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Lush: Bella Fruta

I think it's always a safe assumption to make that all of us on the internet love a good Lush product or two and we all certainly love a good haul - so here's a little post to fill that bath bomb shaped void that you may have been experiencing lately. Today's post features a gift set box from Lush which I received way back at Christmas from Matt's familia. As soon as I was handed my gift bag of goodies, I could smell something powerfully sweet and had my fingers crossed it was some Lush-ness (and low and behold, it was. Matt's mum is a gift-giving queen). I received the Bella Fruta set which is a set I've never seen before so I was intrigued to find out what it included - guessing by the packaging, I knew it was going to be citrus-y, fruity, and summery all rolled up into a few products.

So, let's get down to the individual products and I'll start with the only soap in the set - Layer Cake. You get a 120g bar (approx. £3.50 to buy separate) and having tried this product before, I was happy to see it in the set. It's a soap made from 5 real fruit juices (white grape, orange, pinapple, blueberry, and raspberry) and has a very berry and zesty scent to it that I imagine most people would find pleasant to use - especially those who may struggle with or not like floral scents. I've never thought any of the Lush solid soaps are anything to write home about, but they're nice to use and always smell good. So far so good.

Next up is the bath oil, You've Been Mangoed. This wee £2 product is deceiving as you think it won't *do* that much but boy oh boy, "good things come in small packages" certainly applies to this. Run this little solid oil under your running tap for a bath and watch it melt away to create a buttery soft soak which leaves your skin feeling pampered and nourished. As you can imagine with a bath oil, it can make your hair greasy so if you're not wanting to wash your hair afterwards, keep it pinned out of the way, but other than that, the combination of different butters (ranging from shea to avocado) and the zesty lime scent, it's a lovely little cheap product that can make a bath feel just that wee bit more *special*.

Keeping with the avocado butter theme, the next product - and one of my faves to see in this set - is the Avobath Bath Bomb which is available individually for around £3.50. This is one of my all-time favourite bath bombs from Lush but I think it is often overlooked by many people as it's not all sparkly and multicoloured but don't let it's Plain Jane ways fool you. Although I mention time and time again about my oily skin, my body skin (if you can even call it that) tends to lean more to the dry side due to being constantly exposed to products to fight acne. Therefore a bath bomb like Avobath is a welcoming treat as it helps dry skin feel nourished and hydrated once again with its ingredients of avocado butter and olive oil. It also smells insanely good. As a girl who sways to the sickly sweet side of the scent spectrum, no one is more surprised than me that a bath bomb which smells of lemongrass and bergamot is actually one of my faves I've ever tried.

Probably the most pleasant surprise and favourite product in this gift box is the Brightside Bubble Bar. Retailing at £4.95 for the full size, this mini offering was a good chance for me to try a bubble bar I'd never paid much attention to in store. First off, this smells amazing. It essentially just smells of oranges but there's just something about it makes it smell delicious. As I've said, I tend to love the more sickly sweet scents, but this is such an uplifting bright scent I think most people would love it. The bar creates a great amount of bubbles and it also turns your bath water brighht orange - how much more sunshine and happiness could you ask for in a relaxing bath can I ask?

Another surprise love from this set is Fun in the shade Red which is apparently an online exclusive colour! This stuff looks like the greatest thing for bathtime for children but it's also kept me very happy, too. This isn't particularly because I am a big kid (although, that might be part of the reason,) but really it's due to the fact that it again, smells amazing and zesty which a great pick-me-up for your mood and it is a great option for creating bubbles for baths or for using as a shampoo. Although it is aimed at kiddies and is essentially playdoh for the bath, don't overlook this £5 product because I guarantee if you buy it, you will use it and you won't be disappointed.

Okay now lastly let's discuss the product that doesn't quite float my boat - the African Paradise Body Conditioner. This product is usually almost £20 for a 225g tub and I'm not entirely sure I'd ever repurchase it. The idea behind Lush body conditioners are exactly what they say on the tin; you smooth them over your body whilst in the shower, rinse, and then you're left with soft and silky skin much like your hair feels after a conditioning treatment! The idea behind them are great (especially if you're a lazy Lizzie like me and can't really be bothered to daily moisturise your body!) as they are very rich and plump the skin up so dry skin or dull skin sufferers, these guys will definitely sort you out. Although the idea and effect of it is great for an indulgent skin treament, I just couldn't agree with the smell. A mix between floral, sweet and spicy is just not something my nose particularly likes so if you like more mature smelling scents instead of those bubblegum candy teen scents that I still adore, this may be the one for you. The alternative body conditioner, Ros Argan is a little cheaper (at £16.50) and is yep, you guessed it, jam-packed full of argan oil and rose scents therefore this may be a one for me to try!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

- A.
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