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Riverside Walk

One of my favourite spots in Winchester is the river side of the River Itchen. It's a lovely peaceful walk - especially early in the morning - and always gets a lot of sun (plus, there's often a lot of dogs!). Recently Matt & I took advantage of a rare sunny, rain free Sunday morning and took a wander down by the river and up to St Catherine's Hill hilltop (which you can catch in last week's lifestyle post). Although I've already featured photographs of the River Itchen and this area of Winchester on Northern Blood before, I think it's a such a picturesque beautiful area that I never get bored of taking snaps here. I can only hope you're not bored of seeing the results too; enjoy!

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This time the cows were in the main field along the walkway so I got a chance to photograph them properly. It was really hot and sunny considering it was only 7am, so they all looked tuckered out and were snoozing in pretty much a pile in the middle of the field. I love walking past these cuties because they're so used to people passing through their fields, they're really placid and not skittish. Also I can't lie, I really love cows - aren't they really cute?!

- A.
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