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Santa Maria in Trastevere

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Hello you lovely lot, I've decided this is going to be the last instalment from my trip to Rome! I still have a couple of posts lined up about my experience using Air BnB for the trip and my "Do's and Don't's" if you're planning to holiday in Rome (so keep your eyes peeled for those!), but this is the last post which is about a specific place I'd recommend paying a visit. On our last day in Rome, Matt & I decided to wander down through one area of Rome we hadn't visited yet which was Trastevere. Trastevere is almost a hidden gem as it doesn't seem *that great* when you first hit the outskirts of the area, but it's the best place for young people to go drinking and to get a bite to eat during the evenings and visiting during the day it boasts a rough charm and has an "old part of the city" feel. It's architecture is a little worn down but beautiful and it is home to the best place for breakfast (check out my review of said place, here!). It's quite a quiet area during the day too as it seems to not have as many tourists wandering around, but the best bit about it should be of no surprise as it is a beautiful basilica - the Santa Maria in Trastevere.

Santa Maria in Trastevere is one of the oldest churches in Rome and is considered by some to be first church in Rome to be dedicated to Mary, mother of Jesus. The site on which the basilica sits has seen a holy House standing there from as early as the early 200's but the majority of what can be seen of the basilica today dates back to the fifth and eighth centuries as it went under restoration twice. I don't know much about the history of the basilica but I know it's absolutely gorgeous. Matt & I wanted to take a look at the basilica after seeing it in a guide book for Rome thinking the interior looked amazing and it honestly didn't disappoint in person! The dimly lit church is absolutely covered in gold and the mosaic artwork on the walls is breathtaking - I could have looked at it for hours. It was incredibly quiet when we visited as it was quite early in the morning and as I said, Trastevere just seems to be quieter than elsewhere so if you're a tourist in Rome and you want to go to a few places that are a little bit more of the beaten track, I'd really recommend checking this basilica out because well, just look at it:

Santa Maria in TrastevereSanta Maria WindowsSanta Maria InteriorSanta Maria, TrastevereSanta MariaSanta MariaDecorated CeilingArtworkSanta Maria in TrastevereSanta Maria ExteriorPiazza FountainSanta Maria, TrastevereSanta Maria in Trastevere

Beautiful huh? The church interior is wonderful but it is also really lovely outside of it too. Santa Maria in Trastevere sits on a small plaza with a water fountain in the centre which would be lovely to sit at with some gelato or pastries to watch the world go by. The basilica is also just around the corner from Tonnarello - where you can get amazing breakfast with even better service - and little jewellery and trinket market stalls will pop up along the winding narrow streets of the area as it gets closer to midday. I think Trastever is a very romantic little hidden gem of Rome and this basilica alone is enough of a reason to visit.

- A.
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