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2 Scrubs to Get That Glow

When it comes to healthy glowing skin, I used to be pretty against the idea as someone who oily skin the term "glowy" rings alarm bells. But now that I don't wear foundation, I'm finding it more and more desirable to have that "glow from within" look as it helps my skin look alive and fresh with no aid of colour correcting or coverage. So part of pursuing this glow has led me to exfoliation and scrubs. I used to avoid facial scrubs like the plague as I strongly believed they did more harm than good but when used in the right way and used only occasionally, exfoliation for the face can help lift dead skin cells, help skin look buffed and smoothed, and give your face an overall healthy look that your regular face wash might not achieve.

In my trial and error testing to find a great exfoliation scrub that suits me and my skincare needs, I think I've finally found two tip top options from the drugstore that are quite similar in their benefits and results, but vary from the lower end of the price point to the higher end of the drugstore options. Both scrubs work well but certainly have their differences so let's get into it:

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Scrub | 75ml | £9.95: The first scrub I have to mention is the Glycolic Fix Scrub from Nip+Fab. Nip+Fab are a great drugstore brand that focus on individual skincare needs and really pack a punch in their products. They've recently branched out into makeup (which I'm excited to try out as it no doubt takes into consideration various skin needs) but for now, let's just discuss this gem of a exfoliator. The Nip+Fab brand have a whole Glycolic range but this scrub is the main star to me because it works wonders and only needs to be used occasionally. The scrub itself is jam-packed with with various acids that help get skin to the best condition including salicylic acid which helps with problem skin such as acne and redness and helps refine and brighten skin naturally. It aims to improve skin tone and texture with continued use and suggests using the scrub as often as once a week but no more than that. This scrub is incredibly abrasive on the skin - it's not completely sore to use, but you really do feel like you're properly buffing away any signs of dirt or dry skin. The scrub recommends you use SPF after using the scrub as it basically helps get rid of the top tired layer of skin so you need to protect the fresh but newly exposed skin. I use this once a week (usually on a Wednesday when my skin needs a mid-week pick me up) and it really helps to keep my skin looking and feeling happy.

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Micro Polish | 75ml | £4.99: As the name suggests, this micro polish scrub has a very fine and small scrub to it which makes it a great product to use throughout each week as it's not as abrasive on the skin as the Nip+Fab option. Despite being a scrub, it is incredibly gentle on the skin and I've raved about this range before and this product in particular is definitely a favourite. I tend to use this (if I haven't used my Nip+Fab one) twice a week - once at the weekend and again on Wednesday if my skin is starting to look tired. It's a great mid week pick-me-up as it helps brighten the skin with its ingredients including kiwi and mulberry extracts and these fruit acids help to even out uneven skin tone whilst also getting rid of those pesky dead skin cells. This whole range has a gorgeous scent to it which means it is a pleasure to use, but it is also great for any of you who have sensitive eyes as I can happily use this and have my eyes open and the product never irritates them. This polish also includes grape seed oil which is a great natural moisturiser so no matter whether you're a dry skin or oily skinned person, this stuff moisturises just the right amount and keeps the skin feeling fresh, smooth yet protected and not stripped. I'd really recommend this polish if you're in the need for a gentle exfoliator that still gets results (especially if you're a vegetarian or vegan as this product is suitable for both!).

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