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St. James Hill Cemetery

So we all shouldn't be surprised to see yet another cemetery post gracing Northern Blood and I mean come on, it has been a few weeks since my last one so you were due another one - right? This time I thought I'd showcase St. James Hill Cemetery. This cemetery has featured a great deal over on my instagram for as long as I've had the app as the cemetery is situated next door to Winchester university. If you've ever been to the university, study/studied there, or have just visited Winchester in general, you will know that the cemetery is often used by many people as a cut-through to get to and from the uni and city centre. Although some people might find that a bit odd, it's actually a lovely walk and I love how beautiful the views are from the top of the bank inside the grounds. This graveyard isn't particularly big and it isn't overcrowded with graves. I regularly take snaps when I happen to be wandering through, but this time I took snaps predominantly from the top of the bank. The rows of graves at the lower end of the cemetery are quite recent and I don't know... I love taking photographs in graveyards and of headstones in particular, but something just doesn't sit right with me if the grave isn't that old and if there's a possibility of people to come and visit it as you're happily snapping away... It could seem kind of disrespectful when in actual fact I find graves such a humbling place to visit and spend time as it's so peaceful and inspiring to see what some folks have on their headstones for people to remember them by.

Wow well that got a bit rambly. All I really want to say is I respect the dead and I respect the families, friends, individuals who choose to bury their loved ones publicly in a way that means people like myself can benefit in some way from it. I always feel like I need to explain myself but it really is just the true beauty of cemeteries that attracts me to them. So with that said, I hope you can also see the beauty in St.James cemetery and I hope you enjoy the photos!

Cemetery TreeView of Christ ChurchHeadstonesCeltic CrossAngel MonumentCemetery ViewTop of the CemeteryFlowersGraveyard ViewGravestonesGravesGraveyardChrist ChurchSt Catherine's Hill

- A.
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