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The Pamper Session for the Bath-less Girl

Ladies ladies ladies... Who shares the fellow pain of living in an abode without a bathtub? I know I know, it's an outrage (#firstworldproblems) but it is a trauma a lot of us have to deal with on the daily and it makes having the whole "pamper session with a bath bomb" lifestyle unattainable. Hopefully I should be moving soon and therefore will have the luxury of a bath back in my life, but until then, I've managed to come up with some pamper activities that I can conduct in the shower than makes me feel well rested, well treated, and just generally in a more positive mood so I thought I'd help all you fellow shower-reliant sisters out.

Body Scrubs
One of my favourite things to use in the shower is without a doubt a sugar scrub or body scrub in general. A full body exfoliation is something I like to indulge in at the weekends and it makes me feel quite pampered and like I'm really caring for my body, skin, and appearance so it actually boosts my overall mood too! Two of my favourites to use are the Frank Body Coffee Scrub - particularly the cacao one because it makes me smell like a giant chocolate bar - and the Superdrug Vitamin E Sugar & Oil Body Scrub. I have raved about the Frank Coffee Scrubs since way back in 2015 as they really buff away the skin whilst also conditioning it and making it smell amazing. I tend to use this one once a month as it's quite heavy duty whereas the Superdrug sugar & oil scrub I use every weekend. This scrub is much more gentle on the skin but still leaves the skin feeling buffed and smooth. It also smells delicious and works wonders on my dry patches of skin. Using a body scrub also helps me minimise ingrown hairs which is an absolute life saver if you're a fellow shower shaver like me!

But ho ho, the body buffing doesn't stop there my friends as I also love to use the The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Pumice Foot Scrub once a week too. I love the peppermint foot range in general, but there's something that feels super pamper-ish about this simple product. As you can imagine, it smells absolutely delicious but it's also really effective. I tend to apply this at the weekend as a last step in the shower and it helps keep my feet soft and minimises dry or hard skin (which is the extra helping hand everyone needs when it's "feet out" season). This stuff is great at exfoliating the feet (and hands!) but it also helps any creams or moisturisers you apply afterwards sink into the skin better too.

Face Masks
So, the body has received some TLC, now it's time for the face to get some too. I use masks numerous times throughout the week but I particularly look forward to the weekend as that's when I use my current favourite: the The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. You guys. If you struggle with oily/spot prone skin but you want to use products that give you a glow but struggle to find any that don't make you extra slimy, you need to get your hands on this. This is my "heavy duty" face mask choice and it really packs a punch. This mask helps minimise my break outs instantly, controls my oils amazingly well, but also gives my skin a gorgeous natural glow. This might be due to the fact that it is a rather a bitch to wash off and therefore exfoliates the skin in the process of removal, but it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and my pores so tight and closed that I'll never complain about it.

Body Lotion
As someone who suffers with dry skin on my body, I should use a body lotion regularly but hate the feeling of it on the surface of my skin so I'm always on the look out for a quick drying/fast acting sort of solution and Dr Bronner's Organic Lotion more than fits the bill. I'm currently using and loving the lavender and coconut one but I'm looking forward to testing the peppermint one soon too. Dr Bronner's are one of my favourite brands for so many reasons already (check out why they're the best for cleaning your makeup brushes/utensils), but I really love their lotions as they're lightweight, not sticky, and never irritate my incredibly sensitive skin - even post shaving. Lathering up in this stuff from my neck to my toes every weekend is sheer joy and you just know ya girl goes the whole hog and puts new bed sheets on that day too as I'm as silky as a dolphin.

Intensive Skincare
Throughout the week, I use a mix of various skincare products in my routine for different needs, but at the weekend I like to use a little product from the brilliant Superdrug Naturally Radiance range; the Glycolic Overnight Peel. I already use the Glycolic Pads throughout the week, but this peel is just a little more of a serious business product than the pads. I tend to apply this after I've cleansed my face and applied my eye cream and skip using any other skincare on top of it. The next morning my skin is always lovely and smooth and looks much healthier and fresh. Thankfully, I haven't experienced any dry flaking of the skin with this product even though that was an initial concern due to the "peel" title, but it's definitely a product I'd recommend if you want a quick pick me up for your skin that makes you feel like you've had a wee spa visit overnight.

Hair Masks
One last product that makes me feel a little more pampered that is not pictured (as I unfortunately ran out of it!) is a good ol' hair mask. I use a lot of "bad stuff" on my hair on the daily - heat, hairspray, backcombing - you get the idea. Despite that my hair is always in relatively good condition but as it is extremely thin and fine, it has a tendency to be prone to breaking and looking limp and lifeless. Because of this, a hair mask is always a saviour on my weekends and makes such a huge noticeable difference. Since going cruelty free with my beauty products, oddly haircare has been my bigges struggle and in particular, finding a hair mask that a) works and b) doesn't just make my hair a greasy unmanageable mess. This is where the wonderful Vatika Natural Egg Protein Conditioning Mask has saved my life. I had no heard of or used this brand until I went cruelty free by my goodness they're good. This mask is my favourite of theirs I've tried yet as it helps heal and seal split and broken hair. In turn, my hair looks shinier, fuller and thicker, as well as feeling healthier to the touch too. I put my hair through so much every weekday, it's nice to take some time to care for it at the weekends and this little tub really helps.

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