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7 Days of Nature Photography

After a recent scroll through Twitter, I realised I had a notification from the lovely Sarah from ItsSarahAnn, challenging me to a seven day photography challenge. Usually things like this don't appeal to me because I like to create my content from the idea up, but this sounded like a wonderful idea and also come on, Sarah is lovely and said the kindest things about my photography so I couldn't let her down. Then would you believe it but I received two more notifications from the equally fab Melberryy and JamieTSmyth informing me they had nominated me too, so I definitely had to take part!

So the idea of this post challenge/tag is to post nature photography from seven consecutive days and guess what? I'm going to cheat just a wee bit. Initially I thought "great! I have half term! I can go out every day and photograph different things!" but typical English weather made sure I remembered when I come from and shit from the heavens for the majority of the week. I still managed to get some new snaps, but as he skies were so grey, the conditions for photography just weren't that great. This didn't stop be though as I have some snaps from a couple of recent walks and wanders so this is a perfect opportunity to share those too. I've mentioned before on this blog that one of my most favourite things to photograph is all that nature has to offer and this post certainly just added fuel to that passionate fire. I really enjoyed getting the content for this post albeit tricky due to unpredictable weather so I hope you enjoy.

Wonderful Winchester
I've probably said it a thousand times, but Winchester is just so picturesque. Especially in the summer, I sometimes just like to take stock and truly *look* at how great it is to live in such a beautiful city and call it my home. The various walks down by the river are always somewhere I find myself pinching myself that I'm so lucky.

Sun Shine Bright
Okay, so I'm not going to say again how fantastic Winchester is, but surprise surprise, this is a shot from another wander around the lovely place but on a different route once again. This is a little road down by one of the churches that believe it or not, I didn't actually head down and never have - it just looked nice! Maybe I need to head that way next time and see what I find.

I Spy a Magnolia Tree
I love this time of year when all the cherry blossom blooms, but another bloom that is lovely to see line the streets are magnolias. There was a huge tree lining the path from university and although the lighting wasn't the best, I couldn't not take a photograph of how beautiful it looked.

The Temptation to Take a Dip
Matt & I took a huge walk recently which is something we like to do when the weather permits. As it was our first "big one" of the year, we decided to just take one of our usual routes. There's a particular patch of the river that always looks so lovely - it looks so cosy and secluded despite being on the main bike/hiking track. The trees and greenery surrounding it has grown so much since last summer and there were some ducks joyfully having a swim... But it's just how crystal clear the water is in this specific spot that fascinates me.

St. Catherine's Hill's Natural "Steps"
St. Catherine's Hill is a hotspot for nature lovers and history lovers alike but my god is a hike to get to the top. I always love the fact that one of the main routes up to the top have all these exposed tree roots that kind of act like a staircase. No matter how many times I try to snap a picture of them, they never look as impressive as they do to the naked eye, but this was the best I could do.

Silhouette Sunset
One good thing about terrible weather is that it often leads to a nice skyline if it clears up before sunset. Although this was shot from my bedroom window, the silhouette these trees create when the sky is multicoloured is one of my favourite views.

Duck(s) Below the Willow
The far side of Winchester city centre is not somewhere I usually go to, but I have clearly been missing out because - just look at how many ducks hang out here! This spot, although busy and bustling, seemed like a really sweet spot for an ice cream and a cold ice drink with good company.

And there we have it; my 7 days of nature photography. Apologies for slightly cheating and not shooting seven consecutive days but I would much rather include content that is nice to look at (I hope!) rather than just seven shots of the same grey sky and raindrops... I'm now supposed to nominate some fellow nature enthusiasts to take part in the challenge but to be honest, off the top of my head, I can only think of those who have already done it! So I nominate anyone and everyone - get out there, enjoy what this gorgeous green earth has to offer and enjoy being behind the camera.

- A.
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