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Hillier Gardens

Hello you wonderful people, today's offerings is some nature photography because I feel like we need a little bit of that injected back into this blog, don't we? I think my favourite *thing* to photograph is cemeteries/graveyards, but I would say trees, plants, rivers etc. are a firm second runner.

Back in March, Matt's parents came to visit for an afternoon and after a gorgeous hearty Sunday roast at a country pub, we went for a very chilly and windy walk around Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Romsey, Hampshire. Hilliers is a well-known name in the garden centre realm, but this is where it all stems from - the 180 acre gardens left to Hampshire County Council in 1977 by Sir Harold Hillier. The gardens are pretty beautiful; bearing in mind we went during the winter, there was still plenty to see and definitely plenty to do if you plan ahead. A restaurant, painting and drawing classes, photography sessions, gardening workshops, and guided tours, there is something for every interest. Because it was such a cold day, we didn't spend too long looking around so we missed out a lot of areas, but its certainly somewhere we will visit again - maybe when its a teeny tiny bit warmer!

In the Tall GrassHillier GardensColoured Grasses & ReedsPop of ColourHillier Gardens PondWinding PathOrangePine ConesFlowersFlowersSir Harold HillierGardensFallen PetalsHillier GardensGrass Hair, Don't CareWatering HoleSir Harold Hillier Gardens

The winter garden section was lovely to wander around - it had such beautiful brightly coloured bushes which you wouldn't expect to see in such an area. It was also surreal to see so many flowers in bloom. I think the crazy mild then terrible weather we've been switching between all winter has confused some of the plants and they've come out of hiding a little too early! Apologies if any of the images are a little blurry; it was so windy it was difficult to get steady snaps of 90% of the plants blowing in the strong winds!

I'd really recommend checking this place out if you're ever in the area or live nearby. With so many events and things to do (including activities for children so it's great for families,) you'd be able to spend a whole day there easily, weather permitting of course. Make sure to check out the Hiller Gardens website to see what's on and when.

- A.
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