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Holland Park

A few weeks ago now, I spent a long weekend in London visiting my best friend (blonde sister) and we spent a lot of time drinking cocktails and eating good food. But during the daytime and in between potential "let's get bladdered" opportunities we took the chance to see some sights in London that most people don't think to visit when you consider the huge capital city. As both avid walkers and nature explorers, we hot-footed over to Holland Park as Charl promised me there was an abundance of squirrels there.

The park is in the grounds of what used to be Cope Castle (now known as Holland House) and has a mix of woodland/general park areas as well as manicured House gardens and a beautiful Japanese Kyoto garden all sprawling over 20 hectares of land. We spent hours in there despite it being December and extremely windy! There were a huge amount of chubby squirrels who were more than happy for us to feed them nuts and an astonishing amount of peacocks roaming around.

There's a lovely café situated near what remains of Holland House (which I believe is a youth hostel now? What a great place to stay that would be if you're travelling!) with both indoor and outdoor seating. We perched outside with some hot chocolates and took in the serene quiet of the place despite the park being relatively busy considering the time of year. I fully recommend giving the place a visit if you're ever in the area - especially in the summer or autumn months because I imagine it looks even more beautiful.

- A.
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