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Romsey Road Catholic Cemetery

One day during April, I had finished work, got home, and realised I needed to head to university. I wasn't pleased about this after being up since 5:30am and dealing with teenagers all day, but the sun was shining so things could have been worse. As I began to reach university, I suddenly remembered the graveyard close by and decided to take some snaps in it whilst the skies were clear. This cemetery is pretty small and is situated in a really odd place. If you were to walk up or down the main street, you wouldn't notice it is there as it is built higher up than street level. There's a big red brick wall running down the street and the cemetery is nestled not just behind this wall, but at the top of it. Surreal huh? I've been meaning to take some photos in there for months and months, so I finally tried to get some quick pics. I'll be honest, I really wanted to get in there to look at the mausoleums but was disappointed to see they were now being used as storage cupboards for gardening tools.

Some of the photos didn't come out as nicely as planned because it was so sunny, it was too bright for photos, but as I was running on a tight time schedule, I couldn't spend too long in there! Despite this, I did get some photos I'm rather happy with and I'm pleased to say I've now had a good look around in there. There were some flowers in bloom in there too which just made the whole area look really pretty. Despite being right beside one of the busiest roads in Winchester, it was so peacefully quiet walking around; it was a really nice escape from my busy and stressful day. The cemetery has been in use since 1847 so it has some good history to it. I'd like to take another look around sometime soon as I didn't spend a long time actually *looking* at the graves in there (this was down to time constraints and the fact that some men were doing building work overlooking the graveyard and I don't know, I'm still not 100% confident with taking photos in public and certainly not in cemeteries because I'm convinced people will think I'm bizarre). Enjoy!

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