lashes making your lashes look full and thick. The formula is very lightweight so it doesn't feel heavy on the eyes and doesn't dry out and go flaky or crispy on the lashes. The packaging isn't my favourite as it's a little cheesy and feels like something I would have liked when I was 12/13 years old, but I am *more* than happy to look past this for the great effect you get on the lash. If you are a fan of the popular Maybelline or L'Oréal mascaras that really boost and volumise the lashes, this is a great CF and cheap alternative that lasts all day.

Essence Lash Princess False Lassh Effect Mascara | 12ml | £3.3O: The next mascara I love is another Essence offering from the same Lash Princess range. The False Lash Effect Mascara has a very similar formula to the Volume option as you'd probably expect but it's a little harder to work with. Sometimes I find that some mascaras need to dry out a little first before they're really good and grip and coat the lashes well and this is definitely one of those. Once this one has dried out however, I do really love it - it's great for lengthening the lashes and separating them. I've mentioned before that my lashes are pretty good as they are which is why I like to try different mascaras, but this one is great at giving them length. Usually, my lashes get a good natural curl so if a good curl is something you need from your mascara, this one is probably not for you but if you want that length then this is your jam. The wand is very simple and has a typical bristle head which goes into a triangular point so it's great at grabbing each individual lash. Something I forgot to mention about the Lash Princess range is the fact that the mascaras are all 12ml - that's around 4ml more than most other drugstore mascaras - so you get a lot of product for your tiny price point!

Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara | 9ml | £6.99: My last fave mascara is from another go-to brand I love a lot - Seventeen. Their Falsifeye HD Mascara was the first mascara I purchased since my switch to CF and has stayed a firm favourite. Despite the claims of giving your lashes lots of volume, length, thickness, and definition, I like this mascara on days when I want a really natural looking lash. The Falsifeye mascara definitely gives the lash all of those previous claims, but I find the formula looks really natural on the lash and I can't quite decide if it's because it doesn't look mega black on the lashes or if it's super thin. Those aren't complaints about this mascara by the way as this makes the product the perfect option for layering on the lash. I usually opt for one solid layer of mascara but this is a great day-to-night option as you can wear a minimal amount for the daytime and then layer it up if you need to go out straight out after work etc. The wand has a typical tapered shape but has rubber bristles which really grab and coat the lashes well. When I want definition and separation I always reach for this one and if I need my mascara to last for longer than normal, I always choose this one too as it never flakes or feels dry on the eyes.

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