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Rainton Meadows & Joe's Pond

At the start of April, I went home the glorious North East of England to see friends and family whilst it was the Easter break from work and to celebrate my belated birthday with them. During my time at home the weather wasn't the best but on one particularly grey rainy morning, my friend Dave and I had the "fuck it" attitude and decided to go to a nature reserve to see if there was anything out and about to photograph. We are both avid novice photographers when we go for wanders (Dave more so "professional" and better than me) and hoped they would be some animals or great scenery around.

After searching the wonderful Durham Trust website to find a reserve that wasn't too far away to travel to on a Sunday (Sunday bus service man, who enjoys partaking in those timings) we sifted through what felt like thousands of choices and settled on Rainton Meadows & Joe's Pond. Both sites are strangely plonked right next to a business park and I would never dream they were there! Rainton Meadows is a 2k+ walk of site with wetland and woodland and Joe's Pond, well let me tell you it's more like a lake. Lucky for us, the longer we stayed there, the more and more the sun came out. We got covered in mud, went completely the wrong way around the maze of a reserve, but I got some pretty good snaps regardless.

Pond ReedsSwanTreeHorse at Rainton MeadowsHorseHorseHorsesBlue Eyed HorseFeeding TimeHorsesGetting to the LakeRainton Meadows PondMute SwanRainton MeadowsSwimmingDuck SunbathingDucks at the Pond SideJoe's Pond

If you happen to be in the area, the Meadows were actually lovely. There was also a small food and handmade items market on outside of the visitor centre with a range of stuff for sale - from fresh bread to cupcakes for your dog! The place was very dog friendly and the cute little café did some great paninis, pies, and sandwiches. They also have a photography club so if the reserve is somewhere you can get to regularly, that would be something to definitely look into. We didn't see everything the reserve has to offer (deer, weasels, water voles etc.) but I imagine they'll be out once the weather warms up properly. If you want to catch more of my less than perfect photography, head over to my Flickr or Instagram accounts. But for now, I'll leave you with the best image from the day. My friend captured this beauty, so make sure to check out his Instagram for some great nature photography. This has got to be my most favourite photograph of myself in a long long time.

Horsing Around

Have a wonderful day and remember to have a good chuckle like this guy was!

- A.
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