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New-In from The Body Shop

The Body Shop has been a store I've went back to time and time again from being a young age when they had pencils, rubbers etc. with their slogans about looking after the animals and our natural world (remember those?) to enjoying the makeup and skincare in my ripe old age now. I always forget about it though. I overlook the store if I'm shopping or I just simply forget to check out new products but as I've developed an insatiable love for their primers and as they recently had a 40% off sale site wide, I couldn't resist picking up some products I've been desperate to try.

I tried to not go overboard and stuck to just skincare items for my purchases as I really need to take a break from buying makeup (its not that I want I'm just genuinely running out of storage space), so I picked up a variety of skin care things that I wanted to test. I picked up these items around a month ago now, so I have had ample time to trial and test them to give you my honest opinion - so here we go!

First up: face masks. Face masks are something I love to use regularly but I'm not particularly loyal to any certain ones so I'm still trying as many as I can in the hopes that I find *the one*. After much deliberation, I settled on the Blue Corn 3in1 Deep Purifying Scrub Mask and the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mask. Both masks are some of The Body Shop's best sellers and both are great for anyone with oily skin that needs a little help with balancing out its condition. The Blue Corn mask first grabbed my attention as it is designed to help with excess oils but also that it is a 3in1 product. It promises to cleanse, moisturise, and exfoliate the skin so I was intrigued. The mas comes in a 100ml tub retailing at £11.oo and is a exactly what you'd expect consistency wise: thick, creamy, and full of "bits" as it is an exfoliant. I tend to steer clear of exfoliants like this usually as they can damage the skin if overused, but sometimes you just really want to scrub your skin clean right? So, my verdict? I love this mask. You can feel it working, its very cooling and also comfortably heating when drying on the skin and the exfoliating "bits" make its removal really feel like its buffing away those dead skin cells. It leaves my skin looking instantly more radiant and 100% softer. As for the excess oil tackling, I'll have to get back to you on that as I think I need to test it a little while longer to know for sure, but either way, it's a lovely mask to use.

So now for the Tea Tree mask. This mask also comes in a 100ml tub for £11.oo and is again perfect for those with combination to oily skin and especially go for those prone to blemishes due to its tea tree ingredients. This mask is very cooling on the skin so it's been a lovely one to apply on those muggy days we've had when it has been a little too humid during this month of May. Whilst this mask not give you the instant radiance the Blue Corn one can, it is more gentle on the skin as it isn't an exfoliant and it does a brilliant job at drawing out the impurities in the skin and drying up any spots you may have on the surface. This is a great one to use if you are planning to go to an important event or a wedding etc. soon and you need to try and get your skin prime conditiona before hand as it brings all the *bad stuff* to the surface and tries to dry it all up. Excellent.

Sticking with the tea tree products, I also picked up a 20ml bottle of the Tea Tree Oil. This product comes in 10ml or 20ml options and ranges in price from £8-11.oo. I'm so pleased I picked this up. I add a generous amount of drops to the palms of my hands every night and smooth the oil over my whole face and down my neck. It is paraben free, soothing, and antibacterial so it is naturally good for any sensitive blemish skin sufferers. I've noticed a difference in the few weeks I have been using this as my skin feels so much happier. The healthier, non-blemished areas of my face feel softer and plumper and the areas where my acne has broken out have been successfully tackled using this as it does a great job at soothing the soreness and drying up open spots. It might not be as potent and hard-hitting as some other acne treatments, but it feels a lot more natural and gentle for the skin and I really thing that is what my routine has been lacking.

Another product I have really been loving to use most nights is the Vitamin E Face Mist. There is a whole range of Vitamin E products available at The Body Shop, but I have always overlooked them as I've always thought "I'm already an oily motherf*cker, why would I want to add more moisture to *this*?!" but this mist has changed everything. It includes rosewater, vitamin E, and wheatgerm oil which helps to moisturise the skin and give you that instant hydration if your skin needs it. I have enjoyed using this some evenings as an extra step in my skincare routine as a lot of my moisturisers, toners etc. are quite harsh and can be quite stripping of the skin as they're designed to fight my oils and acne. This helps level everything out and replace any hydration my skin may have lost in my overnight acne battle. This is also a beautiful product to use as a setting spray for makeup. It is in no way a heavy product, but it does leave a soft velvety veil on the skin so it is nice to use if you're having a busy day and need to freshen your makeup up midday but don't want to pack on extra products. It is also a lovely spray to use on brushes or beautyblenders/sponges as part of your base application as I've found it blends and works beautifully with all of the foundations I have tested it with. Another winner winner product from my mini-haul.

The last product I need to mention is the All-in-One BB Cream. Okay okay, so this is technically a makeup product but I think it doubles up as skincare as it is more nourishing for the skin than foundation is so hear me out... I initially ordered this as the Tea Tree BB Cream was sold out in the lightest shade. I picked up the All-in-One in 00 for Fair Skin Tones and hoped it would be a good match and well, it terrified me at first. When it arrived in the post, I quickly swatched it on the back of my hand and genuinely thought I must have accidentally order a liquid highlighter. It was almost white in its pigment and seemed incredibly dewy/shimmery once it had been blended into the skin. As an oily girl, the last thing I want is a dewy complexion. Now I know what you're thinking - what were you expecting from a BB Cream Amyleigh? Of course it's going to be dewy? - and yeah I know, but I guess I was just a bit overwhelmed with the initial swatch.

However, I finally plucked up the courage to apply to my whole face to use as my base product one day when I needed to pop to the supermarket and I've got to be honest, I actually kind of like it. It melts beautifully into the skin and despite the scary white shade on first applying it, it sets and dries down to match my pale yellow tone skin really well. It is quite illuminating but not overpowering but I do like to set it as it's still a little too dewy for my tastes. I think this would be a gorgeous product to use on holiday in those warmer climates as its a light coverage but it is definitely buildable as it doesn't set or turn cakey after a few hours. My only gripe with it? Areas that I applied my concealer to (my concealer I use to cover spots/redness) went reeeally patchy over the top of it and sat on the skin so it was obvious those areas of my face were a different colour/coverage to rest of my face. This is a shame because the product was so light and comfortable to wear, I thought I might have a new base to wear on good skin days. I think this one needs a little bit more testing before I fall in love with it.

What are some of your fave The Body Shop products?

- A.
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