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Misty Morning Walk

It's been a little while since I posted a nature photography post so guess what you're getting today? A couple of weekends ago, Matt & I took a walk along the golf course just to get out of the house for an hour or two. Walking through a golf course might not sound like the most interesting or glamorous of places to walk, but I used to walk this route to my placement job last year and I could remember the views being incredible. Because the old horse bridle path goes right through the centre of the course, all you can see for miles around is gorgeous greenery and especially in autumn, when the leaves are changing to various shades of red and orange, the views are all that bit better. To get to the golf course, you also need to walk through a small woods which is pretty during this time of the year too. Unfortunately it was an extremely grey day which always makes for bad photography however I did get a few nice snaps of the changing autumnal colours (albeit some of the photos aren't as crisp and focused as I would have liked). So if you're a big fan of autumn and just nature in general then carry on scrolling!

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